A Question for Ya All

Dianrez makes a wise recommendation and poses a valid question in the previous “People of the Eye” blog entry – scroll down to her comment

“The best thing about flat-earth supporters is that they force us to define better why the earth is round. That task over, let’s not waste time continuing the debate too long and move on to unexplored topics. Such as why it is difficult for some people to respect ASL as they do with other languages.”

Ain’t Dianrez grand?  (this is a rhetorical question cuz obviously i think she is grand and so do several other folks here and there.  disclaimer – it goes without saying we dont always agree on everything cuz i dont even agree with meself on a regular basis so this is not “group think” *spooky music insert* folks but rather just me singing the praise of a thinker and a doer and a mover and a shaker and also putting forth that valid question cuz i really do like questions and i love learning.  And cuz it aint easy being as brave as she is.)

A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave. Mahatma Gandhi

and cuz it is kinda interesting to see how the more they try to scream the sky is falling on our flat earth while discrediting truths and framing & blaming it all on the big ole huge Deafhood conspiracy – all they end up doing is sinking deeper into the quicksand of their own making.  DANG that is hard to watch so i wont no more.  i so totally wanted to help pull them out and brush them off give ’em a hug and talk about love or nature or civil subjects but alas it is not meant to be when they be pumping out crap for clicks and that im starting to believe this is their main incentive  –

the clicks folks is what drives them to blog cuz without the drama, the antagonism, the dissing the Deaf, they wouldn’t muster much on the blog-o-meter.

while their stuff has all been beyond pre-K-puerile (and some good folks have hopped into the quicksand along with them in their effort to try to right wrongs) the good news is that the Deaf community, ASL and most especially the TRUTH be shining forward.  As in forward march

so no feeding the trolls when they be taking their stroll through DR/DVTV land folks

(scroll down for troll strolling warning signs / dos and donts poster)

no feeding our trolls – just love ’em from a far and whisper some prayers for ’em.   (and remember the opposite game).  If u gotta challenge – challenge with love and truth and dont get all defensive responding to their b.s cuz it is pure b.s piled higher and deeper than the folks with real PhDs that they love to diss.  And love them.

and now to the valid question: “why it is difficult for some people to respect ASL as they do with other languages.”

Dianrez highlighted some examples of folks not respecting ASL


link loads slowly so if u want – u can go to the main page http://dianrez.xanga.com and scroll down to the Aug 11, 2010 entry (blue about 5th one down)

there are more – like folks saying ASL is bad English and not a real or a true language

but REALLY these folks be and are a BY PRODUCT of our dominant culture’s attitude of:

English is best – better than the rest (ie Linguicism)

and they – those folks who like to nuk nuk nuk in the muck muck muck and give a dog a bone …. they aint got any real power except to keep us chasing after their tails.  so lets not.

the real SYSTEMS that are perpetuating the attitude that ASL or any natural sign language is inferior to speech are the oral / aural only industries, programs, publications, productions etc etc – why aint we challenging them???

so again – Why is it so difficult for some people to respect ASL as they do with other languages???

And another question – is independence really achieved via listening and talking or is that false advertising?

care to wager a wonder?

think big picture folks – not the small beans of bears of wee brains (and i love pooh so dont get me wrong folks)

and for your viewing pleasure:


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Deafchip
    Jan 08, 2011 @ 18:42:53


    Beautiful article!

  2. Shel
    Jan 08, 2011 @ 20:31:03

    Indeed. I found this website which explains the characteristics of a troll, and how to handle one. By recognizing trolls and dealing with them accordingly will diminish their power to disrupt… for clicks.

    Here it is:

    Scroll down to the picture itself with descriptions below the picture.

    You’ll have to copy and paste, unfortunately. Unless, Patti, you could post this picture into your main post?

  3. deafa
    Jan 08, 2011 @ 20:53:24

    interesting video even though I never was in AVT or oral school myself. But how I was raise was similiar to AVT (I wore a bodyworn FM) . I talked too much as well growing up. People think deaf people who talk too much is a sign they are doing really well. But it is really the opposite. They are trying to control the situation instead of absorbing informations to interact. Of course, deaf people who are quiet doesn’t mean they are absorbing informations either (won’t talk of fear of misunderstanding or lag time). oh well, they should never treat ASL as a negative thing. I wish they treat both spoken English and ASL as positive.

  4. Don G.
    Jan 08, 2011 @ 21:16:57

    Oh wow. That video at the end…. that is such an AMAZING spin on sign language! Sickening!

  5. Shel
    Jan 08, 2011 @ 21:18:32

    It’s clear that boy was coached in signs…(copying from an adult who isn’t even fluent in ASL). His face was flat. No nonmanual grammar signals/markers at all.

  6. Deafchip
    Jan 08, 2011 @ 22:03:06


    Thanks for sharing it with us. I’ll make sure to remind blog/video trolls, who they’re!

  7. handeyes
    Jan 08, 2011 @ 22:12:15

    Deafchip – Thanks for the comment and support
    Shel – thanks for the link – have added the poster at the bottom of the blog entry
    Deafa – wow yes that is true how some folks will monopolize dialogue not just for control issues but also to try to control communication. They can talk but still cant fully hear so they will chatter rather than risk not being able to understand others and to avoid being busted. Can waiver between silence (slinking into the background and nodding nicely) to becoming the star performer as coping mechanisms depending on the size and environment of the interactions. having flashbacks now smile – thanks alot deafa. ; 0
    seriously i do thank ya – that is very observant that there statement and yes i do agree about how sad to glorify speech by trying to show sign language as a negative and pitiful thing.

    Don G – oh yep – i agree with ur assessment. You too can be saved, it shouts! talk about framing. (oh did i say talk?)

    Shel – yeah he is totally copying someone off camera. its a shame. it is bad enuf that oral / aural only advocates often used the model students as puppets / parrots to show of their magical powers of giving the child the power of man’s red flower but now they r using them to use signing to show how wonderful speech is – HUH? wow wee. spin baby spin. anybody dizzy. soon we be doing pin the tail on the donkey

    re: facial grammar (yes, yes, candy facial expressions carry a great deal of the grammar of natural sign language – hi ya and yes i see u)
    shel – yep, even the boy’s facial expression at the very end when speaking only seems dis-congruent with what he is saying. counter intuitive to even what a speaking person would do to convey that message:
    “Isn’t that great?” (smile while nodding his head “nooooo”) hmmm

    no wonder we get all conflicted and contrary and contradictory sometimes

    geez ya all got ur thinking caps on – where r all the trolls when we need them. AHHHHHHH – they aint here cuz the truth is toxic to them. ahhhhhhh.



  8. Sheri Farinha
    Jan 09, 2011 @ 20:16:02

    GREAT article! Wow, mind blowing info too! Ah, Trolls….yep, best way is to ignore them! Truth is toxic only to those who have an agenda against us.

  9. handeyes
    Jan 09, 2011 @ 22:41:35


    thanks for ur comment

    yep – id amend ur last word from “us” to “the truth.”



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