Keep ASL Rocks Thriving and Striving

today i was in the woods and saw folks working – cutting down and clearing away the invasive Hickory trees that were obstructing new Oak seedings to grow. The big ole Oaks (200+ years old) of this woods r mighty old and reading themselves for decomposition – to re-fertilize the forest bed but the acorn seeds of the Oaks had not seeded themselves due to the lack of water and sunlight. Why? The Hickory trees had come in and overshadowed the forest bed so not enuf sunlight could read the seedling. The Hickories also had drunk up a great deal of the water – making the soil very hard and the acorns could not penetrate the earth. A team of folks were clearing out the Hickory and digging up the soil to plant some acorns as well as planting some young trees. Only native stock indigenous to that woods.

Time to keep the forest clean. Another story of another time in this woods with my son and dog. There were alot of bird watchers in the woods that day and they would look at me excitedly from time to time and then show great disappointment. I thought perhaps i was being too loud but by the forth time when a woman gave a knowing smile i figure it must have been my son. He had been using the top of an acorn to whistle like a bird when ever we approached some bird watchers. He liked seeing them duped. I put out my hand for the acorn top and took his in mind and off we went. Sometimes u gotta watch what folks r doing behind you and when people point the finger at you know its really something else at work. Offer your hand and go forward.

To PL – thanks for keeping ASL rocks clean and solid.


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