Whatcha be brewing now AG Bell?

hey all

recently i vlogged about the Hemlock plant which mimics Queen Anne’s Lace – they look pretty much the same but Queen Anne’s stalks have little fuzzy hairs on them and the flower heads each have a little purple/red dot called the Queen’s blood. So if she’s fuzzy stalked and Queen’s blood dot, she is a friend and u can go ahead and chomp on her carrot-like root. Tastes a bit like parsnip.

If the stalk is smooth and shiny green and no Queen’s blood dot – dont bring it home cuz that be Hemlock and that be poisonous – unless u r making a witch’s brew.

This a.m. while walking me dog i did spot the Queen Anne’s Lace and then made a little vlog several times showing off the fuzzy hairs and the blood spot but Youtube kept rejecting it – not sure why. so here it is for ya all in text English.

Now someone did email me after the Hemlock vlog and asked – what / who are ya thinking of with that analogy.

I wasn’t 100% sure but we can guess cuz we all know what has been on my mind lately. Emancipation / Liberation / via the A New Era: Deaf Participation and Collaboration document and international sign language vlog (go Global Deaf Citizens – ya rock) released at the ICED 2010 Vancouver congress. Canada u may fly as many bloody maple leaf flags as ur heart desires – i dont care what Ridor says about ur patriotism. Vancouver is gonna go down in Deaf history as having righted a major wrong and for that i salute ya and toast ya! Clink, Clink!

So back to the Hemlock and the Queen Anne’s Lace (QAL) – what was my bloody point?

Me point was as we r being watchful and hopeful we gotta be able to tell that from which is poisonous from that which is good and in order to do that we gotta OBSERVE carefully and we gotta EXAMINE and we gotta QUEST I ON. And we gotta READ the WHOLE New Era document and not just take one sentence out of it and hack out the “remember history” part.

No pulling a Sherrod on us here. That poor lady – geez. she did good by fessing up about possible prejudice and catching herself and what do the conservative extreme right pundit liars spin masters do????? they take a wee sound bite and they make it bite her. and what does our President do – he swallowed it.

Dang – Obama that was Hemlock. Thankfully it was a very small quantity and thankfully u r still a good man so as soon as u saw the TRUTH u spoke the TRUTH and u did what i love that u do – you ….

yes folks i have a theme going these days. yes, it is time for AG Bell to apologize. Just like Obama did after he said he bowled like someone in special Olympics and just like he did after the Sherrod mistake.

I love a person who can admit their wrongs promptly.

Now AG Bell is a bit slow to apologize for the Pepsi letter.

They still have not apologized yet folks.

We should all be hollering mad about this.

Ya think us “nothing”????


r we that much of a bunch of “children of a lesser god” to u that we dont even warrant an apology when u offend us?

Do u know how obvious ur spin and deception and mask of benevolence are becoming?

Can you READ THE WHOLE NEW ERA document in full and not try to grab the wee-est lamest part to suit your need? Seriously can you do us the courtesy of that? Cuz we ain’t swallowing no more hemlock in small doses AGB.

Discretionary skills come in handy when trying to find the right truths to swallow amidst the spin and deception.

the jig is up

and while u r reading the New Era document – u might want to review and REMEMBER history.

u might want to check out:

The Babbidge congressional report of 1965 which basically declared – oralism was a dismal failure
and the Commission on the Education of the Deaf (COED) 1988 report that basically said TC resulted in pretty much semi-literacy
and re-read the ICED 2010 New Era partnership that said the exclusion of Sign Language is NOT cool

the New Era document don’t mean same ole same ole

not sure why that is not more obvious to u but i think it might be a case of ya thinking we don’t know how to tell the difference btw Hemlock and Queen Anne’s Lace

How does your garden grow AG Bell?

So AG Bell since ya have a history (which u dont want to remember – Institutional Amnesia reigns supreme) but which the New Era agreement calls upon all the Nations of the world to remember – u r a wee bit busted pal.

You can deep six lots of proofs from your website to try to “hide” that you do support oral / aural only practices but the New Era says the jig is up.

Wanna dance?

or spin?

I for one (among many) am hopeful that you will apologize for your role in the Oralism onslaught with in the United States of America and Canada and the havoc it left behind (physical abuse, mental abuse, cognitive abuse), employment discrimination, disenfranchisement etc

Don’t even get me started on the telephone as a tool of discrimination against Deaf folks (despite Veditz’s plea that AG Bell do for the eye what he had done for the ear. If he really loved us – he would have thrown a few pennies towards television as Veditz had suggested).

Also, apologize for and retract the Pepsi letter NOW!

the longer you wait the more your mask comes down.

I for one will do a happy dance and tell ya how much i love u when u do.

I really do love ya

Come make a truth serum instead of a witch’s brew

For whom the kettle whistle blows or the bell tolls – let it be for the TRUTH!

I promise ya – u wont regret it!






5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Don G.
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 20:54:37

    Bell couldn’t invent TV because he was a fraud! He STOLE the telephone design from Elisha Gray! Bell didn’t know how to do his own inventions (or at least a workable one). He had a long history of failed attempts — the manometric flame, the tactile glove, etc.

    Ding dong, AGB was a fraud and Ding dong, AGB Assn. is just as much of a fraud as its founder!

  2. handeyes
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 21:47:51

    shame on you Dr. Don – you have been reading.


    good book that Telephone Gambit by Seth Shulman – ain’t it?

    NOTE: i never said Bell invented the telly just that Veditz pointed out to Bell that he should use his power and influence and bucks to invent something useful for Deaf folks – not launch a business and a monopoly that would lead the the LARGEST LARGE SCALE justification for the employment discrimination of the Deaf – ya know that famed kiss of Dea th question – “Can you use the phone?”
    “No I’m Deaf”
    “Well I think that wraps it up here. thanks for applying and don’t let the door of discrimination kick ya on the way out”

    gee thanks AGB

    with friends like that – who needs enemies



  3. Don G.
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 23:50:12

    Actually, I haven’t read the book, but I’ve seen the summary of the info on the internet, and it’s enough to convince me. The drawing Elisha did and submitted to the Patent office first and Bell’s drawing — too uncannily similar for my taste. I can buy the idea that two people MIGHT have a similar idea at the same time, but I CANNOT buy that they would DRAW their idea in almost exactly the same way!

    Plus the fact the clerk kept changing his story….

    Bell was a FRAUD!

  4. DE
    Jul 30, 2010 @ 16:53:08

    Patti- you have a gift for writing, on top of your persistence. After they apologize, they will also need to sever their Circle Alliances, fire their lobbyists, and revisit their namesake. A known eugenicist… not cool. Gotta go through THE TELEPHONE GAMBIT… so glad this book came out!

  5. handeyes
    Jul 30, 2010 @ 17:21:17

    don and DE the telephone gambit is a MUST READ

    i was fearful it would be too techy for me but it is an EASY and IMPORTANT read

    bell is a bit of a creepo stalking little mabel – yuck

    but the author Shulman does a brilliant job walking us through this pattern of deception

    it to me seems that Bell truly got caught up with his big ole lie and couldnt go anywhere but forward with it. that is kinda what happened with the oral / aural only push too me think. Bell recognized Deaf folks as a linguistic and cultural minority – he truly did. He used signs – his last word to Mabel were on his fingertips not his lips. (Odd – i thought mabel was oral)

    but he had made his fame by stealing / plagiarizing a device that led to the employment discrimination of Deaf folks and his philanthropy by saving the Deaf from being Deaf – huh!

    and he just spun and spun and spun

    DE – yep to all u listed – 2010-2015?



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