> Deaf people experience abuse as children

According to a few articles – a study conducted at RIT found that Deaf students (77%) reported a higher rate of maltreatment as children than Hearing students (49%)

“Maltreatment was defined as physical or sexual abuse, physical neglect, emotional neglect or emotional abuse.”

I have seen reports of this kind in the past – that disenfranchised children often experience higher rates of maltreatment because they are more vulnerable and have less resources to seek recourse.

I know of several Deaf survivors of childhood abuse who have told me they were specifically selected / targeted because they were Deaf.

Not cool folks.  Not cool.

The articles don’t go into details about the study – how it was conducted, how the subjects were selected, etc.  The study is important so I hope to be able to read it in full some day soon because presently i have more questions than answers from the write up and because the topic is very important and merits our attention and our heart.

Article in Rochester, NY newspaper:






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  1. deafa
    Jan 21, 2011 @ 04:23:59

    There two version of that article. The other one says deaf victims of abuses who are active in their deaf community tend to be less depressed. Or something like that.

    IT seem deaf people have more negative outlook of life due to abuse compare to hearing people who were abused. I guess its because deaf can be a social disability if accessible communication was not taught properly. Therefore, they have a harder time reporting the abuse and getting help.

  2. handeyes
    Jan 21, 2011 @ 18:10:40

    heye deafa

    yeah im not sure how to interpret all the short little summaries of the findings of the study because it doesnt give the full context. will see if i can get a copy – i know they presented it but if its published or PP etc – if i get one do u want a copy?

    i do know from some other past studies i saw or some past experts i saw present – that Deaf children are often targeted because they have less access to being about to report the abuse etc

    with the Catholic priest, Murphy, in Wisc who abused over 200 Deaf boys at a Deaf school – if i remember what i read right – he was said to be one of the most fluent signers at the school and if and when students tried to report abuse to other it was overlooked or misunderstood or ignored etc – which is a common problem with abuse of children but even more so with disenfranchised folks (minorities and ethnic groups – Deaf included, lower socio-economic background, etc )

    the D and C article had a quote from Dr Pollard of U of R wellness center asking a bit about cultural components of the study – so im a bit more curious about that also

    will see see if i get a copy of it etc and maybe one of the researchers will present on it soon here so i can get more info

    thanks again deafa for bringing it to my attention



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