INGELORE on HBO May 8th & 18th

Heye all – to see past entries highlighting some of the events of Deaf Rochester Film Festival (DRFF 2011) go to:


This entry below highlights the film and event that were the highlight of the festival for me – INGELORE. INGELORE is a 40 minute film made about Ingelore H. experiences in Nazi Germany and coming to the U.S.  It was made by her son Frank Stiefel.  See the trailer at: and all the other good stuff at that website. The film is scheduled to be broadcast on HBO2 on mother’s day – May 8th (3:15 pm PST 6:15 pm EST)

The film is beautifully made as it pieces together multiple shots of black and white testimony, reenactment footage, archival photos and footage as well as a recent visit back to Ingelore’s home town in Germany. After the film, which has been screened all over the globe, showed at DRFF 2011, I turned to look back at the audience and people were wiping their eyes, sniffling, nodding their heads somberly.  One very tall Deaf man signed to me “it took all my will power to hold back my tears during this whole film.”  I replied, “Don’t.  Let them flow.  Your body demands it.”  And he started crying.  The other day I bumped into another Deaf guy with a tough exterior and he remarked on how powerful the film was.  He said, “I cried.  I did.  I really did.  I sobbed.”  And then he told me he went up to Ingelore after the film and said “your feathers were broken but still you fly.  My feathers have been broken but I have not taken off like you have.  I admire you and your flight.  It gives me courage.” (its not a direct quote cuz i dont have a photographic memory but this guy really does sign ASL like this – he is a walking metaphor man – so thank u F.K. for that chat.  Im gonna hold on to that one forever.)

Ingelore and her son Frank Stiefel and his wife BJ shared of themselves so fully and unendingly during the festival.  They just made us all thankful they were there, they made the film, and they cared and contributed so much to the potential of Deaf cinema. I could go on and on about how much i love these three people but life is calling and you just gotta meet them urselves ok!  And the more i reflect on the experience of them being here for DRFF, the more i start to get teary eyed meself.

(yes, i know i know i aint giving much info about the actual story and there is a reason for that – the story is best told by Ingelore – not me; )

All i can say is – i am blessed to know them and im forever thankful to DRFF 2011 director, Stacy Lawrence, for bringing them and the film here and im forever grateful to Frank for making the film, BJ for supporting it being made, and Ingelore for being so brave and good to share her story and her never ending smile with all of us.

if anyone wants to see it before the HBO screening and are in the rochy area – the Rochester Recreation Club for the Deaf (1564 Lyell Avenue) will be showing INGELORE on April 28 at 7 pm.

Peace, Patti

Some other links featuring Ingelore (sit down interview and class presentation) and Frank but INGELORE, the film, is a must see. for other videos Deaf survivors’ stories of the Holocaust – go to: Click VIDEOS or Deaf Europeans / SURVIVORS

NOTE: image of INGELORE in LIGHTS at the Castro (courtesy of Frank Stiefel)

image of Frank and Ingelore

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barb DiGi
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 01:17:00

    Thanks for sharing all of the information relating to Deaf Films. The movie, Ingelore was so touching and it deserves to launch in HBO. Way to go! I am amazed of the strength Ingelore carried on in spite of what she went through. I regret not getting the chance to meet Ingelore and her son at DRFF as circumstances would not allow me on that Sunday. This movie and her sharing of her story made me feel like I have already known her coming as a strong, good-hearted woman who won’t give up hope. Her will and determination are amazing as I would not know how she got through such ordeal like that. (sniff) I got to see it earlier via DVD player beforehand and I was lucky enough to be in the living room that I could really bawl outloud, ya know.

  2. handeyes
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 02:09:23

    barb –

    very glad u got to see the film

    I think she did get to meet some RSD kids at DRFF jr one night.

    i still cry even after having seen INGELORE the film several times – different parts hit me each time.

    at DRFF the part that hit me was seeing folks coming off the boat -i was thinking of how many never made it or came only to be turned back.

    It probably got me because when Ingelore tells of seeing the skyline of NYC which she mistook for stars – when she shares this with my students – she makes herself weep and u can see all that worry and uncertainty and RELIEF – even 70 years later. that is something!

    you are right that her presence comes through – right through the screen so u feel like u know her personally. Frank did a great job of honoring his mom and being true to her story.

    thanks for sharing barb.

    never again – we say!



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