Another CI Co. in Trouble – $5.9 Million

short vlog explaining the lawsuit and fine below and also discusses some similarities re: unethical business practices and thefts of secrets by AG Bell as revealed in Seth Shulman’s “The Telephone Gambit”
other Cochlear Implant lawsuits below
From Denver Post
business – briefs

Jury sides with French firm on implant lawsuit

The Denver Post

Posted: 02/25/2011 01:00:00 AM MST

A Denver jury Wednesday awarded $5.9 million to a French company that sued a Boulder firm for misappropriating trade secrets as well as several key employees who could help produce a highly specialized hearing implant for the deaf.

The verdict in Denver District Court for SA Neurtelec and against Otologics came after a three-week trial that detailed how the Boulder company, a manufacturer of an inner-ear hearing device, first planned to buy its competitor for $30 million, then hired away its top talent when the offer was rejected.

At issue is a cochlear implant that could revolutionize the industry because it would be entirely implanted. Currently the technology allows for only half of the device to be implanted.


To learn more about Otologic go to
other lawsuits or problems with CIs
Fall 2010
Sovona’s Advanced Bionics 90Hi-Res Cochlear Implant Recall
Note: Advanced Bionics has arrested all production and implantations – it is unclear when they will resume manufacturing and implanting their product
Summer 2010
Dept of Justice fines Cochlear Americas $880,000 for kickbacks (giving doctors and audiologists perks and points for recommending Cochlear Americas CI and not other brands) and fraud (over charging Medicare and Medicaid for CIs)
Spring 2010
FDA sues Advanced Bionics for faulty CI that caused some shocks.  Advanced Bionics fined $1.1 million and CEO fined $75,00
2003-2006 Deaths from infections as a result of CI surgery – mostly with Advanced Bionics CIs that have positioners
Numerous recalls – mostly of Advanced Bionics products

1990 the FDA lowered the approved age for implantation to two years

1998 the FDA lowered the approved age to 18 months

2000 the FDA lowered the approved age to 12 months

(note: some Drs are doing bilateral implant surgeries as young as 6 mo in the US)


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  1. Dianrez
    Mar 03, 2011 @ 05:05:53

    The link seems to talk about a middle ear implant (a bone transducer), rather than a cochlear implant. The same technology could be applied to the CI, though.

    I began wondering…why the eager rush to stick things into heads, especially infants’ heads? What madness leads people to even consider such measures?

    The human body is remarkable in its fighting foreign bodies. Calcification, overgrowth with fibrous tissue, sabotaging them with antibodies. However we devise ways to disable the immunologic system to accept the devices, they still will break down and cause additional problems along the way including repeat surgeries and all its associated joys.

    Mind boggling. Trying to compare hearing conservation with sight conservation only offers a little understanding; because we have proven so many times that independence without hearing is not only doable, it can be beneficial in certain situations like working around aircraft.

    Something makes me think that values in the wider community are impossibly screwed up.

  2. Jean Boutcher
    Mar 03, 2011 @ 06:16:53

    Lupus n fabula (Talk of the devil), I was asking myself several minutes ago: Has anyone ever filed a lawsuit against a cochlear corporate for something faulty about CI or for some illness caused by CI? 🙂

  3. Larry H.
    Mar 03, 2011 @ 07:33:32

    >> We also pity the family that is inflected with cocklear implants. We do not blame the individuals who chose to get cocklear implants, they blame the audists for brainwashing them into thinking cocklear implants are necessary to have a wonderful life. They have many friends who were forced to undergo cocklear implant surgery, yet none of them use their cocklear implant devices, they are proud to be Deaf; not ashamed to be Deaf. Those friends defied these products of audism. They are the strong people. Those who have snooped to the lowest level created by audism should be ashamed and crawl into a corner and try to listen to their own oral echos reflecting off the walls.

    >> What’s the difference between these technologies, which Rosen welcomes, and such a device as the cochlear implant, which she denounces? “An implant,” she says, “alters me. The critical point is, it changes me instead of changing the environment. Therefore the problem is seen as belonging to the deaf person, and that’s a problem.”

    >> FORCE Deaf babies/children to listen with the hearing devices while we do not understand the spoken language. What a big joke to damage more than ever by Medical practicalists, Audiologists, Professionalists , Audism, and Government. What a real conspiracy!! What’s the purpose for them to change for who we are as being deaf. To hide the truth that Deaf people have had been successful without their conformity methods to cover up our being deaf and ASL.

    >> To an outsider, this sounds a bit forced. Do eyeglasses, say, belong to one moral category and eye surgery to another? A more useful distinction may be between approaches that allow deaf people to participate in the world and those that leave them stranded on the sidelines. “Part of the odyssey I’ve made,” Cheryl Heppner says, “is in realizing that deafness is a disability, but it’s a disability that is unique.” It is unique in that a deaf person, unaided and independent, can travel wherever he wants, whenever he wants. The question is whether he will be able to communicate with anyone when he gets there.

    >> Remember the topic of “EVIDENCE OF BEING DEAF WITH HEARING AID DEVICE” now it s EVIDENCE OF BEING DEAF WITH BOTH HA AND CI DEVICE that are no differences between both devices. SO BE IT. We are not latened deaf from the start that is more complex dishonest by CI companies. MIND YOU! Thank you, (audist attitude people) for destroying my strongest topic discussion about Evidence of being deaf with any devices.

    >> We believe the majority of Deaf people who have experienced actions and products of audism will agree with you. We are glad audism did not brainwash you. You all defeated the Dark side, but the fight against audism is not over, continue educating people about the evils of audism and help free more Deaf people from the crimes against humanity being committed against them by audists.

  4. deafa
    Mar 03, 2011 @ 13:44:08

    I think the middle ear implant is for people who have a functional cochlear but not a functional eardrum? Although I know esteem is implantable hearing aids but I dont see how that any different from lyric hearing aids which doesn’t require surgeries at all.

  5. deafa
    Mar 03, 2011 @ 14:01:08

    Yes, dianez…I often wonder what’s up with the focus of hearing to get by. I mean even a slight hearing loss is negative. Its like perfect hearing or else and those who have hearing difference get the attitude of “you are the one with hearing loss, not me, so deal with your problem because it is not my problem” from them. they don’t even know they are bringing this upon on themselves until it is too late and now it is hard for them to convince other people not to take their hearing granted because not only it will hurt them in the future, its hurting people with all sort of hearing level.

  6. handeyes
    Mar 03, 2011 @ 16:07:21

    dianrez – it says:
    “Carina is a fully implantable hearing system for the treatment of all three types of hearing loss: sensorineural, conductive and mixed. The Carina fully implantable hearing system includes a microphone, which is implanted completely under the skin.”

    the recharging process seems a bit weird
    and again i got big questions about putting all that technology into the internal part – i mean not so easy to take to the shop for an adjustment and upgrades! more surgeries?

    i once saw a 60 minutes program with the inventor of the first US mobile phone – they were asking him predictions for the future cell phone and he said:
    “it will be in your head”

    and he explained in more detail how it would work and i thought

    CHA CHING – this is why they r working on have the CI by pass destroying any residual hearing cuz the end goal may be to make a “product” that is marketable to the masses – hearing folks. a chip to put in their brain that will be like a iphone / smart phone and automated by voice recognition – no worries about driving while phoning etc

    its a ways off but it might be down the pike

    who would want such a thing – not me.

    im an au naturale kinda gal

    hard enuf to even get me into an undergarment

    re: what Deaf folks have to offer the world – very important to be examined



  7. handeyes
    Mar 03, 2011 @ 16:12:10


    i havent learned of any suits against ag bell yet but if there has/have been any – i would assume “settled out of court” hush money type of thingy cuz once that flood gate gets open – oy!

    just the physical abuse that took place in the name of ORALISM and the low success rate in terms of literacy wow! (see babbrige report to congress 1964)



  8. handeyes
    Mar 03, 2011 @ 16:12:41

    larry H

    not sure where all these QUOTES are coming from and what they are in response to? not this blog entry right????



  9. handeyes
    Mar 03, 2011 @ 16:16:55

    deafa –

    seems this new fully implantable CI also applies to other types – not just middle ear types of “loss” but that is where its placed???

    re: the other types of HA – yeah – im just wondering if its a trend on the way to the Hearing ear market which is HUGE comparatively

    lots of money is sunk into this stuff and while CIs are outrageously expensive the frequency of “deafness” is so low – there must be an end goal in this quest beyond “humanitarianism” i mean the profit margin, the deceit, the corporate deviance, etc all seem to say “all roads to rome lead to the cash register and that means Hearing ears market”

    work the bugs out on the Deaf folks cuz everyone knows its better to be Dead than deaf and then move on to the honey pot – there is money in them thar ears????

    im just asking

    re: ur 2nd comment to Dianrez – yep “children of a lesser god” we be …. NOT

    nor more or less than African-Americans, Women, GLBT were in the past viewed to be inferior so too shall we show beyond a shadow of a doubt that all folks were created equal

    hence universal design is pretty dang cool



  10. Lisa England
    Mar 03, 2011 @ 18:18:55

    Hello, I been hard of hearing since birth know signs, read lips and speak very well.I have wore hearing aids until in my 30’s that I lost more of my hearing and they never found out why my hearing was going down. I went through some testing and said I should try for a cochlear implant I was skeptical about it and was scare, nervous. I decide to have the surgery I hated it first but now love it it will be 11 years in May. I believe if children are born deaf/hard of hearing it should be up to them if they want a CI done not the parents because sometimes parents want”normal hearing child” well not gonna happen because they still have to go to school early to understand the English language depending what school they go to and learn to adjust in the hearing society accepting who they are. I also believe that CI should go to people who have some hearing or who have heard before get CIs but really its all about choices and should some research ask questions until you the decision.

  11. Trackback: The Right to Be… Deaf – Part III « PEOPLE OF THE EYE -…first, last, and all the time” – g. veditz 1910
  12. junkaslman
    Mar 05, 2011 @ 17:47:03

    recent vlog from sweden, lady in there said about 98 percent of all deaf children under 10 years old are implanted, my god… whoahh…. bad air coming their way… i ll ck if the sweden have mandatory on deaf child… wondering do the deaf children have choices over there… i know this may not be relate to this issue but down the road i believe this would…

  13. deafa
    Mar 07, 2011 @ 23:46:21

    CI is so fricking expensive…i can barely save up at least 5,000 to replace my broken one as we live off of paycheck to paycheck. And this is After they cover 60% of it under durable medical. I could trade in and get $2,500 off but it is still expensive and I dont think they are taking trade in for my old parts right now (at least thats what I read)…if they would cover hearing aids for my unimplanted ears, I would pay twice as less than my processor. I have no choice but apply for medicare. I am not sure if medicare only approve if a person is on disability but I can do that too.

    Its been months since I had any hearing assistance, sometimes i am tempted to write a blog about my journey of disactivation -opposite of journey to hearing, like how they learn new sounds and words, I would be learning ASL.. haha. I am a terrible blogger..I was born deaf so I get stuck on expressing my thoughts.

  14. deafa
    Mar 08, 2011 @ 15:49:12

    Theres one more thing. In Canada, I think sickkids are implanting children with severe hearing decibel loss. I could be wrong though, but if it is true, not only they keep lowering the age of implantation, but also the decibel level as well. It used to be profound hearing level could qualify for CI unless the child is not gaining any speech even she have moderate or severe hearing loss.

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