NAD – Thank U & John T Williams ILY

heye all

the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) has released a letter to the Seattle Police Dept re: the unjust and tragic shooting of John T. Williams, a partially Deaf First Nation artist.

(if any of you are not familiar with John T. Williams – put his name in the “People of the Eye” search box and you will find several entries in his honor and memory – im in a rush so i cant go harvest all the links and add them here now)

See the short write up about this at:

and most importantly click the LETTER for the pdf.  The letter is very strong and important.  Some folks might say “well, what took you so long.”  Yes, i would have preferred sooner but i am overjoyed that the NAD took this step.  It is VERY VERY VERY important.  it is more proof that NAD is on the move and remembering her roots as a civil rights advocacy group.

It also makes me cry because in following this case i fell in love with John T Williams.  I know artists.  I know folks who drink. I know Deaf folks.  I know Native Americans.  I know cops.  I know there are more good cops, good White folks, good Hearing folks than bad.  But i also know that John T. Williams is dead.

He was my brother.

I am heartbroken that I will never have the opportunity to meet him.  even it if was just to cross by him on a street corner while he carved and me wondered.

I am sad but this action by the NAD gives me some measure of comfort that this will NOT happen again.  We do not know if it wont but we do know that if the NAD did nothing, said nothing, aimed for nothing, it would indeed happen again.

Thank you NAD for joining in with the ACLU and the First Nation people in their protest and peaceful outrage at the killing of John T. Williams.

I love you NAD – thank u for all you are doing of late

I love you too John T Williams, may you rest in piece and make your masterpiece.

Note: if anyone has any contact information of how i could purchase one of John T. Williams carvings – pls let me know.


Patti Durr


1 thought on “NAD – Thank U & John T Williams ILY

  1. Every premature death diminishes us all, especially when it is unjustified and at the hands of people sworn to protect us all.

    Williams’ death is unusual particularly because it was nearly all caught and witnessed on tape in broad daylight. How many incidents happen away from video cameras and in darkness? How commonly does it happen? These questions likely will have disturbing answers.

    It takes a certain personality type to be a successful cop and defender of law and order. Unfortunately, for that personality type, exposure to hardened criminals on a daily basis tends to make the thin line between just keeping the peace and lawless behavior even thinner. Good cops unexpectedly can become vicious cops under certain circumstances.

    Like you, I’m pleased that NAD is taking a leadership role with monitoring and educating our police about deaf people, a growing percentage of our population due to the graying of America. This impacts us ALL eventually.

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