What’s it gonna be D eaf or Dead? – a responsal hymn to Deaf Jeff

What’s it gonna be D eaf or Dead?

The Terlinguan’s “Hear Ye!, Hear Ye!” mentioned marching

and proposed we march to
a different
a different
a different

to resist the call to be the same,
[same here = to be utterly, undeaf. ]

To resist the call to be undeaf. [Ya know to oppose audism – not the word but rather the practice there of]

We hold these truths to be self-evident… that all folks are created equal. Even the ones that don’t “h ear” ye – radical! We be.

Fighting for what? the right to BE


BE What?

D eaf

So lets get busy asserting it. Lets get busy doing a shout out of:
“Here ye, Here ye.” instead of “Ear ye, Ear ye.”
And lets add to the shout out:
Here be, Here be…
What you ask? (why are folks always asking what – guess stuff ain’t so self-evident to everybody”
Here be, Here be….

huh? u say
Here be, Here be – means
We be, We be
Us – You and ME Be
US, WE, ..
wee the peeps,
the People of the Eye/Hand”
and “Here we be …
complete and real and firm w/ love and united and…
just, good and right cuz….
we be on a truth campaign and cuz…

We sing a song of silence that is d eafening – and the song’s refrain be…

“We got a right to be D eaf”

oh yeah

“We got a might to be D eaf”

oh yeah

“We gonna fight to be D eaf” [fight with love – I am a pacifist mind ya all so no calling me an extremist or a terrorist until im worthy of the title but sticks and stones if ya do cuz i be in good company – MLK got saddled with lots of falsehoods – radical extremist being one of them.]

It’s D eaf or Dead time folks!
Dead as in a death of the spirit folks. As in living a life that ain’t true. As in “passing” for something u ain’t truly. As in ignoring the obvious – that it is OK to be D eaf – that at times it is even great to be D eaf (call it D eafhood, D eafnicitiy, D eaf Gain – whatever u like – it all adds up to the little ole radical notion – D eaf folks are people too! Ya hoo and we got a right to be and we be part of the TREE and linguistic and cultural genocide ain’t cool, fool – ya dig?)

Instead of arguing about the height of the D – lets argue about the last letter – shall it be “f” or “d” – your choice folks. Your OOOOOption.

so i repeat (cuz i know a lot of ya are hard of h earing. i.e. soft of d eaf. i.e. partially
d eaf. i.e. h earing impaired. and some of ya are fully functioning ear folks yet you can not h ear this call … and repetition helps. it surely helps me)

“are u D eaf or are u Dead

“are u a good witch or a bad witch”

“is there no place like home (click click goes the ruby slippers after the curtain has been pulled from the mask of benevolence mad machine”

We wholed these truths to be self-evident…
Ya gotta be awake to be watchful

No D ea th of the spirit here folks

eafs of my eafs awake – unite and get busy

We be on the move – see ya at the march.



PS: translation of the above:
who you be in the Jungle of Nool – a who, a Horton, a Vlad Vladikoff, Wickersham Brother, or Sour roo. Who?

We know u all can jump. Jump at “da” sun – Zora Neal Hurston’s momma told her children – you’ll at least get off the ground

and while ur jumping start to march. we be on the move folks – ground swell is rumbling!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Aimee
    Jul 10, 2010 @ 17:55:19

    Nice piece! I agree – placiing the video of Veditz signing, “I HOPE YOU WILL CHERISH AND DEFEND….” on the front page of NAD’s website ought to be done.

  2. handeyes
    Jul 14, 2010 @ 04:22:12

    thanks for the comment and agreement

    hopefully NAD will think the same since Veditz was their most famous president and since those films were made of, by and for NAD



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