uncool vlogs trashing folks on DVTV

uncool vlogs attacking trashing folks on DVTV

(title modified on may 13 – attacking still applies as does dissing as does distorting as does exhorting as does… etc but TRASHING seems the most fitting given the fit Barry likes to have against Deaf ASL folks and advocates and organizations and activism and…hmmmm just about anything that is pro-Deaf ASL + English (bilingual-bicultural) folks.  Odd, eh?)

the truth campaign continues

for your viewing unpleasure – here are just a few of the vlogs starring Barry Sewell that attack Deaf ASL folks in DVTV.

They were all approved and left up in DVTV system despite violating the R-list.  (even though Barry’s name does not begin with an R like Ridor’s and RR, Barry’s name does have TWO Rs not one.  Just saying or we could just speculate about the $ deals and blackmail via that big ole mega hard drive.  me, I’ll stick to the truths and his own fingerprints all over da joint.  Dont gotta look hard folks – just gotta have ur eyes open.)

Update for DVTV Children


DVTV for Dummies


Deaf Trash?


Note: if you care to comment – facts and feelings pls.  No hostile or mean crap thrown at the chaps.  Love and Truth always wins, think of it always.

“A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi




ADDED May 15 – translation is below the video box


<object width=”480″ height=”390″><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/Pwv2SGRdUJ8?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US”></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”></param></object>

Greetings DVTV people.  I want to commend you for taking a stand and saying you do not accept someone calling you Deaf Trash.  That is wrong, ludicrous and awful.  It is right of you not to accept that talk about you.  You are good people.  So we see this strong behavior of attacking anything that supports Deaf culture and ASL – be it an organization, individual or website.  This person will persecute them in order to inflate himself.  That method always fails.  If one has a hole and tries to fill himself by diminishing and oppressing others to build up his own sense of self  – it does not work and it will never work.  I am sorry he has been offending – calling you “children,” calling you “cry babies,” and now “deaf trash” – RIDICULOUS!

There is ONE thing we should put in the trash – HATE.  That we should toss in the trash.  HATE.  That type of talk is very hateful – Anti-Deaf people, Anti-ASL.  And there is the overvaluing of hearing people saying things like “hearing people are right” “Hearing people know” “Hearing people know how a word should sound…”  or “English, English, English” “those ASL people are so inferior…”

That is totally incorrect information

So i commend those of you who are taking a stand.  I know some of you may be thinking “I thought he was so nice and friendly… ”  Signing with a blank face about “helping you, helping” only to feel you have been deceived and end up disgusted.

It is hard to wake up and face that – yes it is.  It’s hard.

I walked out and have been in boycott of both Deafread and DVTV for some time now.  Not solely because of this one person.  It is because of the broader issue of audism.  I feel strongly that audism should be recognized in the guidelines.  Now it doesnt have to be the word “audism” itself.  But some type of formal acknowledgment that it protects Deaf culture and natural signed languages.  Just as the guidelines protect other groups such as gender, age, religion, race, ethnicity (nationality / background of where you are from), gays and lesbians… Those are specified in the guidelines but Deaf cultural people / ASL people are mentioned or noted.

So we see individuals calling DVTV “children” “cry babies” “DEAF trash” – targeting you based on your being Deaf and/or signing people.


and that stuff gets posted and distributed by Deafread and DVTV – wow!

I wish they had strong, good and fair guidelines.

Now i know many people are wondering what can we do about this situation in DVTV?  Really there are many different ways you can collaborate.  1 way is to boycott / walk out.  I know for some of folks you might think – “i cherish seeing my friends too much.  I’ll just ignore it.  Ignore, ignore, ignore.”  Really  i think the problem is that too many have IGNORED for too long.  And it has festered and increased / amplified.  I’ve been seeing it worse and worse and worse.  It has not been going away.  Sometimes you can ignore a problem and it will go away.  Sometimes that does work but in this situation – nope it does not seem to be effective – I would say it’s going on four years now.

So ignoring?  Not when we are dealing with HATE.  That must be confronted.  With light and with love and take a stand.  I feel strongly about that.  it is my belief.

So for that situation – you could perhaps agree to collaborate and pick one day (if you dont want to leave and close your account at DVTV) you can agree upon Friday(s) as a day where you will not go to DVTV.  I know folks will probably be itching to check and see what is going on there but you could refrain.  No hits / traffic will really make them take notice.  It is similar to the African-Americans boycotting the buses due to segregation.  They went for one year without riding the buses.  For one year – that is the power of boycotting.

I want to talk about the power of spreading light – how love and light conquer hate.  Last week Sat. night some young guys decided to take toilet paper rolls and place them in position and then unroll some out in the shape of a Swastika, which is the symbol that was used by the Nazis to communicate Nazi power and the ideology of creating a perfect race (blonde hair / blue eyed) – against Jews, Jehovah Witnesses, Gays and Lesbians, Communists and so on.  That symbol of Nazi power was formed with this toilet paper, gas was poured on it and it burnt on the road near my home.

The police caught two people and they are being charged with felonies (corrected  5/16 as the original newspaper mistakenly said 2 felonies) misdemeanor for arson and a felony for harassment.  Two different and serious felony charges.  Arson and the use of a threatening symbol of hate.  I will show you what i filmed that night.  By the time i found it the fire had already gone out but the burnt Swastika symbol was still there and i filmed it.  The next day I took a picture during the light so it was clearer and more easily seen.

That symbol is not something to be played with.  It is considered to be serious and offensive and threatening when people use that symbol.  The purpose of showing it here is as a form of evidence of what hate looks like and as evidence of how people may do spiteful, unthinking things and think nothing of it when in fact its serious.  (Video and image)

You can see how powerful that is.  Even though it is 60, 70 years after the war – our collective consciousness has been seared with what the hatred of Jewish people and other groups can lead to.  Our neighborhood was VERY upset by this.  UPSET – everyone was like – this is so wrong so what did we do?  The swastika was burnt into the road Saturday night and found and reported to the police and they proceeded with their investigation.  Sunday many neighbors came and shared how upset we were – our neighborhood was to be a safe and beloved place where we support each other so what could we do?  We decided to light candles – to have a vigil.  We gathered together and extended our flame to our neighbors and one by one all the candles were lit.  We took a collective sigh at the spot of the Swastika which was fainter as a neighbor had power washed it earlier in the day.  It is still visible and out there.  The town tried to power wash it more but remnants of it remained because it has been burnt into the road.  Soon hopefully it will be covered over.  Ill probably do a peace sign over the spot in chalk as a wee way of purification.  After all the candles were lit, people did share why they were upset and disappointed and how it made them feel.  it affected all of us and we came together as a commUNITY to show our caring and respect for each other.  It was very nice.  It helped.

Light – the coming together to show how one bad action tries to win or create fear or make us become meek or make us laugh and think its funny or make people join in with that kind of conduct or…. we can STAND and say NO, that is not acceptable, not here and not now.  NO!

I hope members of the DVTV community can think of creative ways of how to address the problem.  It is wonderful to see you stand and say NO we do not accept the label and namecalling of us as Deaf trash.

I agree with you (you should not accept it).  I cherish you.  Again, I am sorry to see this kind of thing happen through all this time and I look forward to seeing some GOOD and LIGHT come out of this.  That is where my eyes are – HOPE, FAITH, and LOVE.

Take care, you are dear to me.


added may 13 – just a heads up that Barry’s homies – ie Candy and Mike and a few others (yep it is down to just a F E W – as in count them on one hand) pals may play their favorite game of attacking or trashing the bearers of the truth

its yawn and obvious and so just becareful what u swallow from them.  “consider the source” is very handi here.

Red herrings are not tasty and theirs are truly toxic having been spawned and reared in tainted waters.

So if u see them screaming falseHOODS (yes i know they prefer to go without hoods but goodness do they espouse falseHOODS) – falsehoods about Ella, Sheri, Patti, Barb, etc – no worries.  We be busy making sure there is QUALIFIED representation on the ISD board and we be making sure Deaf schools are strong, good, and true, and we be sure Deaf children are not careened into having to “work for their words” for the rest of their days and we be busy making art, love, peace, hope, and faith.

oh and lighting a candle

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tim V
    May 13, 2011 @ 13:05:46

    Patti — one thing good about Barry is that when we say things against him, he doesn’t seem to get angry, or take it personally. He seems quite good at not holding disagreements or offenses against other people. It is here that I am in qualified agreement with him — this would be a good skill for so many people to learn. Not just deaf people — everyone. His approach of blaming those hurting for their own hurt — claiming it is their own ignorance only makes matters worse and is, in fact, a wrong assessment in the first place. That is the thing here — there are truth here, but it is also mixed with lies, which often is worse than just outright lies.

    Now, as for that deaf trash vlog, I’m amazed at how twisted his understanding of things are, and saddened that he really does think that way.

    For one, I don’t think it is appropriate to ever call anybody trash. Instead, we should simply love and appreciate others for where they are in life, and do what we can to allow them the freedom to improve their situation on their own accord.

    For two, I think his understanding of who the vlogsphere people are is very distorted. By and large, I think most people in vlogsphere are the better educated deaf folks. They have the technical expertise to put together vlogs, which cannot be said about the type of people who would usually have those ‘trash’ label. I might not vlog much (and it is not because of what Barry said — it is because I just haven’t found the time), but I for most part support your side on THIS issue.


  2. handeyes
    May 15, 2011 @ 11:44:43

    Heye tim –

    thank u for your comment. I always appreciate seeing ur P.O.V.

    “SEEMS” is key to your assessment – you wrote “he doesn’t seem to get angry, or take it personally. He seems quite good at not holding disagreements or offenses against other people.”

    I have seen him get angry and i have seen him take things very personally. He has held onto many disagreements and offenses. He is skilled at packaging his v/blogs to be dismissive and demeaning in a very beguiling way.

    I can think of one vlog that he quickly pulled – not sure if it was by order of his ward that it went poof but it was a vlog explaining / defending how Yes, he is a Christian as Mormons / Later Day Saints do believe in Jesus. He was very angry at Big Ben Factor (if i remember right) and had several extended Rasputin stare / glares in this vlog. In a word – he was ANGRY.

    He also got very angry at me in DVTV thread re: Women being equal. He said i should not speak for all women and some women like being subservient to men etc. He was very hot under the collar in that video comment and that too went poof.

    Barry’s constant attacks on certain individuals and organizations show that he pretty much is the king of holding a grudge.

    But i think you, tim, are spot on with your use of the word “SEEMS” – yep. he is slick with the detached look – ie his lack of facial expression and slow signing pace and heavy use of fingerspelling give him an appearance of calm but if u were to utter his words outloud or to re-read his blog entries and comments, you would see an overt pattern of demeaning folks. You can always just try saying the word “audism” to him and see how he reacts. That usually makes him go a wee bit bonky and show his true colors. Odd, eh?

    He is slicky and beguiling for folks who do not do a gestalt (ie holistic) examination of his track record.

    few can lie with such a straight face. it takes practice and it takes several takes. his very large hard drive may very well be filled with his own outtakes more than all the other “damaging” stuff he claims to have on folks. (see that there is evidence of holding a grudge also – this stock piling of “evidence” that he keeps threatening folks with but then never materializes. Dang he cant even seem to find his own wrong doings and wags the dog at others blaming them for not defending him against claims against him which he said were false but were later proven to be true ie: that he did in fact target DBC leaders to get disciplinary actions taken against them for their social justice work and that he did in fact seek out to destroy the IDC unjustly). are ya dizzy yet folks. Spin, Whirl, Weee – puke! sorry i have never been able to stomach those tea-cup rides at the amusement park.

    re: his perchance for blaming the folks he is attacking – YEP. Wag that dog, Barry. Wag it real good cuz u be the dog, matey et al. (eyes see u popping by to peak)

    re: twisted – u said it Tim

    re: “That is the thing here — there are truth here, but it is also mixed with lies, which often is worse than just outright lies.”

    tim – u r so perceptive. really – u is smart.

    simple lies and complex truths. he is selling lies – step right up folks and gobble them up – and he is trying to bury complex truths.

    no worries – as gandhi said love and truth always win, think of it always

    re: trash – well aint that the pickle. he is trashing Deaf folks by calling them trash. goodness, goodness. i think i do see the dumpster.

    re: b/vlogsphere – he has been playing on one advantage with the net – it is a revolving door out there. innocent folks come in and out without knowing what is what and they are easily bamboozled cuz they assume if he says it with such a straight face it must be true and since very FEW people will come from love when challenging Barry – they only see all the other noise and chatter and reactions which can get real nasty and then they get spun around in the wicked web not knowing which way is up.

    no worries. the truth campaign continues. next installment will be up soon.

    and again tim v – i do thank ye.
    (and a heads up – folks have been trolling a bit when u come by – trying to find out who u is. see they on the surface may appear not to hold onto things but below the surface and in the shadows – ohhh goodness. hence, very few are brave enuf to comment and challenge. I do thank u for ur good courage and good heart. we shall overcome.)

    “A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.” ~ Mohandas K. Gandhi

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