Shout outs of NOT COOL re: Cyber Harassment

heye all

the issue of cyberbullying is big and bad and needs to be addressed

yesterday i made a vlog re: the suicides of Gay youth as a result of cyberbullying

it is HORRIBLE and breaks my heart.

We must learn from it.  we must do shout outs against cyberbullying.

Lots of good folks r trying to address that within our Deaf online community – several folks have been blogging about it.  I have not seen too many vlogs about it.  Pls folks vlog too – we need it in both English and ASL.

now the latest thing on the table is:

It takes a village…. yep it takes a village for us to figure out how to do this right

its real important folks – how to be civil and civic and not to hurt, harass, defame, belittle, disinform, attack

Over at Ann_C‘s she has revealed some REALLY important communication from Barry Sewell that he penned himself admitting that he has DRAFTED a letter to attack three leaders of DBC via their workplace/affiliations/liscensing board and was conspiring to find folks to send the letters so they would not be tracked back to him and they would have more credibility.  His own emails reveal his premeditation and malicious intent.

It was chilling to read this correspondence.

It is DISTRUBING to see that no one has done a shout out of NOT COOL BARRY beyond me

it was paradoxial and puzzling to see the absence of any such shout out from the very folks who were sending emails to groups and challenging folks to say NOT COOL RIDOR – which i had done way before getting the email directives telling me to do that.

I got a moral compass and it is POINT NORTH

it is not being selective and only pointing north when my opponents are saying sh#t and doing bad sh#t.

It got fine tuned when i was so plagued with guilt over having NOT shouted out when HonBrit was getting attacked.

It was a long summer for my conscience.

But she has thoroughly woken up.

Now will i be able to police, monitor, shout out about every injustice that i witness no – cuz i got a life.

no – cuz i am a major kill joy when im in that mode

no – cuz i have pretty much stopped reading all b/vlogs unless someone sends something to my inbox.

no – cuz i will no longer even click DR because it continues to list attack v/blogs

But when folks let me know of stuff and i assess – yep that aint cool – ill do my shout out.

I have NEVER supported attacks on Tayler, Barry, Ridor, Candy , Paotie, HonBrit, Ella, Amy, MZ, OLois, Native Warrior, Russell etc etc

I may majorily disagree with some folks on a variety of political issues or on conduct but i do not support attacks.  I do support PEACEFUL direct confrontation with TRUTHS and FACTS.

soooooo…… whats it gonna be folks? huh?

are we gonna be a village and say NOT COOL – based on what the person has done and not based on if they are in our camp or not and not based on if we FEAR them or not?

Is our compass gonna point fully north or just selectively North

by the way i received word that Ridor got attacked over in Robert Mason’s blog – NOT COOL

attacks are not cool!  P E R I O D

truths are cool.  facts are cool.

L O V E is mighty cool.  its beautiful.  its gorgeous.  its sexy.  its wonderful. its real.

Hate and FEAR are not cool and cyber bullying, harassment, defamation is ALL about hate and fear.

so folks PLEASE STOP

stop generating v/blogs that ATTACK others

stop pointing the finger only at folks that suit u

stop only selective reading

stop coming from Fear and Hate and a Need to be Right

I have already blogged inviting folks to tell me what i have done that have harmed them – i am accountable for me own actions first and foremost

i invite u to it again

it takes a village to raise a HEALTHY online Deaf community

we almost didnt have a fighting chance u know.  once DR started disseminating attack v/blogs 2 years ago it all just kinda spiraled down into the Hatfields and McCoys

We r better than this folks

We r better than this

DR/DVTV, ASL Rocks, Deaf Village and any other aggregator or website needs to SCREEN out that bullsh#t

they need to raise the bar to not carrying ATTACK v/blogs

folks can still have their freedom of speech to espouse falsehoods, lies, attacks, and hate out there in the great www but our Deaf aggregators and websites should not carry them or pull them as soon as they see what they r really about

WE v/bloggers should not CREATE attack v/blogs – challenge with truths and facts sure, engage in lively discussions SURE, but attacks and falsehoods NOPE not cool

we v//bloggers should not leave comments that are designed to attack, namecall, harass, threaten – not cool

we bystanders / voyeurs should not sit idely by and just WATCH – if u click u r part of it folks

time for the bystanders to become Standers

not cool – not cool cyber harassment, defamation, bullying, attacks is NOT COOL

everybody ends up hurt – the attacker, the attacked, the viewers, and the great potential of our village

awake and be counted folks

again and always i am forever sorry for any harm i have caused by my role in the blogsphere.  I have been praying long and hard and talking with me maker – is it time for me to exit completely – am i fighting a completely loosing battle here?  and each time the reply i get back is:

u have to do what u have to do

aw – geez – id much rather just disappear

but here i appear – giving it one more try why cuz i am a fool for LOVE

and because i have seen the WONDERS of what the WWW can do – it really can change and inspire lives and living – we cant give up on it without a peaceful and loveful fight cuz humanity is worth it

much peace



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karen Mayes
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 15:28:08

    ~smiling, standing next to you~

    Yes, we can be better.

    We don’t need any more negative cyberspace actions… cyberstalking, cyberbullying, cyberharassing, etc. These actions have caused divisions, doubts, fear, emotional upheavals, etc.

    I for one apologize to anyone who felt that I have harmed in the past few years in the cyberspace.

    Patti… don’t give up.

  2. handeyes
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 18:12:26

    aw karen –

    We the People of the Deaf on-line community, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this agreement – come from love! Challenge sure, disinform, harass, bully, defame, belittle – no thanks!

    agreed? yep, im playing off the title of ur latest blog entry

    i do thank u again for all u r working towards

    i do thank u for always looking at urself and offering an apology

    i do agree with u “we don’t need any more negative cyberspace actions…”

    i do hold on to ur msg of “don’t give up”

    its awfully tempting but u r feeding me some mighty good soul food so i might just keep on keepin’ on

    any ideas of how we can forge the truce and get a move on instead of just a false move over?

    it might just be a few of us but i am game



  3. brenster-
    Oct 13, 2010 @ 13:48:19

    a long read, will re-read later today… just a short comment:

    I do NOT believe some people’s anti-cyberbullying campaign. I believe it is for self interest motivation:

    1) To protect themselves but turning on to a blind eye when the other people are attacked/ e.g. attacks on Ridor, I concur that nobody from this same group give it a SHOUT OUT, it is NOT cool to attack on Ridor. When Barry is attacked, that same group gave it a SHOUT OUT. When one member from that group attacks another person, that group justifies her/his attack.


    That same group even gone further by misusing the meaning of cyberbullying which is ironic because that same group complains about some people misusing the term of audism. Irony!

  4. handeyes
    Oct 14, 2010 @ 19:26:13

    Brenster –
    irony galore – true

    re: inconsistent and perhaps insincere – yep im seeing that too




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