DVTV people – I stand with you

heye all

1. i stand with the good folks who are protesting the disseminating of hateful vlogs and blogs

Writings and Signings that call for the demise of the Deaf community, that refer to Deaf people as “children” and “crybabies” and “Deaf Trash” – that twist, spin, distort, discredit reputable positions and statements to suit their own agenda and support audism (the belief that to hear and/or behave as a hearing person is superior to being Deaf) have NO place in good neighborhoods

this stuff can be posted on the wild web of the ‘net but it should not be carried via Deaf aggregators or websites

2. i stand with all who seek to “light a candle rather than curse the darkness”

pls challenge the bad with peace and love in your heart.  Stay firm and strong.  Utilize civil disobedience and art (the role of the artist is to disturb the peace ~ James Baldwin when speaking of false peace)


– boycott / walk out – take and make a stand by not supporting systems that perpetuate injustice and spread hateful rhetoric (remember Arizona shooting and the sheriff’s call upon all of us to examine what we say and do and how they are interdependent)

– petition – start a peaceful, just, and fair petition

– art

take pix of urself saying “enuf of the b.s.” and facebook, twitter, vlog it

make a poem (ASL, English, FSL, International sign – all of the above and more)

make a visual artwork and or film – photo montage,  painting, drawing, mixed media, etc…

3. i stand with you in seeking the truth

im in a rush so i cant gather all the links from past entries in this People of the Eye blogsite re: DVTV, DeafRead, Barry Sewell’s falsehoods and attacks but you are welcome to use the search box at top in this site and you will see a STRONG and CLEAR pattern of DVTV and DR being used and abused to disseminate falsehoods which is part of defamation

(NOTE: i love all the parties involved so this is not a space for folks to come attacking others.  DR / DVTV have more good than bad.  They just need to commit to not carrying the bad – it is their RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY.  and it is the RIGHT thing to do)

these constant unjust attacks are not cool and has been EXTREMELY harmful to out commUNITY

YA BASTA we say

we have a right to our own words (audism, Deafhood, Deaf Gain….)

we have a right to our own guidelines (add ethnicity* (*this includes Deaf culture and natural signed languages) – and ill be back as promised

we have a right to our own schools

we have a right to our culture(s)

we have a right to our own language(s)

we have a right to….be……. Deaf Natural Signed Language people i.e. People of the Handeye

(yes im coining a new term – aint in no dictionary – it may never been seen or used by any other but it is mighty Handy as in Handi and it is true real just and good that we ……. be…….. Handeye people)

People of the Handeye UNITE

you are not cry babies, you are not children of a lesser god, you are not trash

you are golden like the sun

its time to Ignite the Light and ………SHINE

i stand with U

our Is and our eyes and hands are open and united


Patti Durr


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Don G.
    May 06, 2011 @ 15:51:46


    And totally agree! Our Deaf aggregators and websites should NOT be carrying this kind of crap against our OWN kind!

  2. Dianrez
    May 07, 2011 @ 01:25:18

    Agreed, too, that this aggregator could be more selective about what v/blogs to include when the topic is unnecessarily negative without offering any solutions, aggressively hurtful, or constantly critical.

    Offering practical suggestions how to spot and remove these pieces on a predictable basis would be good…in the name of freedom of speech, it would be good to base it on a voting system by readers or viewers.

    There are two levels of removal…one is of the original piece, and one is of the comments attached to it. The aggregator has responsibility for the first, the v/blogger has responsibility for the second. Both could be powered by the voting system.

    As we have seen in the hearing blogverse and in news articles, most commentators are ususally mean or hurtful, letting-off-steam types. There’s a lot to consider here, but DVTV could do more to make it a healthier environment for all types of readers.

  3. Sheri A Farinha
    May 09, 2011 @ 21:56:08

    Yo girlfriends, I’m not sure what aggregator you are referring to? What’s with all the trash talk? Great words of wisdom Patti, “don’t cry for me, Argentina!”. Sheesh. Stand together people!

  4. MM
    May 12, 2011 @ 17:39:32

    I have to fess up sorry, I am running out of popcorn here in the UK, I simply cannot believe there is so much angst over a few ASL using deaf having a go at others, I mean, if they prefer ASL over everything else whatever then would the back-biting be any different if they had written it ? Thankfully ASL is beyond me so it doesn’t upset me at all, should it ? It;’s like watching two cats fight over territory…

  5. handeyes
    May 12, 2011 @ 18:14:40

    don – Ya Basta, yes
    hmmm u got me thinking re: crap
    perhaps the DVTV Trash is referring to the website and not the members, hmmmmm?

    no idea

    Dianrez – i have seen several folks make suggestions of such. no idea why it hasnt been utilized or tried

    Sheri – DR and DVTV. Re: the trash talk well Barry Sewell lit that wittle stink bomb (see theholism) in DVTV.

    RE: Stand together! Im with ya sister.

    MM – ahhh territory – u r in a very world war II frame of mind aint ya (just read ur comment in my older Kettle thread)

    kinda funny how u r trying to trash folks who use a language u cant even comprehend yet like to watch and pop ur corn. Goodness.



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