Clear aint always clean

during the holidays i was strolling down the erie canal with my big brother while our sisters lingered behind yaking away

image from I love the finger lakes. com (how the canal usually looks)

my brother is more of the silent type – not meaning he is quiet.  nope when he decides to speak he is mighty big and loud about it.  often when we r chatting he will say “now lets get back to me pat” which always cracks me up and then we do and i learn a thing or tvo.

what i mean by him being the silent type is that he is good at saying a lot with a little.   which is something i admire and something ya all may have noticed is not my area of expertise

anyways while on our stroll i remarked at how low the canal was for that time of year and

he said – “it aint low”

so i said – “but i can see the bottom”

to which he said “u can see the bottom cuz its so clear”

to which i went silent (which is a rarity but usually a good thing cuz it means im thinking)

to which i then said nuttin’ cuz i was stumped

to which he helped me out and said “u ever remember seeing the canal that clear?”

to which me thought and said “nope” cuz a canal is pretty much a stagnant body of water and stagnant bodies  dont have much irrigation / movement etc – they have a mighty rich amount of stuff hanging out and getting busy making it murky and muddy and deep

and he said “yep”

and i asked “how come it’s so clear?”

“chemicals” he said

“stuff cant live in that stuff”

to which i thought “dang!”

and we looked back and saw our happy sisters continuing with their chatting while walking

and i looked up as im prone to do – for guidance and hope and light and then to the clear canal

and i looked at my big brother, again having to look up cuz he is mighty tall, to which he said “yep, stuff cant live in that s#it”

so folks – float the clean waters – ie the natural ones ie not the ones laddened with chemicals

and know that even though something might look nice and clear it might actually be toxic

look for things being the way they were meant to be versus how we have manipulated or twisted or altered or dumped them to be then u’ll see verity is clarity and u’ll see LIFE, and growth and goodness



Chorus to 15 Miles on the Erie Canal:
Low bridge, everybody down
Low bridge for we’re coming to a town
And you’ll always know your neighbor, you’ll always know your pal
If you’ve ever navigated on the Erie Canal.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Don G.
    Jan 10, 2011 @ 21:13:49

    Interesting metaphor there…. Here’s wishing for clear AND clean waters!

  2. handeyes
    Jan 11, 2011 @ 00:52:31

    thanks Don G – me wish with u too



  3. Dianrez
    Jan 14, 2011 @ 21:45:31

    It’s a lovely allegory, especially meaningful to us who live in the Great Lakes regions connected by the Erie Canal. We’ve seen Love Canal (another painful poisonous allegory) and various brownfield cleanups here and there. The black waters of Lake Ontario have become murky green breakwaters once more. There’s hope for a chemical-lowered homeland once more.

    However, without chemicals the canals would become overgrown with algae and weeds, in a short time unnavigatable by pleasure boats that use it six months of the year. Locks would clog in midswing of iron gates. People living on the banks would battle mosquitoes and endure stinks.

    Sometimes one has to accept tradeoffs.

  4. handeyes
    Jan 15, 2011 @ 00:11:31

    thanks Dianrez

    oh Love less canal – no thank u. that one was VERY serious

    pollution of water ways aint good

    canals have done fine for many a moons with out chemical dumping – all the algae etc all figure out how to work it out in that eco-system

    there must be some circulation / run offs and if and when a boat ever goes through all those locks etc – gotta get stuff going but i aint never seen it THAT clear

    will see see

    re: tradeoffs yep never know. and then there is always the ripple effect and run off



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