some truths to sweeten ur tea with

some truths to sweeten ur tea with as we aim for HONESTea

im copying and pasting my LONG comment at Dianrez’s excellent blog entry

The Naysayers: Defenders of the Status Quo Contemplating Our Extinction, Part 3

my comment is in response to some of Candy’s ca ca comments in that thread

im just attempting to put as much stuff in the public sphere so folks can see how they spin and play it

it aint pretty and it aint fun (oh thank gosh for the FB folks – that there is grand fun and joy and i thank u for that)

but re: the BS busting it is something we sadly must do – as much for them as for us and our future generations so bust away we shall.  as ya can see we r making some REAL good and tangible progress as opposed to all the blah blah blah bs rhetoric they espouse.  they have nothing to show for all their wicked words except their own deceit.  it aint sweet.  it surely aint sweet.

oh and happy belated Purim folks – i LOVE that holiday it totally rocks.  shake a grogger for me – would ya?

hood up




my comment at dianrez’s thread

Candy – trying to generate more traffic to ur bog???

Folks just go over the candy’s ain’t sweetspot to see how she said ASL was not a language and ASL is bad English and Dr. Stokoe’s fabricated ASL and check out her comments here and there and just about everywhere where she says that there is a Deaf cult taking over the land.

there is more rubbish out there but i too would not bother citing it cuz it is so purely ridiculous – there was Barry’s listing of AFA and CAD as extremist groups in wikipedia, there was Barry’s drafting letters targeting folks work place with the intent to get disciplinary actions taken against them and to destroy DBC all within the context of painting peaceful social activism as if it was radical terrorist intolerant extremism. Yes, beyond extremely annoying – it was in fact – FALSEHOODS and UNJUST and UNJUSTIFIABLE.

there is Mike trashing Gallaudet any and every chance he can get.

there is many of u oversensationalizing every little wee thing that it is pitiful cuz it is so petty but the good news and shall be duly noted:
– DBC is alive and doing good work
– AFA is alive and doing good work
– NAD is alive and doing good work
– Deafhood foundation is alive and doing good work
– Deafhood discussion facebook ROCKS and Rolls
– ICED 2010 Vancouver New Era Agreement declared that Oral-Aural-ONLY is uncool and caused oodles and noodles of bad crap to happen. it also said that Deaf folks must be involved in decision making matters that pertain to them – wow! what a novel concept and a lot more
– UN CRDP declared that natural signed languages should be a part of the Deaf child’s educational experience
– 4201 schools are alive and doing GOOD work
– folks are having the spiritual audacity to assert their somebodyness

Following 5 lines added after the comment was posted:

– AG Bell Dorm name and plaque at NTID got the boot

– Advanced Bionics got hit with a fine by FDA for faulty cochlear implants

– Advanced Bionics shut down production of their Hi-Res 90K cochlear implants due to a few failing hot

– Cochlear Americas got fined by the Dept of Justice for kickbacks to audiologists and doctors and insurance fraud to promote THEIR cochlear implant

– Otologics got fined by a court in Denver, Co. for stealing trade secrets and talents in their quest for a fully implantable cochlear implant

– Signing Circle is dead
– deafless entry in wikipedia got the boot
– AFA and CAD… as extremist groups in wikipedia got the boot
– AB 2072 is dead
– AG Bell Circle Alliance Founders Partnership (Advanced Bionics and Cochlear Americas) at the AG Bell website got the boot
– Advance Bionics banner at AG Bell website got the boot
– AG Bell has finally chopped off the “without signing and lipreading” of their guideline #3 Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) ruling

the bad news and shall be duly noted:
– DR / DVTV still refuses to acknowledge Deaf Natural Signed Language folks in their guidelines
– AG Bell has not retracted and apologized for its letter to Pepsi Co.
– Gallaudet is proposing to cut its Deaf Studies: Deaf History track and its Educational Theatre major (bad and unwise and unjust and untimely proposition given the fact that Deaf Cultural Studies is selling like hot cakes at Hearing Unviersities across the nation and ASL is moving up to be the third most popular language to study in the US of A – ahhh the things Gally could do with Deaf History, Theatre, ASL and Media hmmmm – i mean if they listened / looked at the CERP studies and their own Visual Language studies they would know and SEE this is a honey pot that they should be TAPPING INTO not TOSSING OUT)

re: the hiring of Catherine Murphy as their PR chief – the verdict is still out on if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Im hoping for good – its what i do – i hope. not passively not blindly not ignorantly not foolishly – i do it with courage and fortitude and faith and love and i seek proof if which way it will actually BE – im watching as we have been instructed to do so

– 2nd wave of ORALISM (oral-aural-ONLY) is still crashing (added after comment was posted)

– Lots of unanswered questions about the safety and ethics of cochlear implant production, implantation, explanation, industry, usage, abuses, PROFIT, etc (added after comment was posted)

re the naysayers falsehoods and lies but no worries – ya all (u all are down to about a ONLY a handful now i think) have displayed such an abysmal credibility rating (- 300 dB and dropping with every blog entry) that any sane person is no longer bothering with ya except those who enjoy watching car wrecks the rest of us are just passing ya by and loving ya from afar

i truly still do love ya

just waiting for sanity to return

when it does – look me up. u got some real good qualities – i just abhor falsehoods so until u can stop that pattern come see me. and if ya wanna drag out the email groups – bring it on cuz i now have some more truths under my belt to illuminate ya and things with

not pretty girl not pretty how u tried to spun things

and have a good day – its a bit chilly so ill have my hood up as i go about my good work

forgive all my typos but in a rush and really why i even bother can be questionable (i do it for u the reader as much as i do for candy gamaswander gina anonymous etc – yep i see ya girl and yep i know the truth is toxic for u. im real sorry about that)



————–end of my comment at dianrez——

and congrats to all of u have taken the time to read this far – take a bow.  i know im hard to follow sometimes

main point what: we r on the rise and its getting a rise out of folks who want to preserve the status quo (ie the “have-a-little-want-more folks) – no worries they will catch up and just cuz they r fearful of change dont mean we should coward to it

Signmark – rocks

Smells like a victory and below that is Against the Wall – totally relevant to this topic of rocking the house of Status Quo so the walls come down and we move forward

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Trackback: Deafhood Discussions » Some truths to sweeten your tea with
  2. Sheri A Farinha
    Mar 22, 2011 @ 18:23:37

    Love your posts Patti – you rock! Me too waiting for sanity to return!

  3. ASLElla
    Mar 22, 2011 @ 19:22:11

    Thank you, Patti. Hurry hurry sanity please return soon.

  4. handeyes
    Mar 23, 2011 @ 01:17:55

    thank ya both

    u is brave souls

    lots of visitors here but few who would dare say –

    As long as we maintain our sanity, love, compassion, passion, creativity, focus, dedication, and forward motion, we be fine. they may or may not catch up

    the option – is theirs

    thank u both again and always for everything u do & are – u both is a HUGE part of our hopefulness and fortitude



  5. handeyes
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 12:09:04

    this is how candy responded in the Dianrez. can u guess what color her tea kettle is?

    that there is a priceless example of her contrariness. there are more – just about every comment she makes is rooted in her perchance for being contradictory but this one is a gem and not just cuz its directed at me ; ) but because the FIRST SENTENCE and the LAST SENTENCE are like bookends screaming – I’M A LITTLE BLACK KETTLE, HEARS MY SPOUT….

    I still love ya candy despite the dishonestea u keep serving and dishing out.

    Posted 3/22/2011 7:21 PM by Candy


    Oh gosh, you are really toxic and patronizing. I know I’m not the only one that sees that. First off, my comment was towards Dianrez, asking her to provide links and show prove. It’s nice when you can back up your argument with cites, it carries more weight. That’s it.

    You have chosen to get personal rather than discuss the merits of the discussions.

    [The rest of her comment is addressed to Dianrez.]

  6. Dianrez
    Mar 28, 2011 @ 23:16:52

    I’ve reread my blog and your comments again, Candy, and still feel that inserting links is not necessary; the historical items can be checked in the few available books on Deaf history or online. Also, my intent was not to write a scholarly dissertation, but a social essay. In other words, I wanted to discuss issues without naming people or quoting them.

    It is common to shoot down ideas by demanding proof and picking terms to quibble over. Besides being obvious, it also is an attempt to control or stop the discussion.

    We need to think and examine why movements to empower, inspire and instil pride in our small minority are so vehemently opposed. Can it be that these people see it as a threat to their own self-concept? Such questions are interesting and lead to change how we present these ideas.

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