Spin twist & shout & TRUTHS oppose 2072

Heye all

I see the b.s. Meister has been up to his specialty of twisting and destorting to reconfigure the world history into his own reality
He is now asserting that Native American languages and cultures were not adversely impacted by racism and linguicism. He also seems to think that to have a linguistic or cultural genocide all the folks have to be wiped off the planet.
Many languages and cultures have been wiped off this earth
Many genocides have not resulted in all the Folks or languages being killed off but they have tried and that ain’t cool

The uncoolness of genocides (large and small) should be self evident to even the chief twister and spinster of history and b.s.
All ya need is love and to be awake

Oppose AB 2072 folks
Thank u for taking a stand for that which is just,right and good

did ya know that yellow is a sign of hope
Did ya know u r beautiful when u r so busy strong and loveful – advocating for the right for Deaf children to:
Have the right to a full, natural and accessible language (ASL) as well as English
And to have the right to be fully loved and respected as a Deaf child
Ya know the crAzy radical idea that we all be created equal

Oppose 2072 folks – you rock
Barry – u b.s. And it sure do stink chap
And p.s. Ur statement “it’s so easy, even a deaf person could do it”. Is an audistic one

Peace & love

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amanda
    Aug 18, 2010 @ 17:49:04

    What disgusts me is how this person feels the need to speak for a group that he is not a part of. He should NOT be speaking for them as they can speak for themselves. He is doing them an injustice by claiming that their language and culture is very much alive. He has NOT been to each reserve all over Canada and United States and he has not seen the third world situation many of the First Nations are in currently. We have a crisis in our backyard up in Canada and to deny it is the worst thing a person could do. At least we can see that person’s true nature by observing that person by how that person speaks/acts around other minority groups. That person is not to be trusted at all.

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  3. handeyes
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 14:24:47

    Heye Amanda –
    sorry for my delay in replying

    i agree with all u wrote
    as my Hearing bother always puns “denial ain’t just a river in Egypt” (de nile)

    denial can run very deep and very dangerous

    linguistic and cultural genocides ain’t cool

    and everybody should be doing shout outs about them

    and anybody who minimizes them or spins them out to somehow be a good thing – well “danger will rogers, danger” is all i got to say

    its kinda interesting and perhaps a wee bit telling that his main point re: custard seems to be:
    1. that he used a bad strategy
    2. that he didnt achieve his full aim of annihilating the Native Americas

    kinda odd that he took a picture of his grave site on the family trip – ain’t it

    just a wee

    kinda odd how he doesn’t acknowledge the great harm and devastation that Custard did CAUSE
    kinda odd how he hangs out with a few Native Americans and toots his horn about it and then puts in a wikipedia entry re: a bogus word he created “deafless” and used the “not Red enough” as an example

    and the info i have from folks within the Intertribal Deaf Council – oy Barry was very bad there.

    from what i can gather – he pretty much trashed the Native Americans in the group as being bogus Shamans / medicine men & women / elders / spiritual leaders and trashed them for adopting some White Deaf folks into their nations etc and then somehow appoints himself as the Great White Hope to them

    its ugly – its all just so ugly

    but the pattern – the trend – the trail we see is that folks usually wake up – one by one they wake up and say – oh geez creepy creepy creepy

    what spell was i under – dang u Rasputin!

    but the damage that is left in the wake of his spinning, shaking and twisting is mighty unpretty and makes me mighty sad



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