Confused re:2072? No Worry – got FACTS

Confused by some of the latest spin going out from the naysayers??? – ya know the folks who supported AB 2072 from beginning to end and are now trying to trash advocacy that wants to ensure that Deaf babies are not denied accessible and natural language acquisition

No Worries

Got FACTS about AB 2072 for ya and remember folks – careful what u swallow

2/18/2010 Mendoza (CA State Assemblyman) proposed a very thin bill known as AB (Assembly Bill) 2072

The bill was largely sponsored by organizations and programs that promote Oral / Aural only services

Yes, it is still legal to make a Deaf child work for her/his access to language. (and irony of all ironies – these Oral / Aural only programs are often known as Option Schools – cuz ya know they deny and exclude the option of a natural signed language in the education of the Deaf child??? – confused – me too)

back to the sunny state of CA & AB 2072 –

A Coalition of Deaf and Hearing allies (The CA Deaf Newborn Identification & Advocacy Stakeholder Coalition) got busy opposing the bill as it:

– used the term hearing loss throughout
– did not specify American Sign Language (this has long been a taboo word in Deaf education – see ICED 1880 Milan and the first wave of Oralism in the US)
– raised concerns that oral / aural only organizations would be creating “the option brochure” in their favor as they would most likely be footing the bill for its publication
– it puts the bill under the auspice of Health and not Education
– Mandated families with newly noted Deaf babies to audiologist and other related professional

Bill got amended in the assembly April 5, 13, and 27, 2010

There was a hearing in the beginning of June when the bill went before the Senate Committee on Health and then got amended June 9, 2010 and again on August 2, 2010.

Changes as a result of the Coalition’s activism (the letter writing campaign to Assembly representatives and the Senate Health Committee members, rally, education about CA role in Eugenics via Edwin Black, parents sharing their testimonies re: the system, etc.):

– got American Sign Language added to the bill
– Hearing loss is removed from the bill
– Taskforce of equal representation re: (oral/aural (with or without artificial aids – technological or invented systems) and bilingual-bicultural) will be formed to ensure brochure is unbiased
– Bill and its implementation moved from Health to Education Committee
– “other related professional” got chopped out of the bill (probably cuz Mendoza couldn’t name what “other related professional” meant when asked by a parent)

The Oppose 2072 has launched a new letter writing campaign to the CA Senate Appropriations committee with their concerns about:

– the role of the audiologist (see the Dept of Justice fine against Cochlear Americas for Kickbacks and the FDA’s fining of Advanced Bionics for faulty cochlear implants)
Also who is gonna cover this visit to the audiologist that the state is REQUIRING???
– possible conflict of interest re: funding for the implementation of the bill
– an inquiry re: the costs to implement this bill given CA’s state budget crisis

All legitimate questions. All legitimate methods of advocacy and citizenship. It’s part of how the political system works. It’s part of the vigilance that all citizens are called to take on when trying to serve as effective change agents instead of armchair critics who send illegally obtained DVDs to CA senators with bogus complaints.

One of the biggest gains and wins of the whole Oppose 2027 campaign is that Deaf and Hearing Allies found their feet and got busy. Worked within the bowels of our political system and got folks to be engaged and busy and AWAKE.

That in and of itself is the biggest victory we have seen in a long long while. And its a victory that gets us one step closer to ensuring that Deaf children are not denied the right to a fully natural and accessible language (ie it confirms that ICED 1880 Milan Congress declaring the “incontestable superiority of speech” was wrong and caused detrimental effects and thus is to be no more – oral / aural is not an option if it EXCLUDES and DENIES fully natural and accessible language access).

eyes on the prize folks – Oppose 2072 folks ya done good. Keep using the E and A words (eugenics and audism) and (educate and awake)

also – keep in mind CA did pass proposition 8 (a HUGE injustice to American’s civil liberties and a supreme court judge just ruled that vote unconstitutional so who knows what will eventually happen with AB 2072 – hopefully it wont take 130 years to undue like ICED 1880 Milan)




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  2. LS
    Aug 08, 2010 @ 16:59:06

    Excellent rebuttal, patti.

    Hey DR editors, why was this response blog put under “extra page” instead of main page? care to explain?

    Patti, I may be wrong they may be one big confused.
    Love your straight arrow honesty blogs.
    Your loyal reader.

  3. DE
    Aug 08, 2010 @ 17:49:14

    You keep knockin’ these outta the ballpark, Patti. I am tweeting this. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  4. handeyes
    Aug 08, 2010 @ 18:51:01

    Hey LS

    have no idea re: this blog entry ending up in DR via main or extra page. I’m in boycott of DR and have kindly requested NUMEROUS times for my blog/vlog entries not to grace the pages of DR or DVTV

    was very hard to get meself removed. Not sure what is up this a.m.. Perhaps someone submitted the link and DR tosses it in Extras in the hopes it will go unnoticed.

    No idea.

    Not related to this blog entry but folks should know the reason why im boycotting DR / DVTV is that the owner / operator refuses to add the concept of audism in the guidelines despite having promised several times that he would do so.

    Just as DR / DVTV have earmarked racism, sexism, heterosexualism, anti-semitism to be prohibited at DR / DVTV – i too expect them to recognize audism ain’t cool too.

    Still waiting

    Now LS back to ur kind comments re: straight arrow and being loyal

    may we all be loyal to truth and POSITIVE PEACE (see MLK letter from Jail for definition and example of POSITIVE PEACE). DR/DVTV and AB 2072 are engaging in NEGATIVE PEACE and i for one ain’t having it.

    i do love DR / DVTV and still have hope they will see the value in believing that Deaf ASL folks are equal to women, African-Americans, G/L/B/T etc and some of us are actually more than one of those so just as i say KUDOS for protecting those – add Deaf ASL folks re: a notation that DEAF ASL folks are covered under ethnicity

    gotta spell it out tayler cuz ya know oppression sucks.

    do the right thing and ill be the first to sing ur praise. dont care what the big bad boy is holder over ur head. i know ya done and said some things that aint gonna reflect so nicely. just tell the truth and we go forward.

    again LS – thanks for the comment and support and for seeking POSITIVE peace

    much peace


  5. handeyes
    Aug 08, 2010 @ 18:56:23

    de nada amigos

    hey i found the pix u used of Gandhi – me all time favorite. have added it to the post. Good ideas spread

    keep on keeping on DE

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” M. Gandhi



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