the rad RADSCC

heye all

life is sweet

it truly is

RIT launched its RADSCC (i know i know it was a long time a coming and its a mighty long name. i woulda preferred sooner and shorter – something like the Veditz Center but often folks dont take me suggestion until many moons late – its ok i got patience) and im good at seeing what is good and RADSCC is good

so i say it is RAD to me so ill just call it that The RAD center

what does it stand for?  RADSCC =  RIT ASL & Deaf Studies Community Center

So the RADSCC is rad cuz….

and cuz PAH! (translation: “finally”) – over two scores and its here

– its a beautiful space – all glass walls so u can see in and out

– up on the 2nd floor clearly visible and not down in the dungeon like the poor ole RIT Women’s center and some of the other centers

– its got a balcony for lunch chats – yes we were all lusting after the idea of being able to SIT OUTSIDE for a chat (brrr rochester)

– its got the awesome banner using a detail of Deaf artist, Nancy Rourke’s artwork

– its got Jeanne Behm – she is the coordinator of the center and already glows with delight that it exists and makes u feel so welcome u dont mind braving the blustering breeze of the 1/4 mile to make ur way to the rad space and when u come in she greets u like “we have been saving a place for u”

so nice

– its got the support of the president of RIT, the president of NTID, the president of the student government and the NSC and ASLIE and DCCS and ….. u name it

aint life grand

me so happy

how did it come to be?  well i think largely it is a result of some Hearing students saying to the RIT Student Government a few years ago – we’d like some more ASL classes here – ya know since this is the “Grand Experiment” (NTID & RIT together, N T I D and R I T together, we shall overcome some day…..) it would be nice if more of us could talk with our Deaf classmates etc and bingo the administration makes it so

the RIT Hearing administration says – let there be light and more ASL classes and there are and they are FULL to the brim

and folks say – wouldnt it be nice if there was a literal middle ground instead of building 14 out on the outskirt of the RIT town and LBJ on the other outer edge looking like ghettos to some lets put a place in the middle – symbolic and functional at the same time – COOL.

and again it was a Hearing administrator – interim NTID president, Dr. Jim DeCaro who said …. make it so

and the RADSCC planning committee got busy – picking furniture, examining blue prints, organizing and implementing and presto …. the rad RADSCC is born

and folks r saying – Geez what took us so long to do this

no idea

no idea

but im glad its here

and im glad i was there to witness it

and in case u r wondering – yep i know some of u love to wonder about me – why is it that i emphasized Hearing this and Hearing that is cuz there is an irony and a blessing there folks

it is cuz sometimes Deaf folks feel so limited by “the systems” that we give up before we even start trying and every once and a while some good souls who have positions of privilege wander by and tap that peanut butter jar lid at exactly the right moment and the right place and presto it opens

and then the Deaf folks around them say WOW and let there be LIGHT and dang and cool

and of course there are some folks scoffing thinking its too little too late

oh please folks lighten up and stop raining on the parade

it is a good thing.  Hearing students have been learning ASL on this campus since we got here in 1968, we are just making it easier and better for ’em and in the process the Deaf students r gonna be rocking and celebrating and loving up themselves, their culture and language too

“spiritual audacity to assert our somebodyness” and all that folks

“jumping at da sun” and all dat folks

so start investing in hope

start investing in love

start investing in joy

and still when u see the bad stuff go down – just challenge it with love and stay in the light – its getting brighter and brighter aint it folks?

“Deaf & Hearing together, Deaf & Hearing together, Deaf & Hearing together some day……. I know deep in my heart….”



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dianrez
    Jan 22, 2011 @ 15:57:01

    This could be the meeting ground for more than just the diverse students of RIT…it could also be a theoretical meeting ground for the divergent opinions in cyberspace on ASL. Hopefully everyone will see something of value here in this concept.

    In dedicating a special place for honoring and dissemination of ASL knowledge, it gives recognition to a language that offers so much and yet is so controversial in some circles.

    This foresees a bright future for ASL and I can’t wait to come and see it for myself. You folks all rock and so does the Institute that promotes it!

  2. Tim V
    Jan 22, 2011 @ 16:16:09

    This is so RAD!

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  4. handeyes
    Jan 22, 2011 @ 17:16:18

    Ah Dianrez speaks of hope – ill see ur hope and raise ya 2
    lets jump at da moon
    and the sun together

    u r a huge part of putting ASL on the table in the blogsphere discussions and a huge part of the hope

    this little light of ours – we’re gonna let it shine ohhhh this little light of ours….

    Tim – yep!



  5. Don G.
    Jan 22, 2011 @ 19:36:02

    Looks (and sounds) NICE! Wouldn’t mind having something like that on our campus!

  6. handeyes
    Jan 23, 2011 @ 17:11:04

    heye don –

    if u build it they will come!



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