audism out in Deaf aggregators

there has been alot of positive activism to get audism into the guidelines at DeafRead and DVTV has stated its commitment to being Audism Free – which is GRAND!

my understanding of things:
– to discuss the audism behind cochlear implants is fine
– to share one’s experiences with cochlear implants is fine
– to be Deaf and join ASLRocks is fine
– to be partially Deaf (hard of hearing) and join ASLRocks is fine
– to be Hearing and join ASLRocks is fine
– to be a CODA and join ASLRocks is fine

Audism comes into play when ANY ONE – dont matter how big or small their “d” be or their dB be comes into ASLRocks or any other Deaf aggregator / website and:
– trash talks being Deaf
– trash talks ASL
– trash talks the rights and equality of Deaf folks
– exposes the belief that to hEAR and/or behave int he ways of Hearing folks is superior to being Deaf

that ain’t cool. they still got a right to free speech and can do it in their own spaces. It should NOT be sanctioned, endorsed, blessed, supported, carried, distributed by Deaf aggregators or websites

its pretty simple me think

Jewish focused aggregators or sites don’t tolerate folks coming in preaching the virtues of NOT being Jewish and accepting other religious beliefs and disavowing their own

Women focused aggregators or sites don’t focus on discussing the virtues of breast implants and face lifts. they might have healthy discusses re: the SEXISM behind those practices but they are not there tofeed into the dominant cultures mentality of what constitute a beautiful or desirable woman. im sure there are chatrooms and sites specific to cosmetic surgery for that

African-American focused aggregators or sites don’t focus on having White folks or bi-racial folks or African-American folks with double consciousness come into their site and tell them how “White makes Right”

Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgender focused aggregators dont focus on having entries telling folks how to be heterosexual or preaching homophobia and heterosexualism

Now some of these sites might even only cater exclusively to members of that group and not choose to allow White, non-Jewish, Men, Heterosexual people into those sites or decline to carry their blogs/vlogs – of, by, for only type of thing. i can understand that but don’t feel a need to exclude

exclude the practice of audism – yes. give it the boot – YES

dont exclude folks just cuz their “d” or dB is not the same as thees

“No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive.”
Mohandas Gandhi



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  2. Don G.
    Aug 17, 2010 @ 22:03:32


  3. DeafA
    Aug 19, 2010 @ 15:01:23

    Glad you pointed out that it doesn’t matter how big or little “D”b or “d”b they are. Total deafness is rare anyway from what I read, most deaf have at least some residual l hearing left. Some just happened to have residual hearing than others and they can’t help it. I never could understand few deaf people who tell others “you are not deaf enough” when they can’t tell how well a person can hear. They are not audiologists. The important thing that count is their attitude and actions toward deafness. Which sometimes can be audist. Unfortunately, there is such thing as “Not hearing enough” because we get discriminated all the time on how well we can hear.

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