Lyin’s, and Tigers, and Berries… OH NO

yep folks – Mike McConnell’s creditability has sunk into the 100+ dB (dumb $astard) zone too

kinda sad to watch but hey such is the way of the web weavers

[and no i dont chatter about conspiracies – they are NOT organized enuf to muster a conspiracy folks – come on and red herring – yes duh!  could they be any more obvious?]

But don’t worry – i aint gonna spin this around later and put up some stupid picture of me as Minnie Me with my pinkie in me ear and say this is all a joke cuz….

while we all may be saying “what a joke” it sadly aint no laughing matter.  IT is damaging and way annoying and way below juvenille – its like pre-K stuff

the volume of negativity being spewed out YUCK.  The muck being so lame u can’t even bring it together to rake it up.  just gotta shake it off ur boots and head on outta there.  Say a couple a silent prayers.  Bow ur head in a moment of “what could have been” ness and let a little silent chuckle sparkle out of ur eyes at the irony of all the “karma” carp chitter chatter

for those of u who have not been properly introduced to the Kokonutty pundit – no loss.  enjoy living in the real world and count ur blessings

i do regret that i stumbled upon his blogging binge just at a time when he was crashing and burning

bulemia comes in all shapes and sizes and “Mikey likes it” in indeedy

he certainly has been on a binging rampage – chewing up crud and spitting it out everywhere with a linky here and a linky there – all day and night

and while he finds time to comment to many folks – he always seems to ignore the folks that do make sense

so im gonna copy and paste my comments to mike re: his blog entry on…Kokonut Pundit “Image of the Deaf community – tainted?” (u can google it folks – i aint gonna taint me space with that live link here) where he asked if certain Deaf folks arrests have tainted, tarnished, and damaged the Deaf community and then did a follow up blog demanding that folks ANSWER HIS QUESTION – to which i did but he never called on me despite my raised up hand and that i used a common “communication modality” text English.   Hmmmm in one eye and out thee other, eh?

[NOTE: stuff below in purple is text im adding now to give u some overall context of the thread so u can follow along the bouncing ball a bit better… and a one, a two and a three…]

hi mike

oh oh pick me, pick me. I think i have the answer.

I looked up the definition for tainted and tarnished and damaging and i think all of them [meaning the Deaf VRS arrestees and accused and two other Deaf folks who have been arrested] disqualify for tainting and tarnishing and damaging the Deaf community.

Its just too small, too wee, too petty me think

Like for example if u r gonna cite the VRS scandal but only pick on the Deaf folks – well that aint right Mike cuz Hearing people make up our community too and there were far more Hearing folks involved in the fleecing of our govt via Relay fraud that there were Deaf so spread the love pal

re: the Deaf guy hooking up with a minor who was Hearing – bad indeed. A teacher no less – very bad but HEY Hearing teachers have been found guilty of sexually abusing minors in our community for a long time (see the 1st superintendent of the PA school) so if we r gonna say shame on them – we gotta say shame on the Hearing folks too and i suspect there may have been more arrests of Hearing perpetrators than of Deaf in recent years than of this one bloke

as for he-who-shall-not-be-named – ie Ridor ie Ricky Taylor – the only thing that is REALLY surprising about this matter is that u all are so surprised by it. If Ricky were to live his whole life without a visit to the clink would be a shocker not that he is there now for some dubious charge and will probably return to his full Green Latern force soon (or later – ie watch ur back)

Ridor being arrested damaging, tainting, or tarnishing the Deaf community – hmmmm some how i cant really see it that way.

Would i like him NOT to attack folks – very much so. But have u seen what some Hearing folks say about Deaf folks out there in comment sections – well they are not only trying to tarnish, taint, and damage our community but they are really HURTING the Hearing community’s image

there are some telling groups that u left off ur list of offenders mike.


For example Cochlear Americas for the whack on the hand they got from the Dept of Justice for engaging in kick backs and insurance fraud

talk about tainting and tarnishing

for example Advanced Bionics for the 2nd lawsuit that is in process for their faulty CI that has moisture leakage and shocked the babies, kids, and adults

talk about tainting and tarnishing

for example Judge Stow in Idaho who denied parental rights and ordered that a Deaf girl must wear her CIs all her waking hours (regardless of whether or not they were working or causing her discomfort)

talk about tainting and tarnishing

hmmmm what else

for example some security guards and cops that actually cause folks physical harm or use excessive force to the point of murder (Forever 21, Gallaudet, Seattle)

talk about tainting and tarnishing

there is more – sadly there is much more

if for he-who-shall-not-be-named – if u meant the real lord – ie voldemort – he is of a snake and snakes sometimes are Deaf so are you saying Voldemort is part of our Deaf community or is he Hearing but has some Deaf connection.

Regardless – has voldemort tainted, tarnished, and damaged the human community – nah not really cuz he is fiction after all and he actually did re-kindle a love for reading really big and heavy books for folks of all ages so me think that is a good thing




oh i forgot about AB 2072 tainting, tarnishing, and damaging the Deaf community – [ go figure how they got shoved in here but interesting minds work in weird ways]

it is true the CAA (CA Audiology Association) dropping their support of the bill when it went to be voted on by the Senate when they were the rah rah rah – GREAT BILL boys and girls but now are the – we can’t fulfill this role is confusing, misleading, contradictory, puzzling but tarnishing and damaging ….. only time will tell

it certainly does put the bill-soon-to-be-law (maybe) in a pickle. If Gov Arnold signs it he will be saying – I COMMAND you professionals to go against your own professional best judgment and share the unbiased brochure (yet to be created)

me really dont like when state governments start telling professionals what they gotta do when the professionals themselves are saying – we aint suited to do this

i especially dont like when state govt tell parents you MUST bring your babies to audiologists for the all powerful brochure (that the audiologist association dont even wanna have the duty of explaining to u no more)

that is…. paradoxical, embarassing, an conundrum YEP

tarnishing, damaging, and tainting for them (the state and the CAA) PERHAPS

tarnishing, damaging, and tainting “oh no! says dorothy and her homies” for the Oppose AB 2072 – nah i think not

remember mike – it was u, candy, and barry who said “good for u little train that could – u learned how to chug a chug chug in the political arena and got some real positive and important gains”

(psst – ya kinda damage ur own credibility when u spin urselves so tight u get caught up in ur own webs. just a heads up)

never would have gotten that if they hadnt dared to jump at da sun

“spiritual audacity to believe in our somebodyness” and all that jazz

did i answer ur question?

huh, huh

gold star me?????

pretty please, teach?




In Mikey’s boy-like b/vlog (look “I’m bi”) entry where he rubs his wittle hands together to totally remind us that Deafread is his playground – i left this comment:

wow what a vicious cess pool

enjoying mikey?

listen carefully – can u hear it??? eh
the sound of one pinky clapping against another “wee clap, wee clap”
clapp hmmmm

so for u me friend – whats up with all this negativity?

ain’t cool with carl’s bashing – he knows it well. i ain’t been shy about it. i ain’t cool with barry’s bashing – he knows it well. i ain’t been shy about it. i ain’t cool with ridor’s bashing – he knows it well. i ain’t been shy about it.

so now u wanna join the ranks????


i mistakenly thought better of ya



Now I ain’t only quoting meself cuz i think im “all that” – i ain’t.  Its just cuz i dont want to have to invest any more time in this than i have thus far and lifting other folks stuff would require a courtesy call of asking their permission unless i only took a wee excerpt with proper credits etc.

But go take a dander if u got time to kill and u want to observe binging blogging and spewing from a distance.  He’s got some stellar examples going there – averaging 2 b.s. blogs a day thus far.

Spin baby spin!

The comment sections are very interesting cuz its just a hoot to see folks like Candy (who i was growing warm and fuzzy too) and Russell act all holy!  Its like holy mackrel batman.  Of course there is the ole faithful spouting his unholiness too – yawn.

So mike – im sorry uve gone off the deep end – u might not be a lemming but u certainly plunged.

And hey thanks for re-affirming that any blogger who proudly calls her/himself a pundit is not someone i wanna spend me time reading.

I do wish u well and that u get some help.

U’ve taken a mighty credibilty loss hit – pummleted right off the chart pal.

And just remember – we ain’t afraid of no Lyin’s and Tigers and Berries (as in the rasberry pffft variety)

– oh no we aint

and that $hit sure do stink pal.

Peace, Love and Truth –



29 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karen Mayes
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 10:33:18

    I believe you read him wrong. He was only speaking his opinion, nothing more. It’s the commenters that have influences, changing the tone of the blogs (NOT the bloggers.) If I voice my opinion that broccoli taste awful, oh sure for sure I’d have to expect the nasty comments from the broccoli lovers.

    I am aware that everyone’s perception is different in the cyberspace. You could just ignore him. When I comment, I try addressing the topics at hand. Before you turn your eyes on me, may I say that I left my comment stating that I did not think the deaf community was tainted at all, except for the Viable situation.

    Yes, I stand by Mike McConnell… meaning I agree with him 100%? No, but I understand where he’s coming from. He has a different point of view, different from the mainstay of the Deaf Cyberspace. We all could use to learn one thing or two… even from the adversaries 🙂


  2. handeyes
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 10:51:22

    Good morning Karen

    I speak of Mike’s overall pattern in the past few weeks.

    Folks can have opinions and i may have mine. Look at his last several blog entries and if u still stand by him – no problem. I will still stand by my obervations and opinions. They seem valid and just to me – but heye – i may be biased ; )

    I aint no state issued brochure.

    Peace evermore!

  3. Dianrez
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 13:50:36

    One has to look over the body of one’s works…a single blog doesn’t give enough of a sample and may itself be technically be correct or just inconclusive. However, over time a blogger’s bias becomes clear and its insidiousness more apparent.

    Certain bloggers who are on the outside of a close-knit community may have agendas. They may be negative, such as out to prove that the community doesn’t mean much to them and that they are above it; that the community is harmful or that it is corrupted, etc. This is what I’d call a “sour-grapes blogger “. In contrast, a positive type of blogger, such as the social thinker, may express observations and admiration for a community and even draw lessons from it even though not a member.

    Now these certain bloggers may be expressing a different viewpoint…that of the hard of hearing, partially Hearing, oral deaf or simply as an outsider. These viewpoints where they relate to self and one’s relationships and thoughts about the Deaf community are valid as long as they are honestly owned and expressed.

    Then comes a line that gets repeatedly crossed. The latest example was: does the recent arrests of certain Deaf reflect on the Deaf community? Nothing was said about the general picture, as Patti lists, including the greater number of Hearing arrests in the same situation. Just targeting the Deaf community. Then the blogger fails to note the trend of his respondents: most defended the Deaf community as being larger than the few bad apples and having greater positives than negatives. This was disregarded and the original premise repeated again and again.

    This was one determined blogger to tar a community—not too surprising considering previous blogs in which he expresses his discontent with the community. When called on it, he deflected it–calling it a conspiracy against him. When pegged again, he dismissed it as a joke and brought in juvenile examples of this. This didn’t do much for his credibility.

    This doesn’t mean the Deaf community comes off a winner or was proven better, just that it still is what it always has been–a human community with its pluses and negatives. We may have learned something–that there are ways to examine ourselves–some are turn-offs, other ways are more educational and far more effective.

  4. Jeffrey
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 14:17:18

    It would have saved a lot of people their time and energy had they seen this years back. Now, several years and a thousand comments later, people are finally starting to see the general idea of this person’s attitude towards the community. A very callously abrasive attitude, I might say.

    Of course, I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt.
    They didn’t mean any harm.
    It was not ill intended.
    Etc. and so on…

    I have no doubt that Michael McConnell revels in belittling others for having a different point of view.

    Lastly, I tried once before. I tried twice again. I ain’t trying no more.
    It is pointless with certain people.
    Utterly worthless…

    This tumbleweed is tumbling on…to bigger and better things.

  5. Don G.
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 15:28:49

    Patti — Thanks for this. We need to expose audist hypocrisy where we can.

    Karen — Opinions are one thing. But opinions that are actively derogatory and damaging to a specific group are a different thing. We would not say the KKK or Neo-Nazis are just “expressing their opinions”. We would say they are spreading HATE and BIGOTRY. See my vlog:

    Also, an “opinion” ceases being just that and becomes more of a…. crusade when the opinionator dismisses all evidence and counter-arguments as invalid, “conspiracy theories”, “paranoia” and whatnot.

    And I have to say, when I see you sniggering and agreeing with the comments within those blogs, you become complicit in this process, and in my eyes, no better than what he is evidencing in an overt fashion.

  6. Truth Seeker
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 16:12:29

    There are a lot of nuts out there in the blogosphere and the kokonut pundit is one of them. There is a deep seated anger and hatred of Deaf people and anything about them. As much as he may seem to be expressing his opinion, they are coming from a dark, unhealthy place. I do not add fuel or fan the flames by typing comments on blogs like that. It’s better if they are left to rant in a dark room all alone with no negative energy to feed their whacked sense of purpose.

  7. Dianrez
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 16:25:06

    It can be disappointing when someone encourages the writer of negative blogs. I think either they may not be aware of the writer’s negativity and appreciates their apparent humor.

    Satire, ridiculing, comedy and riposte are only clever when MOST people appreciate the point being made. It becomes destructive when the target is diminished. Its true intent is often lost on people, which is how these writers get away with it. Most people are too nice to spot it so it is easier to dish out than to stop it.

    In the Deaf community, it is better to avoid such verbal shenanigans totally because of our variety of comprehension levels. Those that don’t respect this give themselves away as arrogant.

  8. Karen Mayes
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 17:37:08

    Dr Don, I don’t judge the cover of the book. I am sorry to see that you do that. You have created questionable vlogs in the past and you have blogged, targeting a few people also… I never did that and I never will. It’s not in me.

    I believe you misunderstood what I said, and read too much into it.

    Have a nice day.

  9. Karen Mayes
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 17:39:14

    All right, Patti, I see I am not welcome here, from the hostility of the commenters, so don’t expect me to visit your blog again, nothing personal against you. And I will see you around in Rochester 🙂

  10. Dianrez
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 18:18:27

    Karen, the commenters here were expressing hostility to the blogger in question, not you. That you stick up for him might be questioned, but is not the intent of Patti’s blog. In questioning your defense, I wondered what you might know about him that we don’t…”judging by the cover of a book” implied that you know more of him than he has displayed on his blog.

    What I worry about is the effect of this blogger on the Deaf community. To put it mildly, he is discouraging. Other people, such as Barry Sewell, Richard Roehm, and Paotie say similarly negative things and use destructive comments liberally. Their agendas are hard to understand and may be responses to past rejection.

    Simply to ignore them and hope they go away might work sometimes, other times they appear to gather an audience and play to them. In all, they aren’t adding to the mutual supportiveness and acceptance we all work toward. In the Hearing community there are similar people who foment dissension to suit their personal agendas. The difference is that we’re small and somewhat self-contained; in the Hearing community things tend to get diffused rather quickly most of the time.

    When I defend people, it is with an eye to their value to the rest of us. A basic attitude of humility and awareness of others’ sensitivities goes a long way. If I have missed these qualities in this blogger, please educate me. I’m happy to be proven wrong when I think ill of people.

  11. Karen Mayes
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 19:33:56

    Hey Dianrez

    I have always found Mike McConnell’s blogs very informative with a dry sense of humor. Oh yeah, he pokes fun, of course ~shrug~ It’s just that some people fail to get the humor and act hostile. I really don’t think that Mike is out to destroy the Deaf community as we know it… he has said again and again that he is part of the Deaf community. Of course, he believes in AB 2702, so do many people, same as other people who are against it. He happens to be more vocal about it and I see that it rubs some people in a wrong way. Most of his blog postings are just….opinions. Dr.Don is incorrect; Mike is not looking to commit any crimes against the culture; instead he’s just challenging us to think. Some might respond with thoughtful comments, others with humor, others with “negative” comments, and others with “cheering” comments. Same as Dr. Don’s blog/vlog, Carl S.’s vlog, Ridor’s vlog, even Patti’s blog… to name several.

    Dianrez, you already met me in person and I am sure you found me quite harmless and content to be part of the Deaf community. I believe that it’s the ASSOCIATION which makes me a target, hence judgment by others against me. I like your blog. I like Patti’s blog. I like Barb’s blog. Does that make me a traitor in hmmm.. Barry, Mike McConnell, Paotie, Candy’s eyes? No. They respect me. I like Mike M, Candy, Barry, etc.’s blogs. Does that make me a traitor in some people’s eyes? Yes, for some odd reason. Funny, isn’t it? Why can’t I just be myself? I am DEAF, I have two DEAF children attending a bilingual DEAF school, etc., something that I notice many Deaf bloggers and vloggers don’t have this kind of experience. Plus, my hearing parents will drive in, from California, tomorrow and they don’t KNOW ASL, but I KISSFIST them and yes, I will be talking instead of signing with them. No, I don’t get along with my husband’s parents who are Deaf, because they are against the Deaf community :-/ I just show the mutual respect, nothing more.

    It’s a matter of feeling comfortable in one’s skin.

    And you are right… the Deaf community is SMALL, so we are more visible… especially in the Deaf cyberspace. So I THINK that when we are visible, the expectation that we all are some kind of activists. I am NOT an activist… I am just a homebody 😛

    Take care, Dianrez… looking forward to seeing you again.

  12. Don G.
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 19:36:22


    I was not expressing hostility toward you. Maybe a bit of disappointment perhaps, and a hope that you would see how McConnell’s blogging is destructive and equivalent to racist, homophobic, sexist, anti-semitic, and any other form of hate speech that our society must work to collectively abhor (even though these forms of speech are constitutionally protected).

    Have I targeted people in the past? Yes, but only those who actively engage in destructive speech toward the Deaf community, culture, and value system. I do it in order to promote a more positive understanding and view of what it means to be Deaf. These people want us to remain passive, helpless, and subservient to Hearing people (I know you’re going to accuse me of exaggeration, but this is the basic effect of accepting audistic views of ourselves within ourselves.

  13. Karen Mayes
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 19:54:22

    Hey Dr. Don,

    Saw your latest comment. Not a problem. But I believe that Mike McConnell is not out to destroy us… I am sure that he might strike some of us as a person who is more comfortable mingling with hearing people and is not afraid to say so. That’s fine.

    I know many Deaf people who are NOT “passive”… Rochester is a good place to live, especially for Deaf professionals. I encountered oppression in Indiana, yes, and it was not pleasant… especially the state government toward ISD (even before the recession hit… ISD had undergone 7% budge cut for the few years before we moved to Indiana in 2006.) I met a Deaf lady who is one of the 3 Deaf truckers in NYS and learned how she worked hard against the male-, hearing-dominated trucking society to pass the CDL exams. So forth. You are working in educating hearing people about Deaf culture. That’s good in my book 🙂

    Okay, I have said enough for now. I gotta run…

    Ta da la.

  14. handeyes
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 22:02:02

    heye all

    remember during the Unity for Gallaudet Protest – Dr. Bob Johnson’s “Complex Truths and Simple Lies” 17 page letter to the community – this is pretty much what i always end up thinking when i read stuff by pundits and spinners – they often use simple lies to cover up and oppress complex truths.

    i couldnt find a text copy of Dr. Johnson’s letter but i did find an ASL version

    Seems to me this is how we kinda get lured in to trying to argue with the inmates – there is just a grain of truth at the surface that we try to de-mystify the simple lies and before u know it u r deep in the muck of it

    and find out they were just playing ya all along

    Johnson’s paper references how Tocqueville (French Political thinker) observed that it is easier to accept a simple lie than a complex truth” and this is pretty much what we are up against when folks r pumping out b.s. b/vlogs in a matter of seconds promoting propaganda and falsehoods.

    When their aim is clearly (via their established pattern) to defame a community of interest that they are a member of for no gain other than personal fame – they r dooming themselves.

    This applies to all of us. We gotta figure out what and where to our stand – for justice or for status quo, for truth or for punditry, for equality or for evasiveness, for love or for fear.

    So i am happy to stand with any body who is aiming for TRUE PEACE (presence of justice not the absence of tension) and i am willing to stand in opposition to any body who is aiming to destroy and defame our collective potential for true peace.

    for some reason this situation we face has been reminding me alot of Robert Frost’s poem – Mending Wall

    in part:

    He is all pine and I am apple orchard.
    My apple trees will never get across
    And eat the cones under his pines, I tell him.
    He only says, ‘Good fences make good neighbors’.
    Spring is the mischief in me, and I wonder
    If I could put a notion in his head:
    ‘Why do they make good neighbors? Isn’t it
    Where there are cows?
    But here there are no cows.
    Before I built a wall I’d ask to know
    What I was walling in or walling out,
    And to whom I was like to give offence.
    Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,
    That wants it down.’ I could say ‘Elves’ to him,
    But it’s not elves exactly, and I’d rather
    He said it for himself. I see him there
    Bringing a stone grasped firmly by the top
    In each hand, like an old-stone savage armed.
    He moves in darkness as it seems to me~
    Not of woods only and the shade of trees.
    He will not go behind his father’s saying,
    And he likes having thought of it so well
    He says again, “Good fences make good neighbors.”

    Karen – i appreciate much of what you have been sharing lately in the blogsphere via ur own blogging and here at “People…” I have come across some of your comments in other spaces that have totally puzzled me – the snickering stuff. I dont really follow it.

    If you choose to stand with Mike after looking over his blogging for the past few weeks – I will commend u. Cuz to me its really noble to take a stand.

    I’d prefer (of course) that u would stand on the side of loving and supporting the Deaf community and not on the side of someone who is continually bashing it but again the choice is urs and i always prefer to see folks STAND for what they believe in rather than pretend to be Switzerland.

    Re: ur family’s visit – i hope u have a grand time with them. I am not sure why u mention that you will be speaking with your parents. I dont know of any Deaf folks who begrudge others’ the right to talk (aside from a select few coocoos). The issue of when and where to speak is a personal one. Its just important that folks who have the privilege of the power of man’s red flower (speech) that they not use it to diminish or belittle or to lord over folks who do not or choose not. Not sure if this is a wall that is being constructed that really ain’t needed unless someone with speech plans to venture in and steal someone’s pine cones ; )

    Thank u all



  15. Karen Mayes
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 22:21:13

    Hmmm… while we are talking, you say I “snicker”… where? If you are talking about the Paotie/McConnell time in Deafread, it was mostly done in good humor… I see the humor must have fallen flat on some people. I was slightly kidding about feud between Carl and MM (it was GOOD bantering between them at the beginning… I don’t know what happened that caused them to become “enemies”) in the light of Mike M. and Dr. Don (I kinda hoped that it would turn out a friendly heated debate but it does not look that way anyway :-/.) You snicker also… especially using “BS” somewhere in your blog. I don’t take offense at that, I just respect your feelings and leave at that. It’s between you and him, not my problem.

    I stood up for Barb Digi during the rough time a few months ago here in Rochester, with the Deaf Hate fiasco. . Even I stood up for Ella when one vlogger called her an old lady, that only part I did not approve. Etc. I would stand up for you if I feel you are wronged, but so far you are doing just fine. I would stand up for anyone who I feel need support.

    That’s why I caution against judging by the cover of the book. I enjoy the sense of humor even it might not make any sense to some people.

    As for my parents… my decision to talk with them instead of signing has nothing to do with the superiority/inferiority; it has to do more with the comfort level. I hear many Deaf adults getting upset with their hearing parents. I don’t know, I have no right to compare my parents with their parents. The point I am making is that the decisions I make might not make sense to some people but at the end I will always be here for people even the ones I may not always agree with.

    Hmmm… I hope this is not coming as hostile… hee. The point is that I am just a human being…:-)

  16. handeyes
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 23:36:14

    Heye Karen
    nothing u stated comes off hostile to me

    re: taking a stand with and for others – that is great and I thank u. that is why i said if u wanna do that for mike – if u feel he has been doing right – i would commend ya cuz we should stand for what we believe in.

    re: my snickering – oh yes indeedy i have and i thank u for calling me on it.

    i cant remember where or what i saw recently but it was like “chummy” hmmmm seemed odd in light of the things being said and done. Seems from here and there – u feel u got lumped into the “bad guys” group unjustly – when i myself have never really seen u that way. Perhaps it was ridor’s unjust bashing of ya – if so, i ask ya not to judge “this book” (i.e. me) by that cover.

    re: ur parents – maybe i wasnt clear – what i meant is i ain’t got no problem with folks singing or signing. Its when those who can sing sweep in and either try to save the day for the signers, or try to strut their stuff – “look at me i’m sandra dee…,” or try to play both sides, or have a “im better than u all lowly beings cuz i speak the tongue of the majority…”

    same is true (in me eyes) when any signing person disses a singing person

    superiority on either end just ain’t cool or just

    so to me there is a difference between necessity and superiority

    some day some way we will have some spaces and places where what we got to say will be as if not more important than how we say it (via the lips or the fingers)

    I hope ya have a GREAT time with ur folks. Family is precious.



  17. Karen Mayes
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 23:41:53

    I will have to think more before commenting because we know our words are interpreted differently. It’s amazing that we all are just human beings with flaws… that’s what make us unique 😉

    Take care.

  18. handeyes
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 23:55:38

    Diane – thank u for all u r doing
    u got a gentle and firm way about ya

    Jeffrey – get a move on. tumble and rumble and rock and roll

    Don – re: what “these” people want – me got no idea. i got hunches and theories (which dont involve conspiracies ; ) but really all i care about is us, us, us, and me not becoming what i abhor and us not taking our eyes of the prize and us coming together as best we can to combat real oppression and ignorance and speaking the truths as we see them, and coming from love as best we can muster, and jumping at da sun and…. doing good.

    Karen, Don, and Dianrez – i really appreciate very much how u all had this dialogue. I am very sincere here cuz i am hungry for civil discourse. for us to kinda figure out how to talks so we r heard and hear so that we truly listen. it happens in a few spaces and when i land there im like – ahhhhhh good folks, ahhhhhh brave folks…..

    so i aint asking for everyone to grab hands and sway back and forth to the tune of “its a small world after all” but i do want folks to stop chanting to the “its a Hearing world after all” tune and start working for a “its a wonderful world afteral” melody

    thank ya all for the wee tune u hummed here today



  19. Dianrez
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 23:59:42

    Humor is highly personal and requires a shared background to appreciate between people. I’ve never appreciated people who use deflection and juvenile humor to defuse (or manipulate) a situation, feeling that it insults me.

    However, it might make sense to someone who doesn’t feel the issue deserves seriousness and the comic distraction appears more humorous as a contrast. Right now, even though attempting to take a neutral look at it, I still feel upset regardless. Here, the humor failed to advance the discourse and ended up alienating people.

    Humor can bring together people, but it also can be a weapon. It is hard to tell if the person using it that way fully understood what he was doing or cares about the impact. Certainly there will be no self-examination on it.

    Josh Swiller’s writing just this week on Deafread is a brilliant example of self-examination and use of gentle humor. One can see the love in it. He also says some things that totally baffled me as a Deaf person, coming from a late-deafened, CI-wearing member of the Hearing community. These are a very small issue compared to his relationship with a very Deaf student. Now, suppose these same things were said by the blogger we were just discussing…boy, would people get their backs up. That’s the difference…one has love, the other has well…something else.

  20. handeyes
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 00:04:17

    ah “something else” perhaps even a couple a “something elses” smile

    love yep – that be the key

    thanks diane and sorry u r the target of his spinning and fury right now – soon will burn out me think

    in the meantime – celebrate ur wonderousness – im serious here girl – take a bow. i have been marveling at ur wisdom and goodness soo….. see me hands up for ya “big hand waves!!!!!”



  21. Dianrez
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 00:17:00

    Thanks, Patti. I’m humbled and think often that you’re more true to my principles than I am. Keep the Light.

  22. Karen Mayes
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 11:21:14

    Dianrez… I am sorry that you feel that way, that you did not appreciate his humor. Patti, he’s not furious at her. He’s trying to engage in a dialogue with Dianrez, from the way I see.

    Okay, I left a comment on his latest blog posting about Paotie… when you read it, you might automatically think, oh geez, that group… no, no. I was explaining my experience when I first encountered Paotie in DR and how I learned to understand his writing style. So I am asking that we take care not to read too much in any comments nowadays… unless we are NOT sure if we understand, we could ask for verification.

    Take care… I hope the weather will cooperate today, since I am taking my parents out for a walk on the Historic Erie Canal this afternoon…

  23. Karen Mayes
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 12:10:58

    Dianrez, I blogged about you. Check it out.


  24. Don G.
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 14:33:31

    BTW, Patti — Re: David Seixas, first Supt. of PA school for the Deaf —

    There was no conclusive evidence that he had molested a female student. It was apparently the school matron’s word against his. But apparently the matron and he had had a major personality conflict or poor working relationship. Plus, it seems there was an element of anti-semitism on the part of the matron (Seixas was Jewish). Also, in court, the matron herself interpreted for the girl. Can you say “conflict of interest”?

    I’m not denying that it is possible he had actually done the deed, but the other factors involved allows room for serious doubt.

  25. handeyes
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 16:26:37

    Don – big thanks for this info. i do recall there was controversy about the case as discussed in Padden and Humphries Inside Deaf Culture book. Will re-read that section soon – seems (if im remembering right) some of ur info is more than what they touched on and really important so thank u.

    Karen – I offer you poetry and in-depth political analysis re: Simple Lies and Complex truths and u offer comments saying perhaps we are not reading the intended humor in the authors. I got it – i see what they be saying as i have been a reading a plenty. The whole shebang not just a glimpse here and there. Im also a kinda – “dont just kick the rock and gather up the pebbles and see what grows around them but also lift it up and look under it” – kinda gal so i’m not really feeling like im lacking any comprehension skills in appreciating their humor. they simply are not being funny in the big scope of things – to me.

    i totally enjoy wit – i just dont enjoy falsehoods. ill take the plain truth over a clever slight any day.

    I got me reading glasses on and me boots and i’m seeing far more simple lies than truth coming out of those folks

    just for the record folks – im on a truth campaign and its brutal – ; )

    and i ain’t afraid to splash in puddles, dance in the rain or howl at the moon so beware or come join in the festivities

    re: Furious at … i dont think I said he is “furious” as in angry – i think i used the term “fury” as in “fury of…” (meaning alot, alot alot of… and uncontrolled action; turbulence)

    re: mike’s blogs being an invitation for dialogue – this is definitely a place we can agree to disagree

    enjoy the day – its a wet one in rochester but sometimes the Earth needs to be watered just like our souls

    and heye – keep an eye on that frying pan, eh?



  26. finlake
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 18:51:34

    No, wait, I need that frying flaming pan for my thai cooking.

  27. handeyes
    Sep 17, 2010 @ 12:31:48

    Truth Seeker
    im sorry i neglected to comment on ur comment. i think i was unsure what to say and thought id come back to it later than poof forgot me. so my apologies

    re: nuts in the blogsphere YEP. but what does that say about us smile – or more specifically me ; ). i still believe there is more good than bad so ill continue to try but there have been many a morns i have said – enuf of this Popsicle stand. Someone once told me “remember most of the folks out in the blogsphere are off their meds” so while this is sarcastic it does give me a wee bit more compassion.

    Re: anger and all that. Well, anger is a natural and powerful emotion – what we do with it is always the most important question of the day. Do good or do evil? Or do nothing? “Raisin in the Sun” and all that jazz

    re: dark place – oh yep im familiar with that Dark Dank Damp place where potatoes quickly go bad and infect each other and stink up the joint. Bring it out into the light me say. Give those vegetables a chance to breath and see what comes of it and at the very least allow other folks to at least see the truth and be_aware.

    Finlake –
    well u can have one of me frying pans – i love a good skillet and if me had my way they’d be the only pots & pans we had in the house.

    So ill give one of ours as i love Thai food. Basil and red curry pls ; )



  28. finlake
    Sep 17, 2010 @ 13:30:56

    Patti, well, when I roll in town, we could make arrangements for me to do thai cook-out, eh? I’m not acquainted with curry since I’m not too particular about ’em. Actually, now I think of it, I may be able to make some of ’em from what I remember of growing up with my mom’s cooking. However, I -do- make ’em quite spicy. 🙂 I’m sure my love one and another acquaintance would vouch for it. 🙂

  29. handeyes
    Sep 17, 2010 @ 21:22:22


    its a deal
    no worries about the curry – im sure whatever u cook up will be grand.

    ill bring thee frying pan



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