Knocking @ AG Bell’s door – your turn to apologize

Knock knock – just a knocking at AG Bell’s door

yes i know i was there once when AFA met with them and had our rally at their place

yes i know i was shocked when i asked why no Deaf CEO of AG Bell Association and Alexander T. Graham asked “why is that important?”

to which I said something like “you have got to be kidding!”

but he wasn’t!

yes i  know i was also shocked when i rung them up and CEO Alexander T. Graham told me he wasn’t aware of AG Bell’s two Circle Alliance Partners being in legal trouble (Advanced Bionics with the FDA for its faulty CI and Cochlear Americas with the Dept of Justice for Kickbacks and jacking up the price of their CIs)

So I shouldn’t have been surprised or shocked at the latest spin coming out of the fortress like doors of the Volta Bureau via their AG Bell Update

But i was

Yep i was

Cuz usually they r a bit more clever

but i guess as the times they are a changing – it is a bit harder for them to slip and spin and indeed they are  majorily busted with this NEW ERA: Statement of Principle and Accord for the Future that rejected “all resolutions passed at the ICED Milan Congress in 1880 that denied the inclusion of sign languages in educational programs for Deaf students.”

and also the New Era document A P O L O G I Z E D for having passed those unjust resolutions and for all the havoc that followed
(amen I say and what took ya so long – 130 years so long – oh never mind – i think i know what and who)

and the New Era mandate also listed the specific damages caused by the exclusive practice of an exclusionary practice (oral / aural only i.e. AG Bell’s bread and butter)

and also the New Era document “call upon all Nations to facilitate, enhance and embrace their Deaf citizens’ participation in all governmental decision-making process affecting all aspects of their lives.”

self-governance rocks eh.  and this bullet item needs to be heard by the big ole boy at AG Bell headquarters where there is a beautiful plaque saying Deaf and Hard of Hearing but their CEO doesn’t see the value in having a Deaf CEO at Volta Bureau.

ODD eh?

Looking forward to seeing these things change since it ain’t just little ole me and me pals trying to explain the significance of that concept and now there is an Internationally supported document signed by Deaf and Hearing folks CALLING for it.  Ring ring.

Can you hear us now?

I hope so.  Getting mighty tired of being redundant.

There is also another beautiful thing in the New Era Document that AG Bell should be taking to heart  “For Deaf people, it is an inalienable right to be acknowledged as a linguistic and cultural minority integral to every society.” Therefore, AG Bell it ain’t cool to be referring to “those Deaf folks who use ASL” as clannish, isolated, and dependent as opposed to your INDEPENDENT through speaking and listening Deaf folks (who you haven’t even found worthy to EMPLOYEE or PUT IN the TOP DOG POSTION).  Some of the Deaf ASL folks can actually speak and listen and those who don’t or gasp*choose not to*gasp are still independent and some of ur Deaf folks can actually gasp*see and sign*gasp so….. (yes i read the article where your President of AG Bell Assoc had to defend his use of a few wee signs in an video interview with Ruthie Jordan cuz one of your members did a shout out against him signing)

sooooooo Please know it ain’t what one does with their tongues or ears or what they don’t do that makes them independent.  Our intelligence is not locked to our intelligibility and our independence is not dependent on artificial means.

Our intelligence becomes UNLOCKED when we actually don’t have to work and labor over ever little word – when stuff can come to our eyes/hands as it does for Hearing folks Ears

THAT – THAT is the equalizer and your organization’s history has been to DENY, EXCLUDE, TRAMPLE on and BAN the very thing we begged for.

But i got faith in ya.  Yes yes yes i know u know all about competitive intelligence but i also got a wee bit of hope that u know a bit about soul force and truth force (if ya dont, rent the film Gandhi for starts)

and I’m a bit hopeful that you, Alexander T. Graham, will take a moment and reflect on the history of the INSTITUTION you represent and examine the AG Bell Association’s devastating role in denying American Sign Language in Deaf education and its impact on the disenfranchisement of Deaf people and…


Now i know its dang hard to reflect and remember when you are clueless of the TRUE history of Deaf education (yes i saw the article on Oral Education history in the special edition of the Volta Review – which ends with a blurb about the ‘Cochlear Implant Revolution’ – and ya all call us militants and extremists – oy)

For a more balanced, informed, and comprehensive examination of Deaf education that actually includes the full story and not just the oral history as ya all wanna spin it, see –

Dr. Baynton – Forbidden Signs: American Culture and the Campaign against Sign Language

Dr. Lane – When the Mind Hears: A History of the Deaf

Dr. Lane – The Mask of Benevolence: Disabling the Deaf Community

Dr. Skutnabb-Kangas – Bilingualism or Not: The Education of Minorities

Seth Shulman’s The Telephone Gambit: Chasing Alexander Graham Bell’s Secret

AG Bell’s own writings

For starters

The New Era is loaded with earth shattering and way way way overdue stuff and it actually made folks WEEP in Vancouver and i promise u it was not because of the “all forms of communication” part

Still waiting on AG Bell Association to do the right thing and APOLOGIZE for the offensive and defaming letter you sent and signed to Pepsi Co.

Now u can say u were misunderstood but the community said “not cool, AG Bell – not cool.”  (see NAD letter, DBC, and AFA and even ur own members outrage)

We have come a calling again.

Us: Knock Knock

AG Bell: Who’s there

Us: Justice, equality, and liberty

AG Bell: [dang – they are back!]

Whatcha ya gonna do?

The choice / option is yours

We r all eyes! And awaitin’ your apology.



Note: there are alot of “I”s in this entry because i am representing meself and not any BODY (organization) but as always pls know that i ain’t alone – many good souls have said this stuff before and now and have said it much better than i – would that you listen and speak – “sorry” see it ain’t so hard

8 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. DE
    Jul 28, 2010 @ 15:14:26

    EXCELLENT entry, Patti! Spoken with so much truth, it’s gotta topple the temple of audism! Don’t forget their Children’s Legal Advocacy (CLA) program where they hand out money to families to sue their children’s school districts for refusing to pay for an all-day private practice (that has nothing to do with education at all)– essentially suing ASL out of the continuum of “options”.

    Patti- thank you for eternally P U S H P U S Hing this…

    We shall overcome. It’s only a matter of time.

  3. A Hearing Mom
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 00:51:43

    Well said! I hope this gets delivered to the doors of the Volta Building…that is if they allow a real live Deaf person up their steps.

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  5. handeyes
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 14:27:42

    hi DE
    thanks for the comment
    will check out CLA …later. I just ate.

    Great vlog u did

    Gandhi with a “look ahead / eye on the prize” hand shape – so thrilled

    yep we be on the move. thanks so much for the Vlog – it will sustain me


  6. handeyes
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 14:28:55

    Hearing Mom
    If they wont let us tap dance on their steps like last time – we will send u up as our representative – assuming u r willing smile

    Much peace


  7. RLM
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 19:32:37

    Excellent posting! Keep up the good work to educate the current AGBell prez (no question about him being the real puppet by the AGBell as some kind of token).

    I really could not believe what the current AGBell prez have no clues about other incidents associated with the AGBell. Whoa!]

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

  8. handeyes
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 19:47:34

    r u referring to the CEO Alex T Graham or the president?

    For the CEO & cluelessness – it is a wee bit hard to swallow given his expertise is competitive intelligence

    in terms of AG Bell President – Jay Wyant is no more. Kathleen Treni (Deaf principal and director of Sound Solutions) is the president now and Dr. Donald Goldberg is the president-elect of AG Bell (he is also the director of AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken communication and co-director of a Hearing Implant program)

    we will see – time will tell if they true value truth, justice and liberty



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