The End of the Reign of Errror – New Era Now

sadly the bulk of “options” in Deaf education programs out there are:

  • teachers talking with some signs or other systems (SEE, PSE, Cuing…) thrown in to “help” Deaf children make more educated guesses
  • oral / aural only – no signing here folks, AVT and CI up in the tree,

K I S S I N G.  First comes love, then come marriage, then comes the 2nd wave of

O R A L I S M where a kid has to be strapped into stuff to be able to be given the fruits of knowledge when they got perfectly working eyes and/or hands that can easily do the trick

that is not called EDUCATION FOLKS

making children WORK for access to language is pretty dang cruel and unusual punishment

i dont have a problem with Deaf kids who like to hear and speak – i got a problem with DENYING Deaf kids the right to a fully natural and accessible language – and here in the
U.S. of A that means ASL

the fundamental thing here in this important ICED rejection of the ICED 1880 Milan institutionalization of Oralism is…..

that the erroneous and unjust declaration of the “incontestable superiority of speech” in teaching the Deaf had detrimental and devastating effects

we havent even touched on the physical abuses that went along side enforcing an oral / aural only education on children

now if there were any ASL only program out there – and there is NOT FOLKS  [i have scoured the planet and to my knowledge this is NO NO NO ASL only (meaning NO NO NO ENGLISH ALLOWED – not uttered, spoken, whispered, written, dancing off the fingertips, written on the chalk boards – THERE IS NO NO NO ASL program out there)]   if there were an ASL (or any other Natural Sign Language ONLY) program out there that PROHIBITED, BANNED, EXCLUDED the learning of ENGLISH – we would have pretty dang detrimental and devastating effects on our hands too folks

but there ain’t

there ain’t


there i said it

it is a T R U T H folks

it is an utter truth

the SYSTEM of ORALISM (oral / aural only) was rotten to the core because it said:
– you can not and will not do that which comes natural to you

– you can not and will not do that which is good and healthy for you

– you can not and will not do that which is foreign or frowned upon by us

– you can not and will not do that which you can excel at and out reach us at

– you can not and will not do that signing stuff when you are out and about (not in the dormitory, not on the playground, not when you go into town (yes they even monitored the kids when they went into town)

– you can and you will sit here and hold these stack of books with outstretched arms, sit on your hands, wear the mitten with strings…try to discern what im saying behind this heinous fan to cover my mouth from ur lipreading eyes for hours on end to learn to stop doing what comes natural to you (signing and using your eyes)

– you can and you will sit here while i slap your knuckles with this ruler (you know the thing that should have been an instrument of learning and measurement but instead has become a weapon to “rule” you by – “We do not sign here!  Read my lips!”  WHACK)

– you can and you will let me grab your hand, hold your face, molest your lips, penetrate your ear, invade your brain and your brain waves

and you will smile


for the camera

and the newspaper

and the visiting visitors

and when you come home crying from your oral / aural only school cuz even though (hopefully) it no longer slaps you around, it is awfully dang hard to always have to ‘work for your inalienable right to language’, your moms and dads will be told – its OK sometimes these things take time

and the timing is different depending on the will of the child

some are more willing to comply

some have more workable hEARing and can fake it to make it better

some enjoy being the pet

some just aim to please

some resist and get squashed and abused

some go silent

some go anti-Deaf and anti-ASL

and some explode like a raisin in the sun

most get moved around from program to program from doctor to doctor from specialist to specialist from audiologist to audiologist in their parents search for that holy grail – to make them “undeaf”

but sooner or later almost all of them become signing people and the odd and sad thing of it is that some of them use their signing membership to trash the very folks they are hanging out with – look i sign your language and i can SPEAK and “you suck” cuz u dont wanna be assimilated

this is probably one of the sourest fallouts of the oral / aural only push

this instilling in its “products / alumni” that you are better than Deaf-Mute ASL folks  because you can “speak and listen” (ya know – audism – yes yes its not in the dictionary but it is a word and it is sadly real all to real and it means notion that one is superior based on one’s ability to hear or behave in the manner of one who hears”)


as if the ability to hEAR some and speak really would make u better

how do i know?  cuz i too possess the “power of man’s red flower” [speech and listening skills] and it ain’t done me that much good

the one thing i know about the wee privileges i posses as a White person, a partially Deaf person, a speaking person, a signing person, an educated person, a fairly pretty person, an employed person, a middle income person is i AIN’T gonna be actively using my privileges to oppress

and sadly sadly sadly that is what a lot of the D E A F folks who have been raised under the king of audism (i.e. Oralism) do – they use their privilege of “speaking and listening” to pretend that they are better than those who don’t speak and hear and they use it amongst us cuz they ain’t shit out there

ya know – in the real world

so for some of u who believe that INDEPENDENCE is to be gained by being DEPENDENT on imperfect and invasive machines attached to your ears, a battery of specialists from doctors, teachers of the Hearing Impaired, audiologists, speech pathologists, oral / aural only option programs, oral / aural only associations – go for it.

as adults do whatever u please to urself.  just don’t be sending no letters to Pepsi saying i am a child of a lesser G-d and isolated cuz the folks at the DeafNation Expo in Los Vegas did not look isolated to me.

Every D E A F person that i know who possesses the real power of self-love knows that by being a Person of the Eye we are very INDEPENDENT in the truest meaning of the word – dont need nothing artificial, recharged, waterproofed, fancy packaged to travel, mingle, function, succeed.

Got HANDS?  will travel

Ding Dong the Wicked Witch of Oralism is Dead

I for one (among many say) AMEN

Long Live  Long Live the Emancipation of the Deaf

NOTE: im headed for the hills folks so im leaving the comment sections “unwomaned.”   Do as you please knowing folks are watching.  And i might borrow Mel at “We never landed in Holland” idea re: t-shirts ; )




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