Keep the light blazing

part of any culture is the sharing of our stories so i thought id put a bunch of vlogs up here of where folks have shared their stories

It’s also hanukah and that is always a time of sharing stories and kindling the light and of solidarity and remembering

and ive been thinking about the Vagina Monologues and the Deafhood Monologues and the importance of creativity and building the mountain to sustain a people

i have seen many a powerful stories and sharing in the blogsphere but recently Jeffrey made a formal call re: the art of Keeping Fire and a few of us responded to the call – hope you will too respond with links or comments in the comment section

kindle the wood, strike the match, do a dance – past or present or yet to be and then ill add them up in the blog so we have a stream – a mighty eternal stream that burns brightly

(Note – if anyone objects to ur vlog being here – just give me an e-whack on the hand and ill remove)

this one below is an excellent video showing Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing kids sharing info in ASL – end has ASL # story

Ella’s vlog of Amos Draper’s 1907 poem “The Halls of Gallaudet”- which represents anyone who cherishes Gallaudet story

Below is a link to a blog from a Hearing mom who has a Deaf son – she explains how the Deaf community was a source of support and love during a very tragic time in their lives

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