risks and benefits of myth making and B.S.ing?

hi all

seems folks r in the mood for discussing benefits and risks of ASL and in doing so some myths and b.s. is getting generated – see Dianrez good blog quoting some of the b.s.


just for the records folks i will state the obvious cuz for the myth makers, b.s. shakers, web weavers, the truth does not appear to be self-evident.


that is not an “option” on the table – never has been never will be. even back in the days before cochlear implant (even before the Combined Method) – the American School for the Deaf offered lessons in articulation

But we know how that pointing the finger game works dont we – ya know – one at the ASL only {non-existent programs} and u got WAY more than three pointing back at the ORAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS

ya know the programs that ACTIVELY EXCLUDE ASL from a Deaf child’s educational experience

No BODY wants to deny Deaf children from learning ENGLISH.

Many BODIES want to deny Deaf children from learning ASL.

odd – isn’t it to see folks so passionately opposed to allowing Deaf children from being bilingual-bicultural

odd – isn’t it that some of these very folks use ASL and English and have even given it to their children yet they vehemently support folks EXCLUDING ASL from Deaf babies lives.

odd – isn’t it that these oral / aural only programs:
1. still use the word oral – (go ahead and type in oral and images in google and WATCH OUT FOLKS – but pls dont show the kids)

2. call these exclusionary programs by the misnomer and euphemism of “OPTIONS” when they actively deny the Deaf child from doing that which comes naturally to her/him – use what they already have and works just dandy – their eyes and their hands

i could go on and on and on but i think u get the point

so to answer me question in the header:

what are the benefits of myth making and B.S.ing?
nada folks, nothing at all as the TRUTH always prevails
(unless you are in the business of the disability – then you get a paycheck, possible kickbacks, some perks, stock options… etc) OH and for some – the benefit is that YOU do not have to learn a 2nd language. (why some would see that as a benefit to our society i have no idea)

what are the risks of myth making and B.S.ing?
– ya end up with egg on your face – it might take 130 years like the ICED Milan 1880 resolutions to be declared bogus, wrong, unjust, and f#cked up but it does happen
– if and when u ever do tell a truth, folks get might suspicious of it given ur history (which all the nations are now called upon to remember)
– ya get hit with fines from a suit by the FDA for making faulty CIs that shock the babies
– ya get hit with fines from the Dept of Justice for engaging in kickbacks with audiologists, doctors, and specialists to push a certain CI brand and thus inflate the price and make the govt foot the bill via medicade and medicare
– oh and the risks to the babies who grow up
(did u know that Deaf babies do grow up – they dont die after puberty and they dont become Hearing no matter how many surgeries, electrodes, or stem cells ya shoot ’em up with – they still be Deaf)
so the risk to the babies as a result of all the myth making and B.S.ing by cochlear implant companies and specialists and educators and sometimes even moms and dads:
– the kids get conditioned to try to be something they are not
– the kids learn to lie and pretend and fake so they can make it
– the kids never feel fully a home in their own skin
– the kids fear going to water parks without their devices
– the kids become Oral failures (see babbrige report 1965)
– the kids become TC failures (see COED report)
– the kids become adults and they:
are sometimes under-employed (even those who can speak and listen)
are sometimes unhappy
are sometimes exhausted of always crossing over that bridge cuz they are not met half way
are sometimes angry cuz it aint’ cool to have been made semi-literate
are sometimes addicted to books, drinks, pot, pills, sex…. u name it – anything to ESCAPE the pain game

the kids sometimes ain’t ok

cuz the b.s. sure do stink

knock it off and let do for the eyes for Deaf babies and their families what all the Hearing babies have done for their ears – GIVE THEM A NATURAL and FULLY ACCESSIBLE LANGUAGE


note – im sure i got typos folks but im in a hurry

yes – i want this to stop linguistic and cultural genocide on Deaf children, the neo-eugenics to make them “normal” but altering them physically and mentally instead of empowering them with two – two – two (or more LANGUAGES)

NO child should have to work, beg, grovel, undergo surgery to be able to be handed her/his first language

& that is a fact jack




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