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An Invitation to…..

heye all

this is an invitation to new beginnings

the past few weeks i have been on a truth campaign publicly to say things i have been hesitant to say and to risk things i have been hesitant to risk

and yes – i am questioning my sanity

i have examined my motives thoroughly and me maker says – yep ur still good.  ur gonna get hurt though but i know u gotta try

so here it is some more confessions and an invitation

in the past few weeks cuz i have reached out to dialogue with some folks that i normally would not make the effort for in the past and because some of them have returned the favor – i have started to see that some of the injustices that i abhor have been done to them

i honestly did not know that many folks workplaces have been contacted unjustly – i am still just flabbergasted by that

i honestly didnt know some govt agencies have been contacted with false accusations and unjustly beyond the few times i have covered it in my blogs

i honestly didn’t know the level of hurt so many folks have experienced from past slights, name calling, mocking, ATTACKS, unjust accusations, harsh words, past differences, old history, etc etc etc

it is almost like watching 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon game but its more like 3 or 2 1/2 degrees sometimes

so for my confession:

i have looked away when others have been unjustly attacked

I have been examining my own hypocrisy or a lapse of integrity

i do believe i have committed both when there were CLEAR CUT calls to contact someone’s workplace unjustly.

(again in my book it is ok to engage in civil disobedience, to organize a petition or a letter writing campaign on JUST terms and for JUST reasons)

Its not cool to try to threaten folks livelihood cuz we disagree with their position or sentiment or points of view

so back to me – i assessed why i did not speak out in a few clear cut cases that i knew of and that disturbed me and i have come to the determination that it was because: (and i am ashamed folks)

1. i didn’t like what the attacked persons (victims) had been doing and saying so i did not want to defend them (this is horrible of me)

2. i feared what the attacker would do to me if i spoke out against his actions (this is horrible of me)

Now i could instead rationalize and justify a million times over why i didnt do what i should have done.  i could throw a bunch of clever stuff at u to leave ur head spinning so u would leave me alone and just kinda forget this whole mess but when im on a truth campaign i gotta include meself too

so bless me my commUNITY i have truly sinned by being silent

I am now at a place that since i can not monitor every vlog, blog and comment, I can only commit to if i see an attack that crosses the line i will shout out about it.  For the stuff that is unkind or questionable – i commit to saying “uncool” and knowing bad $hit will probably come after me but we gotta do what is right.

Now for the invitation

Because i have been shocked just shocked to see how many folks have been hurt and wronged and in pain or say they dont care but my goodness they certainly remember …. I invite anyone who i have harmed to stop by and state it here so i have a chance to look at my own conduct and how it has impacted u and process it and apologize for it

i really dont like hurting people.  it actually hurts me a great deal when i do.

sooooo i only ask when u do stop by:

1. ya come from love

2. ya tell truths and not falsehoods

3. if it helps – ya say Patti when you did this….. it made me feel…… and then whatever else u want to share

for the visitors / voyeurs i ask ya:

1. dont feel any need to defend me.  Of course shout outs of what i have done just, right and good are always appreciated but really this is me space to have folks who care help hold up a mirror so i can see mself better

2. if u have seen me do some stuff to others that u feel is wrong or unjust, feel free to share but follow the guidelines above

Where this will lead us – who knows.

I do not know if my truth campaign is to lead me to the doorway out of the b/vlogsphere as I really am fumbling to figure out how can we co-exist.  How do we name things with out naming people, how do we challenge with out crushing, how do we figure out a firm love and a positive peace (not the absence of tension but rather the presence of peace)

My conclusion may be that i am too premature in this effort – that the www is too young for such things and that eventually we will get there but not until we have become more accustomed to this medium and how to use it for good instead of ill-will or maybe my conclusion has to be there r always gonna be bad girls and boys out there doing unjust and unkind things – just dont click or maybe my conclusion will be – this is no place for u kid – head for the woods.

But regardless of what conclusion i reach – i would appreciate it if folks can help me a bit on my journey.  Tell me what i have done that has hurt ya so i can make amends.

ill be back much later today

I thank any brave soul who is willing to be honest with me – if u prefer it via email – no problem.  go to the youtube pdurr account and send me a msg or facebook.  No hate mail folks ; ) just firm with love and truths/facts.

Peace and love,



Love vs Fear

heye all

ive been on me nutty truth campaign for a few month – getting braver and braver in singing the song

its a good song – i hope u will join

the very first vlog i ever made examined Love vs. Fear (its poorly lit and LONG – geez im long winded bi-lingually oy) but the concepts are good me think

seems we let FEAR rule us sometimes.  Gets us to do things we’d rather not have and it stops us from doing things we should have.

How i usually try to conquer my fear is to remind myself that love is the opposite of fear.

There is some good stuff going on in the v/blogsphere this week and i think we gotta shine a light on it cuz it has come from love and it has challenged fear and that is beautiful to behold.  Now in doing so we have seen some ugliness emerge – we have seen some folks attack and pull down their own masks.  This is truly hard to behold but still we stand in love and hope for justice.

ella has a vlog on examining Oralism vs. speech

jeffrey has a blog on examing the unexamined and the great stage that is our blogsphere (this one may require some context to follow – btw AWESOME pix)

shel has a vlog on cyberbullying

amy has a blog on blogging and Carol Padden getting the John D. and Catherine T. McArthur Foundation “Genuis” Award (first Deaf person to win it – KUDOS and U Go Girl)   A Deaf researcher exploring and documenting about the Deaf Culture and Natural Signed Languages

karen has a blog on civil discourse

theres more but im in a rush

there has also been some bad stuff

attacks and falsehoods

i also want to point out how those attacks are what usually prompt us to go to fear which makes us either retaliate or go silent.  It is really hard when u r attacked to respond from love.  Firm with love – return hate and falsehoods with love and truth and if u can’t?  walk away and come back another day when u can.

several good things to come out of all these multiple attacks – bam  bam  bam  (for me these sucker punches have been delivered in rapid fire the past few days but no worries) – because we seem to have some areas of agreement:

– unjustly attacking folks via their jobs or govt agencies is uncool

– resorting to threats, slander / libel, character defamation is uncool

and diminishes the attacker not the attacked

– we care – many of us are showing how much we care.  We are speaking truths and putting things on the table

– we acknowledge – we are owning up to our parts and examining our conduct while still being able to shine a light on others

– we are offering out our hands in hope – yeah sometimes they get bitten but no worries – shake it off and hug the good folks who are still standing tall and those who are just finding their feet

seriously some of you just leave me in awe

To Barb, Lee and Philantino I thank you for standing firm against b/vloggers who try to get people to contact folks employers unjustly

To all the many folks who have stuck with v/blogging to deliver good stuff despite attacks – u r my inspirations.  for those who have fought back and stood firm with truths instead of venegence  – i love u.  May we clone ya?

Some beautiful truths have been song lately (and some sad ones as well – stroll down at Karen’s place to see Barry stomping on the olive branch) – but by and large we being singing our songs of freedoms.

“Won’t you help me sing these songs of freedom….”  “One Love, One Heart.  Let’s get together and feel all right…”

commUNITY building – onward and upward!

1 2 3 leap at da sun

Thanks all



Crap and Conspiracies

hi all

just a little plea that we all stop cyberbashing and harassing and defaming etc

just saw amy’s blog where she reveals that someone called her workplace in relations to her blogging

Candy shared that her work place was unjustly contacted

i recall seeing Native Warrior vlog about how someone had called his workplace – the call was tracked to a phone booth in Arizona

im sure there are many more that i am unaware of

holy crud – knock it off folks.  Not cool at all.  If their work is directly related to something they have done that is wrong and u feel u must boycott them or advocate against their doing that particular job – back it up with proof and engage in it civilly as in CIVIL disobedience.  Don’t be slandering, libeling, harassing, and bsing all over the place

Re: v/blogging and commenting a difference of opinion – pls pls pls do – i actually like that kinda stuff.  Its good for me to see other pov

stop the bashing –

i publicly state that i do no support the attacks that Carl S. launched against Honbrit. Olois, Barb, Mendoza.  They were wrong and unjust.

i publicly state that i do not support the attacks Ridor has launched against ___________ (you name it – he has hit just about everyone ; )

i publicly state that i do not support Barry’s attack on CAD, Deafhood, DBC, and AFA

if anyone has been attacking the NAD – i do not support it.  I love the NAD and while i believe we have a right to challenge and question – that does not give us a right to bash, bully and lie

i publicly state that i do not support the various folks who have attacked Ella (Barry, Russell, and etc etc)

Im sure there have been many other attacks and attackers that i have missed.

oh and the conspiracy theory that is emerging – u know the one that says the word “audism” and folks who use the word as well as the Deafhood word are the root of all evil and taking over the world and coming to a town near you soon soon soon (are you getting sleepy?  soon u will be wearing a hood and chanting death to people who talk cuz we can’t) – wow!

lawdy – didnt none of u see the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad talking conspiracy crap?  (and also pls notice the WALK OUT at the U.N. and our president’s shout out against such crap)

That stuff is just bonky and the conspiracy card usually gets called out when the accusers are actually guilty of plotting themselves so they suspect it in others – projection baby projection.

I once saw an amazing advocate, scholar, and author – Deborah Lipstadt -present at our temple.  She had just finished the libel lawsuit against her in the UK.  She is a US author who has written MANY important books about the Holocaust.  One was about Holocaust deniers.  Yep there are MANY MANY MANY of them out there in the world – one is even the president of Iran – who says the Holocaust never happened – yep no gas chambers, no tattoos, no actual footage from the camps, no actual survivors testimonies – its all exaggerated, its fabricated, its all false – they say (even though the Nazis were super anal about documenting all this stuff and we got TONS of proof, facts, and truths folks) still some folks say NOT TRUE.

So Dr. Lipstadt wrote this excellent book and then she got sued by a crazy nutty professor in England who himself is a Holocaust denier and thus mentioned in her book.

In the UK their libel laws are: “guilty until proven innocent” – yikes

so Lipstadt has to move to the UK to stand trial.  its a long one but her University (Emory)  – being a champion for academic truths and not falsehoods and for social justice supports her – u can see their awesome website about the whole trial at

She gets an awesome British lawyer (who also represented Princess Di against the paparazzi).  She wins – why because the proved that the bloke was a Holocaust denier and that aint cool

many survivors attended her trial.  One told her afterward – “Now you will be recorded in the book of life”

in Judaism Tikkun Olam is a biggy and Lipstadt lives it

But anyways – back to her presentation at our shul.  it was a full house and this is a HUGE temple.

Sadly one man stood up during Q and A time to say “Well, because the Jews killed Jesus don’t you think that the Holocaust was just an effort to right that injustice” or something to that effect

there was a chill and a groan and an shudder that rocked through the sacred space.  Some older men (perhaps survivors) stood up and the crowd moved in around this man but Dr. Lipstadt said, “tell me, sir, what did 1.5 million Jewish children, who were killed in the Shoah, ever do to Jesus.”

end of that discussion

She also shared how people would talk of the GREAT JEWISH CONSPIRACY for world dominantion – to which she replied “As if.  Tell me WHEN have you ever seen more than 2 Jews ever agree on anything.  When you do – let me know.  I’d be more inclined to call it a miracle rather than a conspiracy”

Laughter rippled through the crowd with many nodding heads and a few mouthed “its true”

Now ill tell ya one more story – im not sure how or if it relates but its in me mind cuz of the Iranian president and cuz it has to do with DOING GOOD instead of SPREADING LIES AND HATE

We should only hate oppressive systems – not the oppressor and not the victims of the oppression and not the bystanders.

As Angie Suss Paul – a remarkable local Hearing survivor, always used to tell my students “hatred is simply a waste of time.”

If she could believe this and live this and preach this – she a survivor who’s mother was ripped from her hands, who’s brother and father were killed – WE CAN PLAY NICE IN THE BLOGSPHERE.

so for my last story.  a few years ago i gave a presentation about the importance of conducting, collecting and sharing Deaf visual histories.  I showed several excerpts of Deaf survivors and witnesses (from the Shoah, from sterilization, and from the Rwandian gencoide).  A few hours later I bumped into a former student of mine.  He said he saw my presentation and while he was sad about what had happened to the survivors, he felt it would be important for Jewish people to move on and not dwell on the past.  We don’t need to keep seeing this stuff.  It’s over.  It happened a LONG time ago.

I was immediately saddened to see this comment.  I replied, “you are from India originally, yes?”  He replied, “yes, i was born there and moved when i was older.”  I said, what is on the flag of India?”  He described the colors and the Spinning Wheel in the middle.  I asked, “why is that there?”  He described with pride how Gandhi had organized the liberation of India from British rule largely by boycotting British goods and services and thus people had to make their own clothing etc and that is why the spinning wheel is there to remind us of our history and the oppression and out liberation.

I said that is beautiful and wonderful.  But that happened a long long long time ago didnt it?  Why haven’t you moved on yet?

He said, “well….” then nothing


we stood in that silence for a long time.

“Is it not equally important that Jewish people and ALL of us NEVER forget the Holocaust.”  he said, “yes, yes, true.”

Lately i have been asking myself why do i abhor lies and falsehoods so much – because it seems to be they beget deception, misunderstanding, conflict, attacks, harassment, slander, libel, bullying, defamation – and as we know all to well (and as we shall NEVER FORGET) they beget much much worse.

I would readily welcome someone telling me why they dont agree with me or don’t like something im doing or don’t like an organization im involved with as long as they told truths – meaning facts about me, what i’m doing, or what the organization im involved with is doing.  If it is based on lies and falsehoods – it is NOT an invitation to dialogue it is an attack.

In the past few weeks ive had some very challenging and GOOD conversations in the blogsphere – GASP.  it is possible.  It is possible to agree to disagree but first we gotta figure out what we r really talking about.  to put the truth and facts on the table and DISCUSS that – not all this other junk that is always getting tossed around.

These good and difficult conversations have been afforded to me because folks have been willing to listen, to come back after they’ve been very mad and stomped off with an “i’m outta here” chant, to see what im saying, to question, to refine, to reconsider, to challenge me and i think love has been present and that is mighty nice.  It ain’t always there but we be aiming for it.

so to anyone and everyone if i have ever harmed ya – let me know.  i only ask that you come bearing facts and truth and a measure of love and i promise i will do ya the same.

Rally cry to remember the better angels of our nature.



To Tayler and Our Deaf Community:

Greetings Tayler and members of our beloved Deaf community :

I hope you are well.

I come in positive peace.

I am sorry we are at this place of conflict and you, Tayler, have chosen to attack me with falsehoods and namecalling.  I know I have challenged you.  I see that this challenge, which comes from love, has hurt you.

I now fully understand that you cannot enforce guidelines that you yourself actively violate.

I am sorry to learn that you feel i have been harassing you.  Using DVTV’s own definition of cyberbullying via the R-list which was taken from wikipedia

You have: “Cyberstalking is the use of information and communications technology, particularly the Internet, by an individual or group of individuals, to harass another individual, group of individuals, or organization. The behavior includes false accusations, monitoring, the transmission of threats, identity theft, damage to data or equipment, the solicitation of minors for sexual purposes, and gathering information for harassment purposes.”

It seems that perhaps you are engaging in cyberbullying and harassment of me with your recent blog entry where you call me a “harasser,” demonstrate that you have been monitoring me my comments in the blogsphere, and you put forth false accusations about me.

From DR Guideline #8 re: Name calling:

“Naming a person is still fine, however if the named person is insulted, or targeted negatively, it will raise a flag for which we will survey the post more closely. Criticizing an idea or organization is fine. Any exceedingly negative posts, regardless of whether a name is used, will be omitted.”

You have targeted me negatively and brandished me with a false label of “harasser”


on july 1, 2009 you, Tayler, wrote:

“i have a lot of things going on and am juggling them all! ) i’ll add audism in the guidelines — try to do this today!!! yay!!!”

but then you never did and never replied to any of my inquiries as to if you had changed your mind etc.

DVTV walkout began 2nd week of Sept (of which AFA and Ruthie are not part of until the end of Oct and after)

You, Tayler, vlogged about how no one had ever complained to him audism – i email you –  we have a VP chat. We discuss how the word “audism” is unclear and you say you will be adding the word “disability” to DR guidelines and CULTURE to both the DR and DVTV guidelines –

Oct 3rd you, Tayler, wrote: “need to sit down and revise both guidelines this week. thanks patti”

That was almost 1 year ago

i only emailed you a few times in the year that has passed because i mistakenly hoped that you would do the right thing and add “disability” and “culture” to the DR/DVTV guidelines.  Less than 10 emails over the course of 300 days does not constitute harassment.

“harasser” me – if I am – I am a very poor one at that.

RE: my return to DR – it was on our “good faith” understanding and cuz i still believed in u.  As i did up until ur two blog entries.

Not only has DR and DVTV been listing and posting offensive and attacking b/vlogs – you are now creating them and listing them.  Thus, I have come to the very hard conclusion that you cannot possibly enforce your own guidelines since you violate them yourself and I see you do not plan to keep your words to the commitments in the emails to me above.  (please correct me if I am wrong)

Just a couple of business tips –

If you are breaking off communication with someone who only sends u a few emails over the span of a year – you might want to formally let them know that so that they dont assume that maybe the previous one or two communications hadn’t reached you or you had been too busy and overlooked them.  Or they still are hopeful for the better angels of our nature to emerge.

If you want someone to accept to “agree to disagree” with you – it is best to let them know that, in fact, you no longer agree what you promised you were going to do.

Re: crying cyberbullying – many many many people and groups sent letters about cyberbullying.  Are you saying we are all wrong and “harassers” for exercising peaceful direct confrontation?  Kinda conflicts with your free speech position doesn’t it.  I did not and DO NOT support any letters, emails, vlogs, blogs, or comments that spread false accusations.  I do support peaceful and positive activism.  (MLK Jr said positive peace is not the absence of tension but rather the presence of justice.  It is unjust for DR and DVTV to run attack v/blogs and to omit “disability” and “culture” from its guidelines.)

Re: The domestic violence agency who sent a letter to you about Cyberbullying –

Your facts are WRONG HERE.

you wrote:

“I will have you know that a letter was written to me by a domestic violence agency by her [meaning Patti’s] request. (Patti here: I did not request that this domestic violence agency write a letter) After hearing my side of the story, I received the agency’s support and was told something akin to this: “I could do whatever I wanted about Patti”. I am given the green light to address Patti’s ethics and practices.”

“Did she use the domestic violence agency to harass me? Definitely likely. As the excerpt explains, the agency reversed their position (Patti here: If you are speaking of the letter from ASADV – their executive director told me a few weeks ago that she had told YOU that she still stands by her letter.  Are you saying she is lying?  If she is now reversing this position – then she should inform us so we can remove the letter she wrote which is on the agency’s letterhead) and supports me and my team. Given the green light to address Patti’s ethics and practices? Green light given by a domestic violence agency?!” (Patti here: Are you saying a domestic violence agency gave you the green light to lie about me by saying I got them to write this letter and to lie about themselves in terms of telling me they still stand by their letter but telling you they ‘reverse their position’?   Are you saying they gave you the green light to attack me on false and faulty basis? –  boy, that ain’t cool – especially as you noted  – coming from an abuse agency – WOW.  Hoping perhaps you just misunderstood some stuff there?)

Note added Oct 11 : Last week I bumped into  the director of ASADV and i asked her if:

1. she had withdrawn the letter re: cyberbullying and DR/DVTV – she replied that NO she has not withdrawn it and explained that she had simply told Tayler that if and when DR/DVTV pulled the listings / vlogs attacking children – she would then write them a letter of thanks.

2. she acknowledged that I did not contact her about writing the letter and she did not give Tayler any green light to go after me.

Just the facts folks and nothing but the facts.

re: my comments in Facebook and Twitter

Hey Tayler – its kinda creepy that you are monitoring what i have written in facebook and on twitter seeing how i almost NEVER EVER comment in either space.  Ya must really be looking hard and what were these comments?  What did i even say?  I know i ain’t no angel and my halo is pretty crooked at times but either someone is impersonating me or that you solely consider me to be a cyberbully just because i commented to Ricky Taylor a few times – so im a cyberbully by association – oh goodness – if you are gonna extend your definition that way – careful who u hang with pal and who hangs with you because then they (i guess by your standards) are now “harassers” and “cyberbullies”?

Also, this executive director of the domestic violence agency seemed to have the impression that i was behind the Stop Deafread @ Facebook (in hindsight perhaps she got this notion from u when u were visiting at the NAD conference) but when she told me she disapproved of me running the Stop Deafread @ Facebook – i was shocked and told her i had nothing to do with that site.  This is a fact.

You wrote: “Who is the harasser here? Patti Durr. And she has been doing it to me for almost a year.”

If a few emails over the course of one year constitute harassment – I am guilty as charged but i would say – be careful because perhaps u may be accused of harassing someone else based on that definition.

What i have done: (confession time)

i have called a few select folks names – and for that i am sorry.  No not “extremists,” “terrorists,” “antichrist,” “anarchists,” “crybabies,” “children,” “deafhoodites,” etc

No i have never used those terms but i have used “his unholiness” and i have used the term “naysayers”   I can’t really think of any other name i have called anyone.

I have practiced and believed in direct, peaceful confrontation.  I have been relentless about bring truths into the light and trying to have a just and good blogsphere because i have seen TOO MANY good voices go silent.

Oh and i do have a little show i run once and a while called The Rotten Potatoe News with a fictitious character called Patsy Purr – its satire and parody.  Just a little comedic relief.

So bless me sisters and brothers of the v/blogsphere cuz i have succumbed to being silly in the spirit of the Onion News.

If we round up all my b/vlogs, comments here and there that relate to DR, DVTV, and you Tayler – you will see that I have stated i dont support any attacking of you – that i mean you no ill-will and that I love you.  I still do.

My love is a firm one but it has been unwavering.  I have believed in the good in you.  That you would be a man of your word and do the right thing.

You have now made it abundantly clear that i was wrong in my judgment. I have erred in having this faith for too long.  I still love you.

I still cannot fathom why you and your editors would not want to add “disability” and “culture” to the guidelines.

You have never explained this.

While I am very glad you have broken your silence.  I am sorry you have chosen to attack me.  Not because it hurts me but because it diminishes you and your editors and your ability to enforce your own guidelines.  Because it now makes visible your own disregard for your own existing guidelines.

And mostly because it diminishes the great potential of what DR / DVTV deserves to be.

To our beloved Deaf Community – I apologize to you all for having believed in Tayler more than I believed in the need to have an alternative aggregator and video website.  I honestly stayed with this because I believed in his words and in his editors and because I did not want to see division.

I now see as Deaf Village so quickly saw (wow we have something in common) that an alternative aggregator is needed and I’m thankful for the alternative video website which recognizes audism is not cool.

Tayler – I love you and will keep you in my heart.  We can finally “agree to disagree.”

Some important facts have come to light from our conflict:

1.     that the guidelines of DR/DVTV are selectively and inconsistently applied

2.     ML King Jr said: “Privileged groups rarely give up their privileges without strong resistance. Hence the basic question which confronts the world’s oppressed is: How is the struggle against the forces of injustice to be waged? The alternative to violence is non-violent resistance. The non-violent resister must often express his protest through non-cooperation or boycotts, but he realizes that non-cooperation and boycotts are not ends in themselves; they are merely means to awaken a sense of moral shame in the opponent.”  (Christian Century Magazine 1957)

It is true that I employed this peaceful technique to awaken a sense of moral shame in DR/DVTV for posting attack v/blogs.  It is true that I employed this peaceful technique to see DR/DVTV do the right thing and take a stand against ableism via adding “disability” to the DR guidelines and against audism via adding “culture” or after ethnicity (this includes Natural Signed Language people) in DR and DVTV guidelines.

I would have MUCH preferred never to even have to do such advocacy.  But our people are worth it.  DR/DVTV and you were worth it.

3.     MLK Jr and many other good folks have said “it is never the wrong time to do the right thing.

4.     Folks are concerned about division.  It is simple.

Option 1: You can stand by DR/DVTV publishing and disseminating (and now creating) v/blogs that attack and harass members of our community and support their omission of “disability” and “culture” in their guideline(s)

Option 2: You can turn a blind’s eye because you want to continue to have traffic on the DR/DVTV grid (fyi – im way way way off the grid and have more traffic than when I was on DR/DVTV.  If you build a new space for yourself folks will come)

Option 3: You can wait until you have more information.  Uneducation / uninformed silence is not really the answer though (ie – burying your head in the sand).  So get the answers and do your homework.

Option 4: You can join in the attacking and get it carried by DR/DVTV.

Option 5:   I know many of you fear you will be bitten next as Tayler has done to me.  You can live in fear and do nothing.

NO WORRIES re: Tayler’s attempt to disseminate simple lies against me to conceal, distort, and distract from complex truth.

I am not hurt or angry.  He has pulled down his own mask and a few others will follow.

It will be uncomfortable.  It will be shameful what they resort to.

The good news is:

This will allow us to see facts, fiction, and truths for what they truly are because they are no longer hidden.  It’s a good thing.  It’s a hard thing to behold but it is the truth and that is always good.

It will allow new spaces to emerge to wrestle with all the hard issues of folks being unkind to each other in the b/vlogsphere.

It will allow us to have “the spiritual audacity to assert our somebodyness” and it will allow us to be part of a truth force / soul force.  We will have options.

I do apologize to the Deaf community for having gone on so long in advocating for DR/DVTV to do the right thing because I did not want us to be split and because I believed in Tayler for so long.  I do not regret my advocacy or the position I took.  I just regret that it took me this long to get to this point of seeing a truth I was not willing to recognize- that Tayler can not judge what harassing, namecalling, defamation, false accusations, and monitoring are if he engages in those techniques to silence just, right and good dissent.

I suspect it will get worse before it gets better.  What i ask of us is – no lashing out against Tayler, the editors of DR/DVTV, the bloggers/vloggers of DR/DVTV and the supporters.  Challenge with facts and truth and above all LOVE or do not respond at all.  Do not react out of anger, hate, or vengeance.  That is not part of soulforce and it is not right, just, or good.

Be well all.  I love you.



Simple Lies – havent we seen this kinda stuff before?

im on a truth campaign

and i abhor falsehoods

and im tired of “simple lies” being spread everywhere to conceal “complex truths”

Note: to folks who have left DR and/or DVTV as b/vloggers – pls feel free to state your reason in the comment section and if i get enuf replies – ill create another post listing those for folks who dont check comments

since im a stickler for the truth and “we are destined to repeat history if we dont study it and if we be studying myths and b.s. and disinformation instead of history, we be getting mighty stuck in the muck”  so yep – u guessed it – got me………

me boots on!

in response to a vlog by bgmaron8 entitled “History of DVTV and”  where he proceeds to malign, misrepresent, defame, and accuse Ruthie Jordan and Audism Free America (note: i is a card carrying member of AFA – yes we have cards – and i think Ruthie is rad) – i set out to set the record straight.  Shovel and boots me have handy


Ruthie rules the Deaf vlogsphere and can make folks get up and go with a wink of her wand


– despite ruthie jordan’s super human powers – she did not launch the walk out at DVTV.  in fact ruthie left DVTV a while after the first group of folks hit the road

if i remember right it was DeafJeff who first declared “adiois, I’m out of here,” aguabo may have been 2nd and Ella third and then a bunch of folks said “yeah, tired of the craziness at this gig” and off they went

there were a variety of reasons and hopefully folks will show up and share theirs.  mine has always been the same ole same ole reason (see below)

Falsehood2: Philantino is just a pawn for Ruthie and AFA to play with

Fact 2:

– Philantino set up ASLrocks of his own accord – sometime after JustDeaf and visual vlogs.  Folks were really enjoying ASLrocks cuz its ASL Deaf focus and it being audism free.  The AFA logo only got added recently and it was because Philantino, being the good bloke that he is, wanted to support Of, By, and For Deaf ASL organizations and groups.  He has personally reached out to various groups to ask if they wanted their logo displayed in ASL rocks!

Ruthie did not hold no gun to his head and to my knowledge has had no contact with Philantino.

Falsehood 3:

It was a happy “it’s a small world after all” before Ruthie and AFA came to DVTV land.

Fact 3:

Deaf vloggers and commentors in DVTV were not all chummy and one big ole happy family BEFORE the dreaded and mighty and powerful and divisive Jordan showed up.  (remember some folks we boycotting DVTV before Ruthie rolled into the joint – remember the bloke who wasn’t there but was here but not really except whenhe was using his kid’s account anxiously awaiting 2.0 block feature.  so there was problems before “audism” was uttered).

Our division may be rooted in an undercurrent of audism (the belief to hear and/or behave as a Hearing person is superior to being Deaf) but it is not because the word or the organization Audism Free America or its signsperson put the term on the table.

big ole FALSEHOOD at 5:55 “audism, the word, and THAT person caused the community to split / become divided.”

Fact 4:

You did state a true fact – “sad story”

yep – i agree with u on that one


Falsehood 5:

7:14 “deaf extremists”

Fact 5:

Ruthie, nor AFA, nor the folks who walked out fit the definition of extremists

oh lawdy lawdy – AFA is not an extremist group despite Barry Sewell trying to get it listed as one in the wikipedia page on extremist groups.  Even wikipedia knew we were not worthy of such a title and shouldn’t be listed amongst the KKK or the Aryan Nation.

so name calling and labeling be the latest blame game in this “hystery” vlog hmmm


im typeless.  i have seen that term tossed all over the place but usually by the same folks?  Ya know the folks who value others rights to express their opinions and values and beliefs but not ours.

(just FYI i was once on a plane and happened to sit across from a Deaf man i had only met once before – we started chatting and he told me he had visions of setting up a Deaf type of al-qaeda group.  True biz.  Now i know many folks like to paint me red and all that (what with my hair and my perchance to stand UP) but i have NEVER EVER wanted to see a Deaf extremist group (except extremists for love) materialize and i tell ya when this gentleman went to the restroom i was mighty nervous.  i was actually thinking – what is my civic duty here but then he returned and we chatted some more and i saw that he was more hot air than action – THANKFULLY)

but back to the extremely bizarre vlog about AFA and Super ASLie Ruthie Jordan and those “walk out” Deaf extremists –

the bloke in the vlog is now signing “Now Ruthie Jordan threw her dirty hands on us.  Now we are split into two groups simply because of one word “audism.”

hmmm – really

Falsehood 6:

the exodus from DVTV was cuz of Ruthie and AFA and the word “audism” not the system or practice or internalization of audism caused an irreparable rift.

Fact 6:

In fact AFA was late in leaving DVTV – the walk out at DVTV was in the beginning of September 2009.  AFA announced its boycott of DVTV at the end of October.

so i got a few questions:

why is he vlogging all this b.s. now 1 year later????

what prompted this hysteria / hysterics / hystory?

DVTV has been Ruthie and AFA free for quite a long time but still we see some of their own members deriding and belittling DVTV folks – referring to them as children and such.  shouldnt everything be FINE in DVTV now

surely the problems and flare ups in DVTV have nothing to do with the “A” word or the radical ruthie or the active AFA

its been a year folks – or is she and it so powerful we r still causing trouble from afar?

and geez wasnt there some kinda boycott of DR a million moons ago re: adding audism or an equivalent to the guidelines

DR / DVTV has justly identified specific groups that r worthy of protection from harassment –

DR guideline #8

We will not post anything that is an attack on a specific race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orienation, age or religion. This offense is serious and the offending blog will be promptly considered for removal from DeafRead’s subscription.

all ya gotta do is add “disability” and after ethnicity put (this includes ASL Deaf people)

why do it?  cuz we are worth it

from the DVTV R-list

“…targets a victim because of his or her membership in a certain social group, usually defined by racial group, religion, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, gender identity, or political affiliation.”

disability is there but not over in DR – odd, eh?

should add after: ethnicity (this includes ASL Deaf people)

simple done – end of discussion

red – text hmmmm is Ruthie being targeted because of her affiliation with AFA?

the NAD recognizes that audism and linguicism ain’t cool.  it is my hope that some day DR and DVTV will too.

and wasnt there a campaign to get Purple banners of DR and DVTV cuz they were enabling cyberbullying

from the DVTV R list

Cyberstalking is the use of information and communications technology, particularly the Internet, by an individual or group of individuals, to harass another individual, group of individuals, or organization. The behavior includes false accusations, monitoring, the transmission of threats, identity theft, damage to data or equipment, the solicitation of minors for sexual purposes, and gathering information for harassment purposes.

red text – not only did DeafRead and DVTV carry attack b/vlogs against some vloggers and their daughters but the recent vlog attacking Ruthie and AFA is harassing via false accusations

Falsehood 9:

There is no audism in DR or DVTV.  Really?  Really!



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