Commitments to Conspiracies and Hysteria

heye all

lively and long winded discussion over at Ann_Cs

some of the comments make me look brief – ya hoo.  no more jabs at me re: my length!  (yeah i know they will try but no worries cuz kettle so black)

since some comments are being excluded now over there – i have copied and pasted my latest and last.

a couple of things first:

1. im sorry so much of this discourse has been in English only

2. i do not want to see any attack comments over here – i dont care who is being targeted or who is doing the targeting

the truth and nothing but the truth folks

3. there is a major weird and sickening spin going round by the texting folks – they are saying that there is a Deafhood conspiracy to overun schools and Deaf organizations for profit.  Honey this is smoke and mirrors and PURE hysterics.  It would be hysterical if it were not so cruel and dangerous.  It would be hysterical if bad things didnt normally follow when folks spread hysteria and dress it up as hystory (see our Japanese-American concentration camps, see the McCarthy Era, see segregation, see the Shoah, see antisemitism spread by the fabricated protocols of zion)

Bad $hit happens when folks spread falseHOODS for ill purposes

bad $hit happens when folks point way over there when we got some MIGHTY powerful systems to take a look at:

– oral / aural only systems

– CI/AVT systems (including the lawsuits and the partnerships with AG Bell association)

There does seem to be PROOF of a conspiracy finally but it is not the folks who are pro-DBC, AFA, Deafhood who are engaging in a conspiracy

it is the anti-DBC, anti-AFA, anti-Deafhood, anti-oppose ab 2072, anti-bilingualism-biculturalism, PRO-ORAL / AURAL ONLY, PRO-CI/AVT that have been engaging in unethical practices (selling of faulty CIs that shock children, kickbacks to doctors and audiologists, fleecing medicad/medicare, harassing, unjustly defaming, attacking folks via their workplace/affiliations/licensing boards).  it has been proven to be premeditated and organized


an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.

so the next time u see folks use the words:
deafhoodized, deafhoodite, cultist, cult, ASL Only, extremists, radical, militant, antichrist, terrorists etc know that u r dealing with folks who are part of a conspiracy to defame, attack and harass
hysteria aint cool folks
harassment aint cool folks
lying, cheating, attacking, defaming, falsely accusing aint cool folks
pointing the finger at anything else before u have taken ur own inventory and done ur own amends aint cool folks

Now for my comment at Ann_c’s

(note: I have corrected a few of me typos below in red – if the comment gets published at Ann_Cs it wont have these corrections)

patti Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
October 15, 2010 at 12:11 pm (note i submitted me comment this morning not at 12:11 pm just fyi)

candy –

Ella above explains her OPINION – she has not falsely labeled something as a fact that is not a fact. She also states:”I didn’t contact and I believe i didn’t encourage. I’m sure i did say it’s not wrong to express concerns to that person.”

so Candy what am i (patti) supposed to be shouting out against?

It is sad how u dragged this in here while preaching forgiveness. Put the letters up at your place as i have asked you before so we have all the FACTS and if folks attacked u under false pretenses i will do a major shout out. If folks were just expressing their concerns based on facts – ill look at if the intent and aim or possible outcome was termination and determine if a shout out is in order but girl u have to give me the FACTS first.

see i may be slow but im learning

re: Barry’s drafted letters – yep back to the bloody point of this thread – they (whether they got sent or modified and sent i do not care) what they contained were FALSEHOODS with the intent to have DISCIPLINARY actions taken against folks and to destroy the DBC

he would still do it today if it wouldnt cause them to loose their jobs – SAD SAD SAD

but it is a TRUTH – PAH!

thank u barry for speaking a truth for all to see.

the letters Barry drafted against Ella, DE, and Barb contain false accusations with the intent to defame and hurt the targets and DBC (the fact that he didnt want folks to loose their jobs or positions is not any consolation for his conduct.)

I do want to thank everyone here who put forth facts and truths.

Peace (positive peace is not the absence of tension but rather the presence of justice as MLK explained it)
– it is unjust what Barry has been doing and it is unjustifiable.

his commitment to continue doing so is WRONG

DE, Ella and Barb may have taken strong positions re: Oralism – meaning the extreme system that EXCLUDES the inclusion natural signed language in the life of Deaf children – and CI especially in conjunction with AVT (which prohibits lipreading and signing)

They may have challenged those systems and practices but they have NEVER said a person with a CI is bad and should be unloved

The off-color jokes that DE made in the aim chat were NOT objected to by ANYONE including BARRY himself. in fact barry is seen to make a comment of “Good One, DE” or something to that effect after one of DEs other off the cuff remarks.

If Barb, DE and Ella EVER EVER EVER preached a gospel of hate against children with CIs and their parents or children who are oral – I would be the first person to do a shout out.

Now they may have said some unchaste things or things I may disagree with at some points in their lives but they have NEVER made a public statement representing themselves, their schools or affiliations in a light that preach intolerance, profiling, or hate. NEVER

my ability to disagree with what folks might say from time to time and still see their overall pattern of conduct, intention and aim – applies to meself also. I do not always agree with i have said or done and need good folks to give me a shout out and to help guide me way.

It is not true what Barry has been saying about DE, Ella and Barb and he has laid a path of FALSEHOODS from the moment he left the DBC

He has made it abundantly clear that he is on a vendetta to discredit and disban the DBC, AFA, Deafhood Foundation, CAD, oppose AB 2072, and Ella

The results of all his efforts are:
– DBC is alive and well and doing good work
– AFA is alive and well and doing good work
– CAD is alive and well and doing good work
– oppose AB 2072 was alive and well and did good work – and succeed in their aim
– Ella is alive and well and doing good work
– I am alive and well and doing good work
– Barb is alive and well and doing good work
– DE is alive and well and doing good work
– The Deafhood movement is alive and well and doing good work
– The audism free movement is alive and well and doing good work
– The bilingual – bicultural movement is alive and well and doing good work

despite the relentless smear campaign, harassment, attacks, and falseHOODS

Signing Circle never even got their by laws together and it has been discredited and banned disbanned

deafless is dead

false extremist group listings is booted from wikipedia

Oral / Aural only is opposed by ICED Vancouver 2010 New Era agreement

Deafread has become a wasteland of attack blogs, mapping 1, 2, 3 and announcements

Oppose AB 2072 is vetoed by Governor Arnold

MANY MANY MANY good folks have made vlogs and video comments saying how much they regret having been duped by Barry. some have even cried. This is why i do this truth campaign. I have no desire to hurt Barry. I do desire that he stop lying, harassing, defaming, attacking, and bullying. (Tar, Cheryl, Nikki, Richard, CajunPeach, ASLKimber etc etc etc have spoken their truths and many more – it is for them that i stand)

so the fact that Barry is committed to doing the same stuff all over again – well goodness – doesnt seem like those strategies have been paying off too well but heye – far be it for me to be a critic

it is clear that he has chosen to remain on his path of falsehoods and attacks

it is clear that some of you have chosen to dismiss his past conduct and his present commitment to more of the same

i will not be back here but again i am very thankful for the opportunity to see these truths and others unfold. it is important.

I forgive, I love, and i continue to move forward in our quest for POSITIVE PEACE, JUSTICE, and EQUALITY for all

if anybody wants me – ill just be hanging out at “People of the Eye” and Karen’s “tranquilty” i aint going to no more bad neighborhoods no more.

focusing me time in the real world and NOT THE cyber UNreality

peace in



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  1. ASLElla
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 15:53:28

    Dear Patti,

    wow! This and your long comments elsewhere are WORTHY of their own posts!!

    Thank you so much for constantly reframing whatever falsehoods you see especially Barrys and by people who enable him into the perspective that Is TRUTHFUL and appropriate.

    It’s a breath of fresh and HEALTHY air in spite of the topic being sad and toxic.

  2. Linda Slovick
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 16:25:03

    What Barry feels he has learned in the last 2 years is that it’s ok to punish people for opinions by discrediting them at work so that they are disciplined up to, but no longer including termination from their job.

    How is this different from Candy’s current situation?

    Candy wants you to shout out, not about Ridor or any of the people who actually CONTACTED the employers, but about Ella? Ella, who only had a private, after-the-fact opinion that Candy is unqualified to lecture on the topic of Empowering Deaf People?

    Is Candy saying that Ella’s opinion is wrong? That Candy is not only qualified to give a lecture on “Empowering yourself – Communication Skills” but on Empowering Deaf People as well?

    Notice that Ella only got added to Candy’s shout-out list late yesterday afternoon, and with no evidence.

    Notice, too, that despite people telling her over and over again that it was NOT because of her opinions about AB2072, but about her more general tendency to DISempower Deaf People that was repeatedly stated to be at issue to the people who actually felt strongly enough to contact, NOT Candy’s boss, but the conference organizer, whose INDIRECT affiliation with the IRS was not disclosed in the conference literature.

    Yes, rather than a coerced shout-out with Candy claiming evidence, better that she go ahead and present her case, so that we can see just HOW this is any worse than the behavior she has repeatedly condoned from Barry.

    No shout out on the horizon from Candy for Barry’s continued claim that he was justified in initiating the action that cause damage short of termination to the very people Candy is trying to convince NOW to support her against Ridor’s perhaps-misguided attempt to protect the community from more of her disempowerment.

    Oh, the IRONY!

    My opinion is, no shout-out for Candy until our folks get a shout-out FROM her for Barry’s even worse behavior.

    Jobs should not be contacted as punishment for opinions, but that’s not what Ridor intended to do with his action. Barry INTENDED to punish by having jobs contacted, and continues to see this as appropriate, so let Candy sleep in the bed she’s made with him until she sees this and does her own shout out against Barry’s version of the very same practice.

    How the heck did Ella come to be blamed yet again for all this? Target of convenience? THAT’s something Candy can explain in her blog, but she needs to be careful to back up her claims with facts, because the community will no longer stand for any more of this bashing-for-convenient-target’s sake.

    I say, bring on Candy’s blog with whatever actual proof she can muster!

    Warning, If Candy censors your comment in her blog and it was polite and on topic, but merely disagreed with her, publish elsewhere so that the world SEES that Candy DOES INDEED suppress comments that merely disagree with her opinion politely. She can’t always fight fairly, so slants what she will accept for comments in her favor, not as badly as Barry does, but still significantly.

    Looking forward to what Candy has to say in her defense of yet again targeting Ella for actions taken by other people of which Ella was only aware after the fact, and happened to have a personal opinion.

    – Linda

  3. brenster-
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 16:50:06

    Hi- Thanks for being firm in your position.

    Yes – on inconsistency, falsehoods (Candy said there is more anti-CI comments than anti-ASL, and many more!!!), unclear on their principles/positions, making excuses for their friends who bullied on others. I get bored with their non-stop spinning. Spin of lies, falsehoods, etc…

    I second to Ella on “toxic” – hence my comment in the comment thread in your previous post: “Sugar is the devil.” There are plenty of good topics worthy of discussing, but they chose to dwell on negative aspects of Deaf people, Deaf individuals, ASL, Deafhood (etc) supported by falsehoods = toxic! (and dangerous as well, because people out there reading them would believe…) But once they start on those negative thinking/discussing, they thirst for more more more of negative discussion. Their choice…

  4. brenster-
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 16:58:56

    Linda- yes on irony.

    yes, Candy censors comments that do not contain personal attacks. I posted several comments challenging her stance on “anti-cyberbullying effort” pointing out her inconsistency. For example, telling Patti not to turn a blind eye and give it a shout against Ridor’s attack, but then Candy approved RussellE’s comment attacking Joey who left a comment in agreement with Candy on anti-cyberbullying effort. Candy justified that attack by saying Russell E has been attacked a lot in past. Later in other comment thread at Ann_C’s post, Candy said “Wrong is Wrong” in which I pointed out then she shouldn’t have published Russell E’s bully comment. She changed her stance, saying that it was not a cyberbullying – it was a confrontation to Joey Baer for not giving it a shout out on Ella. Golly! Then I added more comments pointing out those and saying that I do not believe her “anti-cyberbullying effort” is real, etc. She didn’t publish them. Sweeping under the rug so the others wouldn’t see those.

    Candy is not the only one. Ann_C did the same thing. I learned in Ridor’s vlog that he did posted another comment clarifying what he meant by “… are next…” (see his vlog), and Ann_C refused to publish this comment so that the others wouldn’t see Ridor’s clarifications on what he first said and they could continue to SHOUT OUT on Ridor for that first comment. Hmm…

    It gets boring!!! But, we must not allow them be free to spread out falsehoods. We must challenge them. It gets tiresome…

    Again… “Sugar is the devil!”

  5. handeyes
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 17:56:50

    thanks all for ur comments

    re: toxic – yes many many many good voices have gone silent due to the toxicity in the air

    me blog entry is really focused on Barry and not Candy. I appreciate how they are very similar in pattern but have no desire to argue or banter with what she and he are saying. I only have eyes for the Truth and Facts. if they are not presented then it is not worthwhile of my time or energy.

    This is what i would advise hence forth – a “prove it” refrain

    and not a “prove it” to mean twist and spin & more smoke and mirrors nah, thanks. – but rather to bring forth the evidence of the claims they are making. and they make many but never offer proof.

    re: “Sugar is the devil” – heye u sound like a mate of mine who is very careful about food – for me id be more inclined to say “deceit ain’t sweet”

    im adding my 2nd to last comment over at Ann_C’s place here just so that the truths can be in one space –

    Barry – at Karen’s Questionable Behavior thread – in one of your long comments to Barb you wrote:

    “The idea of writing a letter to your boss was not mine. It did not originate with me.”

    Yet in your email to Ben (see top of this email if you cant find it on your mega harddrive):
    “I drafted rought drafts for everything but just need
    to find a willing candidate to serve as contact person for “concerned

    YOUR OWN WORD BARRY – saying that YOU DRAFTED those letters. Whereas, at Karen’s you kept claiming that those letters just arrived to your desk by others and they you went on to bully the targets of your attempted attack for never defending you??? That is dysfunctional discourse at its worse me pal

    you also went on to write in ur email to Ben:

    “My thinking is since we can’t seem to hold these
    people accountable we might as well make them accountable to the State
    and CAD /NAD.”

    “they [Ella, Barb, and DE] will have to issue public apology or face disciplinary
    actions. Once they do that then it will break them up and destroy the
    spell they are under.”

    DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS – hmmmmm. for what exactly????

    The FACTS are not synching up with what you said at Karen’s or what you have said above here in comments.

    My hand is still out to u.

    Jig is up on that one, me friend.

    Quit spinning – ya just keep tripping urself up. we can not move on if you keep lying, lodging false accusations, spinning, twisting, and harassing.

    make a commitment to refrain from the above and then we can truly move.

    Off the point but related to the whole – everybody should do shout outs when we see stuff in the blogsphere that ain’t cool – (like ann_c has done by bringing in some past events unrelated to this blog entry etc)

    Crystal, Barry’s wife, vlog dissing Lesbians – very UNCOOL

    especially coming after a rash of suicides by Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgender youth due to cyberbullying and being stigmatized via online / digital media.



  6. Linda Slovick
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 18:48:10

    Attempted to comment on Ann_C’s blog. It’s no longer in moderation and now looks to have been simply deleted, so please let me know if you think it was somehow inappropriate:

    Linda Slovick Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    October 15, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    Candy states:
    Per my source from the Mendoza’s camp, they are relieved that it did not pass.

    When I challenged her that her information could not have come from Mendoza’s office, she stood by the information having come from there:

    “Just relaying information that was shared with me. Yes, Mendoza’s camp is relieved. ”

    Perhaps it is understandable that Candy’s prior claims of more extensive internal knowledge and contact were misconstrued due to it being only now that her actual, significantly more limited, role is finally coming to light?

    It is good to finally see an admission that she was just spinning from the rumors about what was happening in “the Mendoza camp”, but NOT COOL that she was presenting these rumors as though they were well-known and balanced facts.

    Since Sheri was physically THERE for the whole thing, maybe next time, Candy can check with Sheri to see if the rumors Candy has been getting from Elisa Roche can be confirmed by the woman who was consistently THERE?.

    After all Elisa is the $90K + bennies for 9 hrs/wk of work Executive Director of both Oralingua (2007 990-PF) and the Executive Director of the California Coallition SPONSORING the bill, so it might be reasonable to expect that any rumors gotten ONLY from her might need a bit of fact-checking before publishing as an unbiased assessment of the stances of the various legislative entities, including Mendoza himself!

    “Just the facts, ma’am.”

    – Linda

  7. finlake
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 19:06:51

    EDIT: I posted this on Ann_C’s blog and I do feel it pertains to this particular blog.

    Start of Transmission
    Excuse me, but this blog has been nagging in my mind for quite some time (few days, if not a week) as I toil away with my work projects.

    I sincerely believe the root of the problem is this: conformity. It seems like we’re “supposed” to be generous on accepting the diversity of all d/Deaf people. For example, respecting one’s opinion and vice-versa. Yet, we’re still expecting conformity from one another when it comes to political issue(s)? -smh- Truly, I must say FML. (smh = shake my head and FML = frack my life) The huge chasm and divide of our people is an embarassment for me to present to the hearing world. Unity of our people? My ass. It’s not happening nor progressive (if any at all), which is plain as day as presented here.

    “What’s that all about?”
    “Oh, nuthin’, mate. Carry on.”

    For me, I’m too fierce when it comes to my independence and freedom. I call that expectation of conformity our people: corrosion of conformity.
    EOF (End Of File)

    EDIT: for further edition to slightly suit to the purpose of responding to this blog section, I would say political issues _AND_ PERSONAL opinions.

    For what it is worth, this quote I remember very well from the movie “The Lawnmower Man” applies to here:

    “Your ignorance makes me very ANGRY!”

    The “holier than thou” attitude reeks of arrogance. Unbelievable.

  8. Don G.
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 19:37:42

    Untruths and falsehoods and conspiracies to defame the Deaf community also come in the guise of “questioning” and “opinions”. For example, Mike McConnell as well. Here is a comment I just left on his blog (under “Blank book”). Remains to be seen whether he has the nerve to publish it.


    Mike —

    To say that you did not SAY the book is representative of the whole Deaf community is quite cynical and disingenuous.

    Despite what you may think about the literacy of Deaf people, the fact is that many of us ARE quite adept readers, with the ability to infer, interpret and evaluate a writer’s tone and intent.

    Just look at the title of this very post. “A mostly blank book = Deaf community?” Although you qualify this title with a question mark, it is clear to us that you are snidely insinuating that the Deaf community is “a blank book with nothing of substance to it”.

    If this were an isolated instance, one might be able to dismiss this as oversensitivity or reading too much into your words. However, in post after post, your blogs have been filled with condescending, dismissive words and phrases aimed at Deaf people, ASL, the Deaf community, and anything Deaf-centric, more or less. One has only to look at the titles of your blogs (that you yourself so conveniently provided a while back) to see this. I won’t even go into an analysis of the content of these blogs, but rest assured, I could very easily do so in order to prove my case.

    The simple truth here is: Your title is intended to be derogatory and inflammatory towards the Deaf community (as well as James Kittell himself).

    What was that you were saying about “trolls”?

    …a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog/vlog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response…

    Hmmmm…. the shoe is looking mighty snug and comfy, isn’t it?

  9. finlake
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 19:59:20

    Wait a minute — how is this any different from what John Egbert said to Paotie few years ago (calling him a sociopath)? And I have yet to see an apology on his part.

    Now you’re dissing Barry and Candy expecting an apology as well as vice versa for Ella to apology?

    I’m seeing a guise of personal issues being blurred with idealistic issues.

  10. Linda Slovick
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 20:04:48

    From Ann_C’s blog again:

    Linda Slovick Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    October 15, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    Candy says:
    “Ann is correct. I never contacted anyone. Nor have I send any correspondence to any legislators.”

    In several of the comments she talks about writing to the senators. Clearly, at the time, she meant to imply that she had actually sent her open letter to those specific senators.

    One commenter even asked her if she signed her name “Candy” when she sent the letter to the senators. Candy did not take this opportunity to explain that her open letter REALLY only appeared on her site.

    The truth has a way of coming out, even when you TRY to suppress it.

    Candy, have you even READ your blogs? (Humor intended – sorry but, given your history of insistence on this very point, I just couldn’t resist!)

    – Linda

  11. Don G.
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 20:16:37

    It has come to my attention that some may misconstrue my reference to Kittell as a defense of him. It is not. For the record, I think his past actions and practices have been quite shady, to say the least. I was only pointing out the inflammatory nature of MCConnell’s titles and blogs

  12. Linda Slovick
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 20:39:47


    Ask Ann_C about what happened to John’s comments about Paotie. Or about mine.

    Ann_C told me she didn’t want to talk about Paotie anymore, so he became off-topic for the “Moral Compass” blog.

    BTW, that part about John contacting Paotie’s university and saying Paotie was a Martial Arts Fighter was bogus. I pointed this out to Ann_C, and pointed her to Paotie’s take on the whole “sociopath” incident.

    To the best of my knowledge, John has not apologized for his comment directing Paotie to the definition of the word “sociopath.”

    I believe this is likely due to the very real possibility that John is not sorry for doing so.

    Whether or not Paotie actually is a “sociopath,” or is better characterized as a “Popular Blogger” appears to be a matter of agreeing to disagree at this point.

    John’s own personal opinions of Paotie have nothing to do with the Deaf Bilingual Coalition itself. Paotie was merely acting trollishly in John’s blog, and John’s response was within the “It’s MY Blog, so MY Rules” manifesto that the bloggers complaining also adhere to.

    John’s response is not one that I myself condone, however, because I see no point in publicly calling ANYBODY a sociopath.

    If they AREN’T a sociopath, you’ve just added to the already overwhelming burden of ill feeling and distrust, and if they are…

    They’re a freakin’ SOCIOPATH, Dude! Like, DUH! 😉

    The last is intended humorously, and, despite all appearances, is NOT actually intended to anger sociopaths everywhere. 😉

    – Linda

  13. handeyes
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 21:15:37

    wow this is kinda all over the place isnt it folks

    i dont think i can even follow it

    i understand folks have to vent but there is a very PARTICULAR ITEM On the table here the plot to destroy DBC and the lodging of false accusations against Deaf leaders via their workplace, affiliations, and liscensing board

    this is very serious

    i am not saying the other stuff is not important but i am saying that all the he said / she said matters not – its what the actual person said he didnt do at karens and demanded proof of otherwise and ben provided the proof that Barry did in fact originate attack letters and conspire to get folks to send them

    it was the beginning of a patten that he hasnt given up on yet

    u could also say u dont like folks dissing Lesbians – that would be might nice right now because folks have KILLED themselves from that stigma shit

    this is real serious folks

    ok ill stop screaming but i really dont care what candy, mike, john e said what where or when because its all just NOISE and text text text

    i care that someone has been conspiring since he left DBC – this is a pattern of harassment that he has not been shy about folks

    on concerted shout out of NOT COOL BARRY SEWELL – not cool


    one item at a time

    (the Candy stuff only got mentioned cuz i wanted to preserve my full comment in case it didnt got through at ann_c’s (which i dont think it did? dont know im not going back there cuz she is being INCREDIBLY selective in her moderating – wow wee)

    but for us can we keep on the table what is on the table – pretend none of us are ADHD ok (and i dont mean to diss any folks with ADHD – my husband is a major one and it serves him well and i can go very bonky in chatting me self but when u r combating dysfunctional triangles u really dont want to be contributing to the dysfunctionality by chasing after other waterfalls)

    one conspirator at a time eh?

    other wise we skate very close to becoming what we abhor



  14. brenster-
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 21:26:05

    Barry- you are busted! Yes, I saw that you kept on lying and lying over over about your role in this scheme to damage the reputation and employment of 3 good people. Now, we all saw the truth in email correspondences – No point in denying or making excuses saying “it was 2 years ago and I would have done differently today…” because it’s all BS!

  15. brenster-
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 21:28:25

    Patti- maybe it’ll be good to create a new posts for others to exchange discussions (maybe vents) since most of our comments didn’t go through, etc etc. Bring all on one table. So those will not get cluttered into this post 🙂

    I could go and start a blog, but I really have no interest in maintaining it.

  16. finlake
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 21:41:57

    Thanks for the laugh, Linda! 😉

    As for Paotie, it is apparent (note, apparent is the keyword here for its not verified yet) I knew him from my college days and no way did he came across as a sociopath. So I am biased with my previous encounter with him. He was a nice fella and quite an Einstein type of guy, too. However, I’m acutely aware this is more of “he said, she said,” etc which bears no fruit whatsoever.

    My beef is John called him a sociopath in the publicK. Misspelling intentional, btw. In my eyes, he represents the DBC and that doesn’t reflect well. Yes, I’m aware it is his opinion, and it ‘d most likely make a difference had he inserted the disclaimer as in “This blog does not reflect DBC but my opinion, alone.” Sure, it may be his blog but being a public figure affiliated with certain organization does have a price, too. No wonder I rather be a rogue ronin and say “neh-neh-neh” to any organizations attempting to stifle my 1st Amendment right via Bill of Rights. The only exception would be my fair lady’s objection, then I’d shut my piehole up real good. For the record, I’m not against DBC at the present time.

    Calling someone a sociopath should be restricted to psychiatric type of field, in my not so humble opinion.

    Bottom line, Linda, is I’m disappointed to see no resolutions anywhere on the far side of the horizon to actually commence the Unity we ALL want so badly. It’s already hard enough to be Deaf, and yet to be told I’m addicted to hearing because I choose to wear my hearing aids. Gettin’ my drift? We have too much of a diversity and it’s an impediment to the “unity” concept, apparently.

  17. Linda Slovick
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 21:44:01


    The truth campaign needs some place for orphaned comments from related blogs. Can you see some way to help make this happen?

    For example, here’s another orphan from Ann_C’s blog comments that looks to have disappeared from moderation.

    Linda Slovick Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    October 15, 2010 at 9:20 pm
    White Ghost,

    My point was only that Candy JUST commented right here that she had NOT corresponded with the Senators, and I was just showing a place in her blog where she had corresponded with the Senators. The opposite of what she just said.

    The person who made the comment about Candy’s not using her real name on the letter was NOT ME.

    Candy comments again and again about how she “wrote to the senators” in that blog and elsewhere, and now she is saying she had only very limited information and NO actual contact (just rumors she repainted as fact?).

    She “didn’t actually send the letters” she just implied in her blog that she did… That seems familiar somehow…

    – Linda


    It is coincidental that it ties into the theme of this blog… Hmmm…. Or is it?

    Thanks for allowing one last digression before the orphans can find some sort of home in a truthful place…

  18. Linda Slovick
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 22:04:00


    Glad you liked it. Cool you knew Paotie. All I know is what I see in the blogs, where, frankly, he can be quite a pill to swallow! Funny, sometimes, too tho.

    Gotta call you on your assumption that John needs to clarify about when he is speaking for himself…

    He needs to clarify when he’s speaking for DBC.

    I understand that even this hasn’t always been clear, but we’ve all worked to make this more so going forward, which is all we can do.

    Those who expect an apology from DBC are expecting an apology from the wrong “person”. Those expecting an apology from John, probably aren’t going to get it.

    That’s as much closure as we’re gonna get on John’s role in the DBC.

    Patti wants us to focus on Barry Sewell… Ok, but careful what you wish for!

    After finishing his “Johnny, You Still Hurting” post, Barry has gone on to advising people about the already-failed Imperia in his role as “an experienced investor.”

    Barry concludes with the following genuinely good advice:

    “And again, like I explained one of my earlier vlog there are only two legal investment regulatory systems in the United States. One of them is Security and Exchange Commission and the other one is with Secretary of State. If the investment program that’s offered to you do not register with either system then you will be well advised not to invest at all. It is that simple. ”

    This is far different, however, from the advice he gave his own investors at:

    Barry needs to clean up his act, not just about his need to punish teachers for their opinions, but in general.

    NOT COOL, Barry!

    – Linda

  19. handeyes
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 23:11:00

    heye brenster – thanks for the shout out of not cool

    re: creating a separate post so folks can dump their orphaned comments from other threads that are not related to what i want us to focus on here – wow good idea

    a thread of – “RAH RAH FREE SPEECH BUT NOT FOR THEE” sure good idea

    but no i will not undertake

    cuz it distracts us from the main big potatoe! eye on the prize folks the truth re: a long running conspiracy to destroy the DBC cuz he walked away from it too early and it keeps surviving fine without him

    and cuz the other stuff is small beans really – some of this stuff is mighty small beans

    im talking about the crossing of the line / bustifable stuff and everybody has the capability of opening up their own blog

    what i am doing and have been doing is MIGHTY HARD ENUF FOLKS

    this is no bloody picnic

    this is no fun. i do not enjoy this and im frustrated to have to do this so to make it so hard for folks to see and hear the truth cuz we r now jumping all over the place chasing after some of the other spinners and pundits in the blogsphere – OY – makes me more frustrated

    and it will be endless cuz none of us have been perfect and only a few of us have been willing to say “bless me my community for i have sinned…. 1 year ago i called so and so a…..”

    there is not joy in mudville to have to do this blog entry so HELP ME OUT A BIT and stay focused or if u wanna kick sand take it else where

    linda re: the orphans – im sorry they are not publishing the comments – that speaks volumes

    folks are selective listening, selective reading, selective publishing, selective posting etc etc etc

    we can UNITE and say no and focus on the big picture or we can keep trying to argue with them at their own game at different places
    so they are lying and contradicting themselves – surprise surprise surprise – are they drafting letters and seeking out specific players to carry out their dirty deed?

    oh yes i know they r pointing at kettle black when they themselves are charcoal and YES I know it is exasperating but for me actually it has been HEART BREAKING To watch – to see these truths unfold and maybe that is my other hidden reason for not wanting it dragged in here. it is painful for me to gaze upon – the stuff at top is hard enuf

    re: paotie and john since finlake and linda insist

    1. what john has done to paotie re: calling him a psychopath is not cool
    2. what john has done re: brandishing folks as deficit thinkers is not cool
    3. what john did to mike and using the dbc blogsite is not cool
    4. john refusing to issue forth a public apology to the targets of his name calling is NOT COOL

    i have made this known publcily

    i do not know re: the college program and contact cuz i havent seen the FACTS on that but i have seen the other stuff and when i did i did leave comments and even vp and email with john saying wrong and u should apologize

    john is an IMPORTANT part of DBC – he was the impetus and is really loyal to it.

    his spontaneity in challenging AG Bell in VA was used for good and a call many responded to
    his spontaneity in lashing out is a call many heard and got hurt from and has not served him, DBC, the targets. or the cause well

    re: paotie – while he had wit – he also twisted stuff and he was also meanspirited at times but i NEVER saw him send letters of falsehoods or use copyrighted materials illegally against folks etc

    so why should john be expected to apologize when paotie or others r not expected to apologize

    cuz john is a good man and good men do the right thing

    plain and simple

    cuz lots of folks r hyper sensitive to john having called them deficit thinkers – it really hurts them – i can see how badly they r hurt STILL

    that is what name calling does – its like when u hammer in a nail and later u regret it and pull it out – the bad words have still left their mark. they smart and they linger and they hurt

    and yes some folks r just pointing the finger every which way to distract and distort and say well what about this or that or him or her or …..

    but we should not give them any ammunition

    we must be better than that

    we must be truthful and LOVEFUL

    we must because it is the right just and good thing to do

    john deserves friends who will tell him – we love u. not cool buddy – not cool

    paotie deserves the same also

    re: DBC – i think they should call on John do to the right thing. Just as Obama did stand against some of the bad rhetoric his minister espoused. u can do this shout out with him – not against him

    finlake re: ur hearing aid – oh pls dont tell me folks are saying u shouldnt wear a hearing aid???

    I know many folks who have hearing aids, CIs love to listen to music,like to dance and hum a tune or two, who advocate peacefully and lovingly for bilingual-bicultural rights who advocate peacefully and lovingly for answers re: CIs safety and ethics

    now if folks r asking why u wear a HA or are discussing the possible audism behind HAs – i think that is ok – to discuss and explore just as bell hooks an African-American feminist scholar discusses how the straightening of African-American women’s hair and the hair of their children is rooted in racism – the belief that white is right etc

    she is not calling folks who do it racists no no no way is she doing that – she is just examining the unexamined – why would some folks go to that length to make their hair do something that is not natural – why do they value the “look” of straight and unnatural hair over free and natural hair etc

    its an important question to explore but it is never a question that should connote to the person who has straight hair u r unworthy or unloved or unafro-centric or un… whatever

    just as i can discuss why i value keeping my last name and might question why it is that society EXPECTS women to give up their last name upon marriage but we do not expect that of males in our society – i have no right to judge the women who do choose to take their husband’s last names.

    i can explore how the tradition is rooted in sexism and the old concept that the bride becomes the property of her mate but that does not mean that the women who subscribe to this tradition are sexist or the man who offers his name to his new wife is sexist – now if he told her she MUST TAKE HIS – wow then we can talk more but if its just an offer – kinda like how i offered me last name to my husband and he said – nah ill stick with my own and u can urs – that is fine

    but we gotta be allowed to talk folks – we gotta

    re: barry and more contradictions – well ur quote of advice from him re: investments reminded me of his DVD with stolen copyrighted material of someone at the oppose ab 2072 rally where Barry inserted a text frame “True leaders do not lie to their own people and spread myths like that.” Barry Sewell


    twist and spin …. come on baby…. lets twist and shout

    give a shout out that cyber harassment stop

    re: candy and mike – type in their names in the search box if u want to see past “People of the Eye” coverage on some of their bustable blogging – type in Barry and u will got a plenty of facts and falseHOOD busting

    making the invisible visible


  20. finlake
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 23:27:04

    For what it is worth, all of us do possess mean-spirits qualities. That is called human nature. I ain’t no stinkin’ god, but I am human and I embrace it. Cause I ain’t dead yet. -smirk-

    As for Candy and Mike, I do go to their blog site often. As for “bustable” blogging, that’s simply their opinion whether you, I and we like it or not. It sure as hell doesn’t hurt to talk rationally as well keeping the mouth shut if it ain’t nice.

    As for Barry, to be frank, its not really my problem. It’s his problem, and if they desire it to be so, it’d be their problem.

    I’ve said it before via vlogging: do not feed the troll.

    Who’s the troll? That’s subjective.

    And honey, life’s not fair either.

    Ok, I’ll turn off the spotlight.

    Catch you on the flipside.

    PS yep, I’m serious about the “addiction” to hearing via hearing aids.

  21. ireflections09
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 23:45:26


    I had to exclude some comments for several reasons, it has nothing to do with your or others’ opinions. In the span of just over an hour or so I got bombarded with so many comments in moderation and they were all over the place. I even had to put in spam queue several of Candy’s, WG’s and others’ comments. Couldn’t get to all of you via emails to explain, because things were happening that fast. Then finally Barry shows up…It was also my wedding anniversary last night and I wasn’t in the mood for all the bickering or picking-to-pieces on either side.

    My fault for writing such a long-winded article and trying to cover too many bases.

    At least I got the truth out there. 😦


  22. handeyes
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 00:06:51

    heye finlake

    im a bit confused by what u r saying but no matter

    re: trolls and harassment – there is a world of difference.

    do we agree tha attacking folks and organizations unjustly on false pretenses is crossing the line?

    i understand that lots of b/vloggers have different opinions and the right to express their opinions – that is what im talking aobut re: small beans

    we r also talking about commUNITY building and to do that we need to know how to challenge folks CIVILLY, HONESTLY, and JUSTLY

    name calling of extremist, cultist, deafhoodite, dummies, children, stupid, low functioning, deficit thinkers, audists, etc etc etc does not help the discourse

    and yes we aint none of us angels – but it would be mighty nice if we tried to tap into the better angels of our nature

    trolls r mighty different than folks who have been launching a relentless and unending conspiratorial campaign of hysteria and harassment for ill intents

    and definitely i agree dont feed the trolls – i dont even bother when its just the same ole banter of mocking twisting and blah blah blah but when its letters to CA dept of justice, threats to report someone to a liscencing board for something the didnt do, when it comes on the wake of SUICIDES, when it is so outlandishly wrong – yeah i might wager to say UNCOOL

    cuz im a fool for the better angels of our nature and social justice and LOVE



  23. handeyes
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 00:08:00


    thanks for the comment

    yes i saw alot of truths come out over at ur place

    truths and facts in what was said and what was unsaid – yes so i have thanked u for that

    re: ur anniversary – very very very happy anniversary and many mores



  24. finlake
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 01:00:03

    You ain’t no fool for believing in the angelic traits in all of us. Hell, Anne Frank said it well herself. You mean well, and that counts, yes? The Greater Good -WILL- prevail.

    I do not condone the notion of deliberately causing a person to loose a job, based on the difference of opinions. However, what my implication is this — Barry’s intention as well as the “unsaid” party did not succeed and I’m eternally grateful for that. The Greater Good has prevailed. I have moved on for I’m glad my signifiant other was able to retain her job. If I may add, THREE times as far as my memory serves me, the Greater Good has prevailed consecutively.

    Hopefully nobody else would do it again, like your case, Patti. This is far more of my concern about you and any potential victims than it is to pin the responsibility on Barry and the “unsaid” party.

    Also, for my perspective, there’s a song I’m particularly fond of by Opeth (death metal) — there’s one line that sticks to my mind and most likely will for a long time. “Once I’m below, there’s no turning back.”

    With that said, I sure as hell would want to be remembered to be the best person I could strive to be once I’ve gone to Valhalla with the guidance of valkyries for preparation of Ragnarok.

    Catch my drift?

    BTW, I still intent to cook you and Karen Mayes my mean-killer thai cuisine. 🙂

  25. finlake
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 01:00:33

    Oooo, happy anniversary Annie_See!

  26. ireflections09
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 01:06:11

    Thanks, patti, for your greetings.

    “i understand folks have to vent but there is a very PARTICULAR ITEM On the table here the plot to destroy DBC and the lodging of false accusations against Deaf leaders via their workplace, affiliations, and liscensing board”

    That. That was why I had to omit comments… 😦


  27. ireflections09
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 01:17:30

    Thanks, finlake.

    Three times for your beloved, geez. Uncool, uncool, uncool–three times.

    Got a recipe for a really hot thai dish? Gotta get hubby past pad thai and kick it up a notch. 😉


  28. Linda Slovick
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 01:25:08

    The only things that are left are for Barry to come clean if he’s going to, and for the other folks, the ones who actually sent the letters to either come clean or be formally outed.

    I suggest that a formal blog be made and posted to all available aggregators warning the others that they have until November 1st to come clean in an aggregated blog, or they will be outed with witnesses and evidence.

    Once this is done, the community will know just the sort of people it has been dealing with going forward and we will FINALLY have closure on this ugly matter with everyone involved knowing where they stand.

    Like Patti says, “Making the invisible visible” Not always pretty, but definitely necessary.

    – Linda

  29. finlake
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 01:38:44

    Patti — this is the reference I found in terms of “addicted to hearing” with hearing aids.

    I myself did find it a bit repugnant because I can still function without my hearing aids, however with my job, it is a matter of life and death when it comes to ski lift operations and intensive radio usage for 100% attention to hearing to ensure the safety of lift mechanics and electricians who can easily die had the lift been running.

    In my eyes, that’s not addiction. That’s out of necessity. Of course, I’m sure some of the audience member would say “well, that’s what you’re asking for by your own choice.” Precisely is what I would say — I got a strong passion for skiing/snowboarding as well as uphold safety precautions with my fellow lift mechanics/electricians.

    My strong annoyance is the knacks of “Deaf militants” bugging me about why I’m wearing hearing aids in the real world, too. -shrugs-

    Anyways, I really don’t want to side-track your blog. So please do pardon me for doing so.

  30. handeyes
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 01:39:56

    heye finlake

    this is my hope, intent and purpose also “Hopefully nobody else would do it again”

    its for the victims of past and potential victims of the future

    we need a commitment from folks that they will cease and desist this s#it

    for the greater good.

    i will tell u the greater good has not always prevailed, finlake. it did not for dear anne frank.

    it did not and does not for the young gay/lesbian/bi/transgender folks who have opted for or attempted or are considering suicide

    it has a GREATER chance of prevailing when we step up to the plate and do the right thing

    so no – not cool. not good. not just. not right. not any more.

    We must jump at da sun – we must

    we can not trust to others to do for us

    so i want no ill-will to befall Barry – never have never will. I just want truths / facts / honesty and a commitment to do no more harm

    i am not holding my breath but truths must be told and facts must be shared and injustices must be challenged and love means ya tell folks the truth and u dont lie, hide, conceal, deceive, manipulate, corrupt, scapegoat or turn a blinds eye

    i do got ur drift and i do thank u

    re: the thai-dinner – ya know i hold folks to their word mighty well chap so this is a promise u definitely will keep and i am looking forward to it – just let me know where and when and if ya need me frying pan

    ann_c – nice to see u doing that shout out

    linda – someone proposed something like that over at Jeffrey’s a time table etc

    i dont know who or what etc etc. i know their are more truths and facts to be brought forth but for now i think the largest one has been made self-evident and the next telling thing will be whether or not he ceases and desists with the stalking / harassment / defamation campaign

    its his choice and his option

    not related at all directly to barry but related to online harassment / attacks / toxicity – i got this from the simon wiesenthal center today



  31. finlake
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 01:40:40

    Annie_See, you could email me and I could send you an email or video email on my thai recipes. ^_^

    Ok ok ok, I’m gonna pry my hands off the keyboard and go pump some irons. This is after all the goddess’ sanctuary and I don’t want to hog it up.

  32. handeyes
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 01:43:35

    get outta here ya dawg

    there – does that help? ; )

    have a good weekend finlake

    peace in


  33. ireflections09
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 03:05:49


    The evidence is not forthcoming, and it probably won’t for a long time, if ever. Such policing in aggregators will not encourage those responsible for coming forward, IMHO.

    I only say this from years of dealing with all kinds of ppl in both personal and business matters. ‘Tis human nature, sadly enough.


  34. Linda Slovick
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 05:23:44

    Don’t give up, Ann_C!

    Found one name for sure already…

    Let’s see how far we can get by November 1st if we work together! Anyone who has information to share can help these people come clean, SHOW Barry’s precise involvement, and start the real healing in our community!

    Email any relevant information to:

    Contact them and let them know they need to come clean before November 1, or risk being disinfected by sunlight. For sure, at least one person will be.

    – Linda

  35. handeyes
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 13:55:08

    Linda – thanks for your effort to get the truths that some folks have been demanding. Many folks have been saying – find out the names of the folks who sent the letters etc.

    So i see you are obliging that and it is part of an effort to make the invisible visible

    My confusion is with the Nov 1st deadline to do right. Im not really following this. If folks have truths and facts that will show a pattern of harassment and unjust attacks against folks via their worksplace/affiliations/licensing board, they should bring that material forth NOW because it is the right, just and good thing to do

    they should not sit on it and hold it over folks head as if a club and a threat – do the right thing or we will whack u over the head with the truth and the facts

    Just put forth the truths and facts as they come in a new blog dedicated to revealing FACTS and TRUTHS

    Good actions + good intentions = soul force / truth force if done from LOVE

    otherwise the timetable talk really can seem to feed into a hysteria of a new kind – which would be unkind. we dont need to play it like that – nuh, uh



  36. Linda Slovick
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 20:08:17

    Hi Patti,

    I am hoping to encourage people to get past their own shame that seems to have had them in “tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…” mode about coming out with their OWN TELLING of the truth.

    Notice that the deadline given in Jeff’s blog was today, and, because there was no stated intent to act, that deadline is passing without people changing their shame-based behaviors, including giving in to the outright blackmail that results by that behavior remaining secret.

    So today, so far, at least, is just like every other day that has passed since the start of this whole thing… With more and more people seeing retaliation as their only remaining recourse, because we remain neutral about just when people need to get past their own shame of complicity and on to the path of being open again.

    If not November 1st, when? Today? Ok, let’s see how many people come forward today, and see if your way works…

    – Linda

  37. handeyes
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 21:02:46

    i see

    so its an opportunity to confess and make amends …. hmmmmm

    ok here is mine – im pretty sure ive already said it in other spaces but just so u have it here:

    i was aware of some folks desire to out / name Candy and some folks opposition to doing so. My position was it would be better just to use her own words and actions to bring those forth to challenge her as she does with others.

    The letter writing campaign against Candy targeting the workshop and/or employment – i did not know about. I had begged out of the group email before that got discussed i think – just as i have begged out of many group emails once i see the path is different than my own.

    I have publicly said that i do not support UNJUSTLY attacking folks via their workplace/affiliations/and licensing board and this is a truth – i dont support it.


  38. Sheri A. Farinha
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 22:24:17

    Hi Patti, thanks to Linda, I’ve found this site! A lot of interesting thoughts and discussions. Still reading thru it all. I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your actions. I admire all that you are trying to do.

    One thing, I’m puzzled by the statenent that people are trying to destroy DBC? Granted I don’t read everything on blogs etc. I see ppl disagreeing with DBC, but purposely destroying?
    I guess I will have to keep reading. I’m not up to par on all the happenings with Paotie or Barry. Paotie struck me as a sarcastic person, dry sense of humor.

    Like you Patti, I try to find the good in everyone, even if I don’t agree with them.

  39. handeyes
    Oct 17, 2010 @ 01:12:42

    Hi Sheri – welcome to People of the Eye

    re: the desire to destroy DBC – perhaps the word “destroy” is too strong. (Note: i just went looking for why the word “destroy” was in my brain and i saw it in Barry’s email to Ben re: the unjust letter writing campaign ““they [Ella, Barb, and DE] will have to issue public apology or face disciplinary actions. Once they do that then it will break them up and destroy the spell they are under.”)

    Barry has not been shy about his intent to defame and harass the DBC – you can view his 20 + (count them) vlogs in which he falsely labels them DBC Facts 1….. at his buckaroo youtube account

    yes each of those were carried by Deaf Read and i believe they used to be housed at his site (yes another misnomer since the blogsite largely included false accusations against the DBC). the has kinda been sanitized of all the “evidence” that was supposed to destroy the DBC but actually has backfired and made him look just a bit obsessed and unjust

    Once the letter writing plot was foiled when Ben and other good folks started saying – geez these letters r kinda not a good idea and putting up the 6 way aim chat via Deafread not cool etc etc Barry issued a – Sorry there was a disagreement with DBC and ready to move on and erased the evidence of his own wrong doings and complicity – funny how he does that eh?

    im not sure what verb would accurately characterize his conspiring against DBC – it clearly is not a case of “lets agree to disagree” and involves several instances of crossing the line.

    i think i have even seen some communication from him indicated his intent to see the DBC dismantled. I know he did falsely say many times that the DBC was dead when in fact it was not.

    Just a case of wishful thinking on his part i guess

    re: Paotie – he has wit no doubt at all about that.

    My general observations of the blogsphere (not an fact just an observation) folks who r not the targets of attacks and falsehoods have the luxury of finding some folks funny. Folks who are the victims or have friends who are victims of such targets – they might be less inclined to laugh.

    i too could appreciate Paotie’s wit but there were times where he spun and twisted things and played a bit mean

    none of us have truly been angels – even the best of us have averted our eyes or laughed when someone was being a bit to rough or cruel with their words

    some of it is due to the “shock value” and some of it may just be that kinda sickly “better them than me” mentality and some i suspect seem to enjoy seeing others hurt others – not cool not cool

    the internet is like reality TV on crack some days

    “tread carefully, feelings are everywhere”



  40. Linda Slovick
    Oct 17, 2010 @ 01:41:05

    On July 21, 2008, Barry announced to all of DeafRead:

    DBC is DEAD! begs to differ!

    Should we, perhaps, start celebrating this perverse “anniversary” of our miraculous survival, despite Barry’s best attempts?

    Still going STRONG!

    – Linda

  41. PopeMistress
    Oct 17, 2010 @ 11:18:13

    For Linda Slovick only,

    Hallo Linda again! Hope you will forgive me for not reply to your comment from other person website. Yes maybe work comp will be great for one sweetie deafread editor who did went emergency trip. Why I say that? I already got msg from several website owners do make $$$$ from their high traffic websites to manage many bloggers and vloggers to join each website page… :/

    oh gosh I’m DRAFT (FORCE me) to work today on my day off.. Feeling a bit down because my parents cannot come visit me today or this Tues because one of them has health problems. They wanna me go visit them today but cannot becuz STUCK with draft to work today… Gotta go work soon!

  42. PopeMistress
    Oct 19, 2010 @ 13:29:29

    Hello Linda again!

    Go check on how much DeafRead website worth now? :

    Go check on how much dvtv website worth now? :

  43. PopeMistress
    Oct 19, 2010 @ 13:54:14

    Hello Linda again!

    Go check on how much DeafRead website worth now? :

  44. PopeMistress
    Oct 19, 2010 @ 13:54:36

    Hello Linda again!

    Go check on how much dvtv website worth now? :

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