Extra – Extra Read all about it. DeaFreed is Here

Many folks have been boycotting having their b/vlogs listed on Deafread due to its refusal to decline to carry b/vlogs that promote or propagate audism.

An alternative – an option is now offered in DeaFreed: Breaking the shackles of audism. Listing of “this week’s harvest” – v/blogs committed to examining the radical notion that – its OK to be Deaf! and that audism ain’t cool, fool.


From the About page of DeaFreed:

We are a blog stand that represents taking a stand on equality and justice for all deaf people.  We are the believers of an enlightenment for families with deaf and hard of hearing children.  We believe in the right for a child to be accepted as they are, beautiful normal children.  We believe that parents deserve to know what we know as deaf adults.  We believe in the benefits of sign language and the acquisition of a multilingual ability.  We believe in the right to express freely and without censorship.  We are the DeaFreed community.

Check it out and submit ur links for consideration.

Thanks Jeff for making and taking this stand.

Happy v/blogging folks.




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