Falsehoods&Facts + Ain’t Ya Just a Wee Bit Worried

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”
– Winston Churchill

the two biggest, fattest, ugliest lies spinning round and round re: AB 2072

are ole and familiar

it is basically the old battle of:
Oralism vs. ASL + English
monolingualism vs. bilingualism
1 vs 2 (or more)

Ain’t we “been there, done that” before folks?

Falsehood 1:
– ASL O-N-L-Y fantatics wanna take over the world
FACT 1: There ain’t no such thing. I don’t know any program, school, or people who advocate for the exclusion of English from Deaf folks lives

There is no ASL ONLY program on the planet. The only monolingualism associated with Deaf education has been in the oral / aural only extremist camp.

They have always banned ASL from the classroom – they might yield to some type of hand babble systems from time to time but NEVER a true natural and fully accessible language has been part of their offerings.

Falsehood 2:
– ASL causes bad English Skills
FACT 2: Nope it does NOT!
Come on folks – even WAY WAY WAY back in the beginning days of American School for the Deaf – a Hearing teacher noted how Deaf children of Deaf ASL parents had better English skills than their peers who had been deprived of an accessible language foundation.

Its pretty common sense that to GIVE a child access to a fully natural language is a GOOD thing so why are they still trying to prevent this???

huh, huh folks?

this is the million dollar (oh $$$$ oh hmmmm) question -??????

Saying ASL stunts folks English or intellect or moral development or IQ or ability to “function” in the Hearing world is like saying coffee stunts your growth and masturbation will make u go blind

don’t buy that swamp land folks – get on up to higher grounds

Now there are more falsehoods being tossed all over the globe re: natural signed languages before we even get our pants on but remember the origins of the word ORAL folks and remember what that word means to the average English speaking folk – makes their eye brows raise mighty fast. gives them images that really shouldnt be associated with children so …

why is it that ASL has such a BAD BAD BAD rep
why is it that ASL in the life of a Deaf child has been such a taboo
why is it that the 2072 SUPPORTERS – you know all the oral / auditory folks and gina, barry, mike, ann_c etc want a STATE to SANCTION programs that PROHIBIT Deaf children from having access to a fully natural language?


i really don’t get it.

mind ya all if one of the programs to be listed on the brochure was to be ASL ONLY (that actively excluded ENGLISH) i would be objecting too – but there is no such program

FACT FOLKS. Get your pants on, rub the b.s. out of your eyes, and start GETTING BUSY!

SEND letters and CALL all the CA Senators and the governor (see below for links)


(Note: sample letter I sent to the Senate Health committee back in June – just tweaked it a bit and sent to the full CA Senate and Governor via email)

Oralism EXCLUDES a natural signed language for Deaf kids – always has / always will – that is why its called Oralism folks. They can dress it up as “Speaking and Listening” but its still the same game folks.

Search all the Sponsors of AB 2072 (scroll down and click each one and all ya gonna get is BIASED information supporting the notion that to hEAR and/or behave as a hEARing person is superior to being Deaf)

You will not see ANY ANY ANY mention of their programs PROVIDING a natural fully accessible language to the kids. Nope – but their mask of benevolence will graciously acknowledge that such a language does exist and some folks like to do that hand gabber language and they got their own cult ure and its way way way over there folks

they dont ever tell ya that ur kid could have both – they could get a fully natural language via the eye and then have all that other stuff tacked on

nope they always say – first and foremost we gotta get into the kiddies ears – them their cochleas are gold mines – they are the portals and doorways to equality and independence.

really? really? why do all the bilaterially implanted babies that grow up to be youths and adults still need such excessive support? why are they still covered by ADA, why are they still seen as “disabled” even though they are speaking and listening at or above age appropriate levels?

huh? huh?

and why do they – most of them learn sign LATER?

huh? huh?

wouldnt it make sense to give them ASL when they are babies ya know like Hearing babies are gobbling up and then add all that other stuff – if u want, if u insist, if u resist accepting them as Deaf ASL+English folks, huh?

i’m just asking

and ain’t ya even just a wee bit worried about the long term affects of some of this stuff (aggressive intervention)

and ain’t ya even just a wee bit worried about sending a message to the babies – you are not OK as you are?

and ain’t ya even just a wee bit worried about the babies who are failed by Oralism?

and ain’t ya even just a wee bit worried about the babies that develop complications from Cochlear Implants? (deaths, facial paralysis, head aches, nausea, shocks, language delay, etc)

and ain’t ya even just a wee bit worried about a state government mandating who parents MUST see about their child?

and ain’t ya even just a wee bit worried about all the government tracking of the Deaf babies – they got a registry, they got referrals to genetic counseling, they got “failure” notifications, they got wires and probes and prods, they got experts and specialists who are trained in the PATHOLOGY of hEARing loss, they got child protective services telling folks they gotta get their Deaf babies implanted, they got judges ordering parents that they MUST make their children wear their CIs all their waking hours (don’t matter if they are working or hurting), they got a State Dept of HYGIENE getting all the babes blood – even home births

ain’t ya even just a WEE bit worried about programs that call themselves OPTIONS when they FORBID a fully natural and accessible signed language?

ain’t ya even just a WEE bit worried

or r ya too busy drinking tea?

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”
– Dalai Lama

Oral / Aural ONLY education has hurt folks.
See Babbidge report 1964
See Commission on the Education of the Deaf (COED) report 1988
See ICED Vancouver 2010 New Era Agreement 2010

See any person who was denied the right to a fully natural and accessible language.

Oralism (with or without “all forms of communication a la mode” thrown in) has always been binary (ENGLISH ONLY)
– an either / or equation that leaves the Deaf blind
Mutually exclusive system

Bilingualism and Multilingualism (ASL + ENGLISH) has always been
– and/also equation
anti-audism and anti-linguicism

The concern that kids will not learn English is an important and legitimate concern

a bilingual-bicultural approach (ASL + English) provides 2 languages vs. 1 incomplete language with or without accessories

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”
– Winston Churchill



Oppose 2072 – call, write, fax, or email CA senators and the Governor NOW

~Senators addresses, telephone and fax#:http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/sen-addresses.html
~Senators email addresses:
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger StateCapitol Building Sacramento, CA 95814.Phone: 916-445-2841



8 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. deafa
    Aug 15, 2010 @ 11:52:00

    speaking of mandate, I was told that oral schools won’t take severe/profound deaf in their school anymore unless they have a cochlear implant. Even if the children benefit from hearing aids and/or deaf parents were raised in oral-only. The oral school claim that they don’t want kids to suffer like they did in the past. I laugh at that because I know very well that if they didn’t have cochlear implant (or hearing aids), they would take these children anyway despite what we tell them. That’s just who they are and they don’t give a crap how we feel. Cochlear implant just make their job easier, that’s all.

    Those who decide to listen to people believing that ASL is bad must think their child is incapable to learn both language. I have confidence that CODA children can learn both, even if their first language is ASL. and I have confidence that deaf children can too.

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  5. Richard Roehm
    Aug 15, 2010 @ 13:33:07

    Actually the AB 2072 opponents have to sell the California senate and governor a valid excuse for being very passionate to return the deaf communities back to the dark years of dependency and isolation as members of a closed deaf society. If the opponents can find a valid excuse to tell the Senate and Governor they have a good chance at defeating AB 2072. Opponents will have to tackle a mountain of evidence that sign language promotes dependency and members are isolated in a closed deaf society. They will have to tackle the fact that it costs $800,000.00 taxpayer dollars to teach a deaf child sign language and the costs go beyond that in terms of specialized education and lifetime supplement checks because they have a high unemployment rate. There’s a mountain of evidence against them and all the sign language folks can do is make immature vlogs attacking people like me, ban people like me for ‘audism’ reasons, and seeking purity within their closed deaf society like racists.

    If you want to defeat AB2072, you have to change big time.

  6. handeyes
    Aug 15, 2010 @ 13:57:05

    omg – not the closed society b.s.

    no comment

    all da evidence (see the reports and declarations i mentioned above) say that oral / aural only ain’t cool – fool

    re: attacking folks like u. i dont support that. re: banning folks like u – i dont support that.
    are “they” (whoever they are) really against “you” (whoever you are) or against folks promoting some of the beliefs u have asserted in ur comment above – ya know the prejudice b.s. that says to be an ASL+English person makes u dependent on govt hand outs, dependent, isolated and now racist – wow

    i am for challenging same ole same ole though
    i am for challenging ignorance though
    i am for challenging injusttice though

    i am for CHANGE – amen



  7. handeyes
    Aug 15, 2010 @ 14:01:06

    re: “i was told” if u find evidence of that practice – pls bring it out into the light of day. we need all the truths on the table. i know there is a CI surgeon in New Mexico who was making parents sign an agreement that they would raise their child oral / aural only if he did the surgery.

    there does seem to be a big dose of linguicism and audism and maybe even phonocentrism behind the anti-ASL movement

    re: “confidence” – MLK said “we must have the spiritual audacity to assert our somebodyness”



  8. deafa
    Aug 15, 2010 @ 16:37:05

    ugh. So if I have a deaf child who can’t benefit enviromental sounds from hearing aids, and who I think may later want to learn spoken language later but rather raise him in a ASL culture right now, they would reject me? As a deaf parent, I do not want a hearing doctor telling me that I have to raise my child that is not my language just to have CI. I don’t approve of CI on children, but I also don’t approve of unequal rights.

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