Crap and Conspiracies

hi all

just a little plea that we all stop cyberbashing and harassing and defaming etc

just saw amy’s blog where she reveals that someone called her workplace in relations to her blogging

Candy shared that her work place was unjustly contacted

i recall seeing Native Warrior vlog about how someone had called his workplace – the call was tracked to a phone booth in Arizona

im sure there are many more that i am unaware of

holy crud – knock it off folks.  Not cool at all.  If their work is directly related to something they have done that is wrong and u feel u must boycott them or advocate against their doing that particular job – back it up with proof and engage in it civilly as in CIVIL disobedience.  Don’t be slandering, libeling, harassing, and bsing all over the place

Re: v/blogging and commenting a difference of opinion – pls pls pls do – i actually like that kinda stuff.  Its good for me to see other pov

stop the bashing –

i publicly state that i do no support the attacks that Carl S. launched against Honbrit. Olois, Barb, Mendoza.  They were wrong and unjust.

i publicly state that i do not support the attacks Ridor has launched against ___________ (you name it – he has hit just about everyone ; )

i publicly state that i do not support Barry’s attack on CAD, Deafhood, DBC, and AFA

if anyone has been attacking the NAD – i do not support it.  I love the NAD and while i believe we have a right to challenge and question – that does not give us a right to bash, bully and lie

i publicly state that i do not support the various folks who have attacked Ella (Barry, Russell, and etc etc)

Im sure there have been many other attacks and attackers that i have missed.

oh and the conspiracy theory that is emerging – u know the one that says the word “audism” and folks who use the word as well as the Deafhood word are the root of all evil and taking over the world and coming to a town near you soon soon soon (are you getting sleepy?  soon u will be wearing a hood and chanting death to people who talk cuz we can’t) – wow!

lawdy – didnt none of u see the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad talking conspiracy crap?  (and also pls notice the WALK OUT at the U.N. and our president’s shout out against such crap)

That stuff is just bonky and the conspiracy card usually gets called out when the accusers are actually guilty of plotting themselves so they suspect it in others – projection baby projection.

I once saw an amazing advocate, scholar, and author – Deborah Lipstadt -present at our temple.  She had just finished the libel lawsuit against her in the UK.  She is a US author who has written MANY important books about the Holocaust.  One was about Holocaust deniers.  Yep there are MANY MANY MANY of them out there in the world – one is even the president of Iran – who says the Holocaust never happened – yep no gas chambers, no tattoos, no actual footage from the camps, no actual survivors testimonies – its all exaggerated, its fabricated, its all false – they say (even though the Nazis were super anal about documenting all this stuff and we got TONS of proof, facts, and truths folks) still some folks say NOT TRUE.

So Dr. Lipstadt wrote this excellent book and then she got sued by a crazy nutty professor in England who himself is a Holocaust denier and thus mentioned in her book.

In the UK their libel laws are: “guilty until proven innocent” – yikes

so Lipstadt has to move to the UK to stand trial.  its a long one but her University (Emory)  – being a champion for academic truths and not falsehoods and for social justice supports her – u can see their awesome website about the whole trial at

She gets an awesome British lawyer (who also represented Princess Di against the paparazzi).  She wins – why because the proved that the bloke was a Holocaust denier and that aint cool

many survivors attended her trial.  One told her afterward – “Now you will be recorded in the book of life”

in Judaism Tikkun Olam is a biggy and Lipstadt lives it

But anyways – back to her presentation at our shul.  it was a full house and this is a HUGE temple.

Sadly one man stood up during Q and A time to say “Well, because the Jews killed Jesus don’t you think that the Holocaust was just an effort to right that injustice” or something to that effect

there was a chill and a groan and an shudder that rocked through the sacred space.  Some older men (perhaps survivors) stood up and the crowd moved in around this man but Dr. Lipstadt said, “tell me, sir, what did 1.5 million Jewish children, who were killed in the Shoah, ever do to Jesus.”

end of that discussion

She also shared how people would talk of the GREAT JEWISH CONSPIRACY for world dominantion – to which she replied “As if.  Tell me WHEN have you ever seen more than 2 Jews ever agree on anything.  When you do – let me know.  I’d be more inclined to call it a miracle rather than a conspiracy”

Laughter rippled through the crowd with many nodding heads and a few mouthed “its true”

Now ill tell ya one more story – im not sure how or if it relates but its in me mind cuz of the Iranian president and cuz it has to do with DOING GOOD instead of SPREADING LIES AND HATE

We should only hate oppressive systems – not the oppressor and not the victims of the oppression and not the bystanders.

As Angie Suss Paul – a remarkable local Hearing survivor, always used to tell my students “hatred is simply a waste of time.”

If she could believe this and live this and preach this – she a survivor who’s mother was ripped from her hands, who’s brother and father were killed – WE CAN PLAY NICE IN THE BLOGSPHERE.

so for my last story.  a few years ago i gave a presentation about the importance of conducting, collecting and sharing Deaf visual histories.  I showed several excerpts of Deaf survivors and witnesses (from the Shoah, from sterilization, and from the Rwandian gencoide).  A few hours later I bumped into a former student of mine.  He said he saw my presentation and while he was sad about what had happened to the survivors, he felt it would be important for Jewish people to move on and not dwell on the past.  We don’t need to keep seeing this stuff.  It’s over.  It happened a LONG time ago.

I was immediately saddened to see this comment.  I replied, “you are from India originally, yes?”  He replied, “yes, i was born there and moved when i was older.”  I said, what is on the flag of India?”  He described the colors and the Spinning Wheel in the middle.  I asked, “why is that there?”  He described with pride how Gandhi had organized the liberation of India from British rule largely by boycotting British goods and services and thus people had to make their own clothing etc and that is why the spinning wheel is there to remind us of our history and the oppression and out liberation.

I said that is beautiful and wonderful.  But that happened a long long long time ago didnt it?  Why haven’t you moved on yet?

He said, “well….” then nothing


we stood in that silence for a long time.

“Is it not equally important that Jewish people and ALL of us NEVER forget the Holocaust.”  he said, “yes, yes, true.”

Lately i have been asking myself why do i abhor lies and falsehoods so much – because it seems to be they beget deception, misunderstanding, conflict, attacks, harassment, slander, libel, bullying, defamation – and as we know all to well (and as we shall NEVER FORGET) they beget much much worse.

I would readily welcome someone telling me why they dont agree with me or don’t like something im doing or don’t like an organization im involved with as long as they told truths – meaning facts about me, what i’m doing, or what the organization im involved with is doing.  If it is based on lies and falsehoods – it is NOT an invitation to dialogue it is an attack.

In the past few weeks ive had some very challenging and GOOD conversations in the blogsphere – GASP.  it is possible.  It is possible to agree to disagree but first we gotta figure out what we r really talking about.  to put the truth and facts on the table and DISCUSS that – not all this other junk that is always getting tossed around.

These good and difficult conversations have been afforded to me because folks have been willing to listen, to come back after they’ve been very mad and stomped off with an “i’m outta here” chant, to see what im saying, to question, to refine, to reconsider, to challenge me and i think love has been present and that is mighty nice.  It ain’t always there but we be aiming for it.

so to anyone and everyone if i have ever harmed ya – let me know.  i only ask that you come bearing facts and truth and a measure of love and i promise i will do ya the same.

Rally cry to remember the better angels of our nature.




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  1. Karen Mayes
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 15:33:31

    Really nice posting. Too many things have happened that lead us to being suspicious, confused about what’s truth or lie, hurt, etc…

    Time for bashing, belittling, etc., to stop.

  2. Dianrez
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 15:47:36

    “Tell me WHEN have you ever seen more than 2 Jews ever agree on anything. When you do – let me know. I’d be more inclined to call it a miracle rather than a conspiracy.”

    Amen. No two Deaf have agreed on everything in cyberspace, so if there is a Deafhood conspiracy or anti-kokonuts or anything, that says it all. It would be a miracle if we all agreed on anything or two people agreed on everything.

  3. Don G.
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 19:04:39

    Actually, you can find quite a number of Deaf people agreeing on quite a number of points, live or in cyberspace. The majority of us do abhor oralism (the system, not the people or its victims), the majority of us do love ASL and cherish the freedom and access it gives us, the majority of us do respect and understand that living in an English-speaking society, we must develop strong literacy skills in English, the majority of us do recognize that the Deaf educational system is broken and must improve, a good many of us support the concept of BiBi. I could probably go on and on, but I think you get the idea. There are a good number of core values and beliefs that the majority of us DO agree on.

    As for that guy invading Jewish space with an anti-Jewish comment, that is EXACTLY why so many of us react so strongly to people making anti-Deaf-centered comments in Deaf space (DeafRead, DVTV, etc. ARE Deaf spaces).

  4. finlake
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 19:23:21

    Good article, Patti Durr. I got a story I’d like to share, but I think I’d like to do it via vlogging. I’ll do it via youtube, maybe

  5. handeyes
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 23:05:22

    karen – from ur fingertips to our hearts

    “We be the change we wanna see in the blogworld”

    diane – smile
    well as don points up – it aint quite so bad as 2. but the point of the conspiracy talk is just foolishness to the max.

    don – r u disagreeing about our lack of agreement? smile

    yep there is a lot more than just 2 folks agreeing in general and even more so with the folks on the street – not those behind the keyboards but still agreement dont constitute conspiracy smile.

    Like u and i for example – (if ya dont mind i use us) we generally agree but there are times when u have disagreed with me and times when i havent followed ur line of thinking etc. so diversity of thought – we definitely have.

    re: the core values – many agree. many dont and i do believe this is the cornerstone / crux of our conflicts often arise.

    I do understand why folks shout out against audism in these spaces. I do not understand why DR/DVTV does not want to add “disability” and “culture” to their guidelines. I think it is good and just for us to stand firm about this. Sometimes the re-acting stuff is a bit much though. I thought how Lipstadt handled this bloke and the collective community with their gasp and shudder was GREAT. In the blogsphere – there are too many hit, run, and erase drive by name / psuedonames / no name shootings and things escalate and if u blinked, u missed it but someone else has been hit and will remember and then later will….

    and on and on it goes but me got me eyes on better things and better days ahead.

    Finlake – heye thanks. and “story, story, story” yes pls – send me the linky so i dont miss it, eh? pretty please

    peace all


  6. finlake
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 05:09:38

    Here you go, Patti Durr. 🙂 Enjoy.

    As for the rest of you, you’re welcome to it, too. 🙂

  7. Candy
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 07:43:21


    Can’t leave any video comments over at ASLrocks, pin might drop and silence might take over…. lol

    Enjoyed your video.


  8. finlake
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 08:16:15

    hahahaha, i’m thinking of that old sprint commercial with pin dropping in an eerie quiet place. lol

  9. Karen Mayes
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 10:09:39

    Lee… I enjoyed viewing your video, sharing two stories on the attitudes 🙂

  10. handeyes
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 12:05:34

    Finlake – thank u for the gift of those 2 stories
    very powerful both of them. Both very telling about rules, prejudices, truths, and reaching out, and attitudes (as Karen noted). THANK YOU

    will try to video u a reply over in ASLRocks after i’ve run the kids around this am

    Candy – heye if ur ever feeling brave and wanna give it a try and u want some back up – let me know and I’ll show up – ill defend ur right to be there as long as u aint violating the guidelines and values of the space.

    There is always DVTV if u dont care for ASLrocks – ya got options girl – or just video it and put it in ur Candy blog. It dont need to be in spaces u ain’t sure of.

    re: silence – well sometimes silence speaks volumes.

    pin slowly dropping down to the surface (as in Finlake’s Sprint commercial imagery)

    up to u



  11. finlake
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 17:24:43

    Bitte, ladies. 🙂 (bitte = you’re welcome in deutsch[german])

  12. handeyes
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 21:00:21

    Hi all

    this is a comment i posted under one of Carl’s latest vlogs:
    Hi all
    Carl’s story is about a class of mine and is not the full story- He put out a similar vlog a month ago when i expressed my discontent and great remorse over having not publicly spoken out against his harassing and/or bashing of Honbrit, Olois, Barb, Mendoza, etc He kindly removed that vlog of falsehoods but since i publicly mentioned in my blogsite yesterday that i did not support his bashing of the above etc, he has made a new vlog. Moral of the story – don’t invite Carl into your home (see Barb Digi) or your classroom. He will use it against you when t suits him. I’m really sorry you are resorting to this again again Carl. I do love you.
    Here’s my blog entry if you want to know what triggered Carl’s latest use of the internet to slight people instead of just disagreeing with my statement and standing by his actions: Peace, Patti

  13. handeyes
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 23:40:08

    what carl does to my comment and barb’s video comment:

    kalalaurocks kalalaurocks says:
    September 26, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    I deleted a recent comment because it was inappropriate. It was a hate speech, and it is not about love. I simply reported what I saw.

  14. finlake
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 03:41:54

    What Carl is doing is pure effing bull manure. He still hasn’t improved one iota. Not to mention, he seems to refuse to take responsibility for calling other people’s workplace just to despise his opponents? Preposterous. Double standards. Not to mention he’s truly out to belittle EVERYONE who isn’t a yes-man to him. Oh, please. Kiss my arse.

    I’ve tried to be lenient towards him, and yet, he still do it. Redemption? I don’t think so.

    I’m sorry Carl refused to recognize for his actions as well as refusing to accept what you had to say in your blog. You know, there’s a difference between talking between the two of you in private (i.e. office) and saying/signing it out loud in the public.

    What a pity.

  15. Candy
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 05:23:09

    Wow. Carl really has issues and he is very wrong about what he said in his videos. Higher Education does not censure students. It would have been very inappropriate for any professors to admonish students, to scold them and judge them on values and beliefs. Totally inappropriate.

    And, for Carl to think he has the power to shut people up by threatening to call their work place or even encouraging other people to contact some advisory board is going way too far.

    The people whom he contacted at my workplace thinks Carl has some serious issues, there were words that was shared with me, which I will not share out of respect for their privacy, but these words were not positive and it reflects on Carl’s un-stability.

    Carl is a mad man on a runaway train.

    I’m sorry you had to go through this, Patti.

  16. handeyes
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 08:44:25


    thanks for stopping by and for all u have tried to do

    as u said – it is a pity

    Candy –

    thank u for ur comment. So Carl called ur work place. OMG.Seriously if i knew this shit and did nothing – i deserve the hypocrisy crown. I really didn’t know he did this.

    BUT i did see what he did to Honbrit, OLois, Mendoza and Russell and Barb – all WRONG and all BAD
    andi did NOTHING PUBLICLY. I did stuff privately to no avail.

    I should have gone public with my shout out about what he was doing to Honbrit sooner. Maybe if we all did – we would have stopped that runaway train in its tracks. Folks need help sometimes.

    Candy – ur discussion of “hypocrisy” is what prompted me to do this blog entry where i named my discontent w/ what carl had done KNOWING he would do exactly what he did – release the vlog of falsehoods

    So i thank u for giving me that little nudge and push (i know it was directed at others but i can only apply things to meself first and it was VALID what u brought to the table so TU)

    How did i know Carl would attack me re: my class?

    Cuz he made a similar vlog about the class at the end of Aug when i told an email group that i dont condone what Carl has been doing

    He pumps out the attack vlog with no name. I email the group – this is how carl responds when u challenge him – he attacks u in public and i said pull it.

    He sent me a long email that stated:”You said to all of us that you didn’t approve what I did. This “holier than thou” stance is really a “turn off” for me.

    I made this vlog as a rebuke.” and then he removed the vlog.

    So i was not surprised to see him make a new one YESTERDAY (1 mo after the first one and 4 mo after the class) and 1 day after i release this blog entry. Timing is interesting, eh.

    His vlog has nothing to do with me class or the student film but rather about vengeance and silence.

    RE: the short film that my students produced-
    1. i am not in agreement that it contains audism (or invisible audism) or any other new word carl wants to come up with (and yes i see how people misuse and abuse the word audism and hence the DR/DVTV folks concern about putting it in the guidelines – and yes they were RIGHT and so i suggested other terms)

    2. i am not in agreement that it contains sexism – it did mock both genders.

    Basically it was a pretty sophomoric film – and their grade reflected their work.

    As their teacher- if the work had clear audism and sexism or racism etc in it – i would be obligated (but still have academic freedom to hide behind if i wanted to and do nothing) to do a SHOUT OUT. I think i did indicate that some of the humor was a bit desiring and it went on way to long in places and was a free for all in mocking in spots but we only had a few minutes after each film was screened (there were several good ones) and it aint really my style to publicly ADMONISH unless just cause

    Lastly – given that carl has called Barb Digi a prick teaser (see email that was sent to folks all over the country via ASL MEDIAS distribution list – including to NTID email address and RSD),and he called Dawn a she-devil i think, and Honbrit a vixen and she-devil, and Dianrez, Barb, and Dawn hate mongers we really have to question….

    who is the proper judge of sexism?


    could carl really assess if my students were engaging in sexism in their film

    if he calls my comment (that he deleted – see above, above) HATE SPEECH

    well lordy

    if he says a guy vlogging about his CI is AUDISM – yes i kinda saw that flare up after the fact cuz i was on holiday when that shit hit the fan – i did comment here and there about how talking about CIs does not constitute audism – saying u should have a CI so u canfunction in the Hearing world is audism

    saying i personally believe its a good thingto have a CI so that u can have some advantages of…. is a personal opinion that may be rooted in audism but it is not AUDISM itself


    re:Carl’s mental health -i ain’t going there. Im just putting truths on the table.

    When Carl or anybody attacked members of our community (including folks i disagree with) and i said nothin publicly – i was WRONG and i ask ur forgiveness

    its all about me folks and us – individually and collectively. i just be pointing the finger at my foolish self right now.

    i have been thinking -i am sure folks have unjustly attacked Barry Sewell and Russell and maybe even KenX and Richard Roehm and others. I have not looked so i have not seen it but i am sure it has happened so i do apologize for not defending there.

    I know folks have unjustly attacked barb, ridor (yes he deserves somethings but there is plenty he has gotten that is undeserved – ‘member the whole Jail karma crap?), ella,amy, Joseph III, Candy, Ann_C, Deaf Pundit,DE, KarenM, Dianrez, Miss Kat’s Mom, L’Chaim, MZ, Shel, Don, Deafjeff, Tayler, Carrie,Paotie, JJ, Jared, Candace, Nikki, John E, Richard, Mike…… if and when i didnt stand up for u – im sorry

    oh my gosh the list goes on and on

    seriously this has got to stop

    so for me part – i do apologize to Barry Sewell for calling him “yours in unholiness”and using his intitals a little too gleefully. All the blogging i have done challenging when he has crossed the line and attacked folks is just and justifiable on my part but the fact that i did not extend the favor to others was wrong. And im sorry

    I’m also sorry i havent got the hang of being concise. I really do hope i get it someday cuz i LOVE when folks can say much with little – the wham of it carries much power and its easier to hold onto than my long windedness. OY! some day

    I’m looking forward to this new day – ive got a bad bad cold and came down for a spot of tea and to see “uve got comments” in the inbox from Finlake and Candy – gives me hope we will figure out how to play nice in the blogsphere some day soon.

    goes w/o saying but – i ask no retaliation or attacks on Carl be done in me name. Just truths, documenting the undocumented (OMG that reminds me of the W-tback thing – oh gosh forgot about that whole rift)

    so if ur gonna sing truths – start with urselves and come from love.

    I bear Carl no ill-will.

    Time for forgiveness and perhaps the 5 agreements (see Ruiz) – plenta folks r still gonna go off – we just stand up and challenge with love.

    Dont become what we hate and don’t turn a blinds eye cuz…..
    First they came for the ….

    Thanks all

    True peace,


  17. handeyes
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 10:07:17

    Barb DiGi’s vlog “Do Not Tolerate Revenge” which she made after Carl removed her comment under his thread and labeled it Hate Speech. Thanks barb.

    I see Carl has several vlogs up now entitled Do Not Tolerate Hypocrisy, Do Not Tolerate Reframing, 9/27/2010: The Second Anniversary of the Important Pact (referring to DeafHope Anti-cyberbullying pact)

    I havent clicked them but thought id list them here so we can document the pattern and spiraling.

    and yes folks i do see the irony of my being an advocate for reducing audism only to turn around and be falsely accused of tolerating / promoting audism. As if….

    but no worries- the truth always wins. and i think some good may come of this. i will have found me feet more firmly to shout out against attacks within our online commUNITY and will reach out more to the folks who are willing and able to forgive and UNITE.

    We be on the move



  18. Karen Mayes
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 10:27:39

    I KNOW!

    I just viewed the vlogs and I am NOT pleased. Come on… I am sorry to see that Carl reacted out of his fear/paranoia and read too much into it.

    FIRST of all, I DON’T support anyone contacting anyone’s workplace (I have never did and I never will… just over difference of opinions? Please. I understand one vlogger contacting Carl’s workplace because he REALLY harassed her, no question about it.)

    IF your employer is taking Carl’s accusations seriously, which I DOUBT, I’d be VERY happy in writing a letter about you, how you promote communication, how you still willingly hug people, even me, even though you don’t always agree with some of us, etc. Yes, I will point out Carl’s vlogging history of sexually mocking fun of Kelsey, Russell E, Barry S., etc… when they have done NOTHING specifically against him.

    Fortunately, many people know about him. I do remember how I admired him when DeafRead was first established, because he was and is still such skilled in ASL. I only hope that he realizes that we are NOT out to get him… NO NO NO. But as long as he keeps going after us… come on.

    I am so sorry that it has to happen this time, now to you.

    Oh man.

  19. Karen Mayes
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 10:38:14

    I’m writing two blogs now. Be on the look out for them today.

  20. handeyes
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 12:41:47

    Hi Karen

    thanks for your note and support.

    if u get a chance later – stop back and put up your links here so folks can find there way to u easily.

    I dont have any knowledge of Carl contacting my workplace.

    If he did or does- it could get real interesting ; )

    Thank you for the offer to write me a letter of support and ur kind words. Careful girl- you are growing on me. Smile. I’m seeing u can be mighty strong when you have the facts in front of ya.

    Re: Hugs – oh the world could use a lot more hugs, no?

    Carl does have great ASL. Now if we are gonna examine AUDISM and the practice and tolerating of AUDISM – we could ask ourselves about Carl’s vlog where he signed something to the effect “i admit / confess that i use my voice when i go for job interviews because it gets me the job….”

    Hmmmmm audism the notion to hear and/or behave as a hearing person is superior to being Deaf.

    Now i got no qualms with folks using their voice (i am a yapper meself at times) or not using their voice (i am a mute meself at times) – i’m just pointing out how the accusation that any professor tolerates audism or sexism (and i think Carl’s pal in emails accused me of tolerating racism too), while the accusing professor professes ACTIVE (not invisible) audism in order to get his foot in the doors of various universities -just odd

    kettle beyond black and whistling

    it occurs to me now that Carl’s pal had emailed me about the student film and also mentioned racism – how they could have seen those three “-isms” so overtly when i was blind to it is kinda perplexing. Im kinda trained to look for those things but I dont toss around those titles to fit me needs – that would diminishes the word and justice.

    all of this is now kinda reminds me of how we were trying to tell them – geez how is it u are defining Hate Crimes and Hate Speech – some of us were even directing them to real facts like the Southern Poverty LawCenter and FBI report with DEFINITIONS and EXAMPLES to try to guide them a bit more.

    and got what…. nasty emails in return and crazy crap in the discussion thread
    wow – i think i better stop thinking about this – the more i recall the more i think wow ….

    I too admired Carl, Karen

    he does have something to contribute when he checks his facts first and doesnt morph and twist things to fit his argument. but really he has had some very interesting and important vlogging especially re: philosophy
    fact checking and restraining from smear campaigns are a must

    another nice thing he did – which might be why his attack actions are so harmful – is that he brought academia stuff into ASL in collective sharing spaces. Folks really appreciated having a professor in their midst

    I hope he can return to the good stuff.

    Carl – turn to the light – stop spinning and if need be return to ur dharma break ( they usually require an extended period of time – if u cant manage more than a few days without vlogging – that might be a sign of something that is really hard to face and look at.

    I love and care about you.



  21. Karen Mayes
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 12:46:11

  22. handeyes
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 13:12:27

    thanks karen for the link and for the entry

    every bit helps

    Philantino firm with love

    fyi folks – cuz im a stickler for facts- i have no knowledge that Carl has contacted my workplace- he has made several vlogs in rapid fire succession mentioning my class, my teaching (or lack there of in his opinion), my students, and my college – which everyone knows is NTID.

    not cool. NTID aint perfect but its a good place otherwise i wouldnt have hung out there 20+
    geez how have i ever managed to keep my job this long given my perchance for tolerating of sexism, audism, and racism (lyin’, tigers, and berries, oh no! plenty to go around it seems)

    speaking of work- i must do do it now

    will check back in the late afternoon

    remember the commandment folks- come from love



  23. Karen Mayes
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 15:15:03

    As I promised, here’s another link to my blog…

  24. finlake
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 17:25:07

    Patti, can we correspond? I’d like to correspond with you via emails. I believe you know my email address. 🙂

  25. handeyes
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 22:11:07

    karen re: ur link – aw blushing me

    finlake – thanks for the email

    carl states several times in his vlog that folks should contact the advisory board of my college about the audism (no example given) and the sexism (man dressed as a woman bouncing around… hmmm perhaps he forgot his bunny series) in a student film that he viewed

    so i guess this is why so many folks have been worried today – i really appreciate folks caring so much. Carl makes it clear that he is retaliating for my having named him in the blog entry above. I am sorry it angered and hurt him so much that he could not respond by disagreeing with my assessment of what he had done to Honbrit, Olois, Mendoza, Russell, Barb, etc

    If he could prove me wrong that it was not bashing – id be happy to make the correction and apologize.

    It is odd he is chastising me on how i conducted a class without giving any details of what was so offensive or audist / sexist in the video and calling upon folks to contact the advisory board rather than defending his own past conduct.

    If folks r to contact my employers re: my conduct (or lack there of) does that mean he wants us to contact his too – in the spirit of democracy?



  26. aslnikki
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 18:01:42

    DonG, I appreciate your attempt to clarify what I meant by conparing Deaf to the Jews when it comes to debating on issues.

  27. MIchael
    Sep 29, 2010 @ 11:56:36

    Employers should not be contacted unless the situation involves harm of children. I understand that Amy Cohen Efron as a school teacher was involved with Deafvideo’s porn vlogs where she made a video comment about her reaction to the porn video of girls eating ice cream. Parents were furious with her inappropriate behavior online. It has nothing to do with her being an editor. Why did she end up in emergency room? If she is so right, why ER? I dislike how she blamed on Deaf people and her being DeafRead editor. She was so free to bash Ella and DBC people, but she gets upset if people bash her. Hypocrite? That is what Candy aka Gina Sutton is talking about.

    You talk about oppressive systems. DeafRead is one of those systems and Tayler, Amy, and others work for that system. We need to get rid of that system. They have done nothing to remove inappropriate posts. They encourage cyberbullying because they do nothing. ASLRocks try hard to remove inappropriate vlogs if people object. If people don’t object, ASLRocks may do nothing.

  28. handeyes
    Sep 29, 2010 @ 12:57:56

    Hi Michael

    I dont believe we have met yet. Re: Amy i dont know what you are referring to but even IF amy did make a video comment about a “porn” video (was it really porn or is this a judgment on ur part – i dont know cuz i dont know this incident) of girls eating icecream and parents were upset. Then the parents should organize and lobby and get busy peacefully.

    re: ER – i don’t believe she is blaming US – the online Deaf community for the trip to the ER. I think she was offering us a personal truth. That it is REALLY hard to hang out here in the blogsphere and it can take its toll on folks emotionally, socially, physically.

    I think this is a truth.

    I dont know if she has bashed Ella – she did kinda mock Ella re: the DBC thank you vlog. She has kinda judged DBC harshly in the past but that was the past. There is a major old hard wound with folks re: DBC and it did get very messy because some of them were also DR editors and the hat off and on was not always clear. And i think they will acknowledge that themselves

    They are not perfect but it is a very hard job and i am not perfect. u can check out my latest blog entry.

    While candy’s question about hypocrisy may have included more fingering pointing by her that could border on an invitation for her own hypocrisies to be pointed out – i am taking it as an INVITATION to examine my own hypocrisy. We can only start with ourselves.

    re: Deafread – it is INCREDIBLY hard to monitor all the blogs that come into DR. I believe that they have removed some blogs in the past and they have banned folks who have attacked from running their blogs on Deafread. The same is true for DVTV they have removed inappropriate vlogs in the past. I believe they should add “disability” and “culture” to their guidelines because then it would call upon all the bloggers and vloggers to not launch attacks against folks based on those differences. At first it might make DR / DVTV job challenging while folks figure out where the line is but in the long run i think it will help things.

    I am at a place where rather than criticize and challenge DR to be what we think it should be – we should invest in creating an alternative. Then we will see how completely challenging it will be to live up to our own standards and that will be good.

    I had thought that DR /DVTV would add those guidelines but it has made it clear now that it will NOT. So it is definitely time to invest elsewhere.

    I still do value that DR/DVTV exist. I still do recognize it is an incredibly hard thing to do. I still do wish for the best.



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