Mirrors, Boots, and Bad Tactics & B.S.

hi all

since i blogged about Barry’s video in which he stole someone else’s video and added captions and intertitles condemning Deaf leaders and stated he was sending the video to CA senators – his video and blog entry have now gone missing (this note added 6/25/2010 after confirmation that Barry’s pointless and nitpiky video letter to CA senators that involved copyright infringement was removed from DR/DVTV/Youtube and his own blogsite – cuz the original creator of the video and husband reported the misuse and abuse of their property. Thanks Michelle & husband for standing firm and strong – see comment below)

ODD – no i dont mean Oppositional Defiant Disorder – i ain’t a psychotherapist ya all.

Barry does have a blog entry up about Saving Faces – no not his – not his darling. Just cuz he is claiming credit and thanking folks for heeding his advice in “winning” AB 2072 – AS IF – he is definitely not trying to save face (i.e. read this opposite or backwards or hold up a mirror to see the truth)

boy u r getting so obvious now it ain’t even fun Barry. You accuse the folks who worked their BUTTS off – really the Oppose 2072 folks were STRONG, were BUSY, were AWAKE, were UNIFYING – and u have the gall to prance in via a couple of blog entries to say they are just making up this victory – that THEY ARE SPINNING and SAVING FACE.

oh gosh – kettle so black here darling.

its just so ODD that u would commit so many blogs about AB 2072 as if it was a PERFECT bill and Mendoza was a GREAT guy and all the opposition folks were CRAZY and that journalist was just bonky and eugenics is dead (wishful thinking, love) and somehow when the bill is basically tossed and three new amendments are inserted – YOU claim credit for it

wow – ODD… if the shoe fits or shall we say boots?

yes, i got me boots on Barry. for splashing in puddles each time u and ur pals try to rain on our parades and for each time u and ur pals are spreading so much bull$hit higher and deeper – i need me whimsical boots. they make me happy. and they help me whisper a prayer instead of a curse.

but right now i wanna know oh GREAT tactic man, he who knows strategies, he who is media savvy, he who has v/blogged by buckaroo, ohbuckaroo, gurusays, theholism, and more –
1. what did the CA dept of justice think of ur letter of b.s. re: CAD and their bylaws?
2. what did the CA senators think of your video about “lies and myths of Deaf leaders” which contained illegal obtained material by you and was full of your own myths and lies?
3. why did u call the Deaf Business conference folks “ghetto” people just cuz they wanted verification that you did receive a ‘Death Threat’ – ya know so they could plan for security and all that?
4. why do u blog about peaCOCKS and not chickens?
5. why do you call the folks in DVTV dummies and kiddies?
6. why are you always attacking folks who are doing good stuff and not the folks who are doing bad stuff
7. why do you want to make DR and DVTV in to “a desert and call it peace”

but what i really want to know –
8. ain’t u tired of the bull$hit by now?

I’m ok with u wanting to be deafless. I’m ok with u valuing audism over liberation and equality. that is your personal choice and OPTION.

I ain’t ok with u lying, and spreading bull$hit, and twisting and spinning and ATTACKING. it just ain’t smart. it ain’t good strategy, tactics, or media savvy.

do ya savvy?

am i still not coming through yet?

cyber defamation ain’t cool

Your spin




5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. michelle's husband
    Jun 25, 2010 @ 06:14:15

    Thanks Patti for showing his long and reptitous history of BS’s spins. Some information, I’m surprised to learn that. Too bad, he failed to meet large audience’s attention because I had his vlog and blog removed. He was using my wife’s copyrighted work. Repeat copyright infringer could lead to phasing out accounts. Audiologists and doctors and all are in the same field of medical professions. You bet, he likes to nitpick… he’s nothing to me, just small potatoes. Wasn’t interested to go into his spinning fiction so I did what was the right thing to do. Our friend Branton known as Pauper91 on youtube made a great response to this.

  2. handeyes
    Jun 25, 2010 @ 10:58:49

    Thank u for stopping by and explaining this. i have amended the post above and my previous post to show his infringement strategy backfired. re: nitpicking – perfect word.

    Still i’m so dang interested to know what the CA senators thought of his illegally obtained video about myths and lies (wow) – cold potatoes, eh?

    thanks again for all u r doing – saw Branton’s vlog. loved it. high ground all the way. subscribed to his Pauper91.

    Thanks for all u r doing. I know some days it is way annoying (ie harassing and damaging – psst Barry cyber harrassing and cyber defamation are also illegal)

    Michelle’s husband – re: LONG and repetitious history – i haven’t even scratched the surface. Why?
    my boots dont’ go that deep and it stinks WAY too much and i have a life smile

    our job when he starts throwing $hit at any good soul that moves (like Branton) and all the other good AB 2072 folks who were taking a stand for that which is right, just, and good and he crosses into printing pure b.s. and sending it off to governmental bodies is to do MAJOR SHOUT OUTS.

    THANK YOU for taking a stand and stopping his spinning of fiction. u definitely DID the right thing.



  3. the one and only ridor
    Jun 25, 2010 @ 12:57:11

    Y-E-S! Whenever Barry claims that he did this, that and there. I smiled and muttered to myself … AS IF!

    Remember the article which Jane Kelleher Fernandes mentioned Barry — that was the moment I cringed mainly because I knew Barry would attempt to go around and boast that he’s all that important since someone CITED him in their articles?

    Come to think of this, maybe using Barry is Fernandes’ ultimate vengeance upon Deaf people as whole? Perhaps, perhaps not.

    However, Barry claimed that he is expert (perhaps better than you or me … AS IF!) in dealing with legislative bills just because he had a brief visit to Boise many years ago. Hell, I personally met few Delegates (in Virginia, they are called Delegate rather than Senators or Representatives) myself and yeah, I visited their offices … blah. As an adult, I learned something new about “page” which is for middle/hs students working for these legislators — I was distraught. I told Dad about it – he did not know. If he knew, he’d send me over there just like that.

    BUT if I was one, does that makes me an expert? No, not at all.

    Anything that comes out of his hands literally & figuratively stinks! But know what? I do not hate nor hold animosity against him despite the fact that he claimed that I’m “void man” (!) and that he does not watch my vlogs (Yeah … AS IF!). How do I feel about him? Like Amethyst told White Opal about her feelings for Mordru, “It is better not to waste anger upon something trifle like Mordru. Pity. That’s what I feel for him.”

    I pity him.




  4. handeyes
    Jun 25, 2010 @ 13:52:17

    Hey Ridor –

    ur end remark re: pity – reminds me of the obit that Veditz wrote about AG Bell

    It’s a pity and yes we must have compassion with our passion. We also must confront toxic falseHOODS, attacks, and cyber defamation with the TRUTHS by making the invisible visible.

    re: all his claims of “knowing” without any “doing” to back it up – it is shameful and insulting to the folks that are working so hard and bravely against true oppressive systems only to keep getting poked in the back with his needles of falseHOODS and false claims

    for him to ride in now with 2072 DENYING that the original bill was bad and some how spinning the major alterations and improvements of the bill to be a byproduct of his “good” counsel – AS IF

    wow and then to think we are too dumb to see this

    wow – such ODD options opted on by the b.s. mister

    re: Fernades’ articles – oh curse u ridor. those have been on my to-do list to debunk but i kept tabling them for the summer when i had more time. have been avoiding them now because oh they are so loaded with myths and they got published in a “scholarly” journal – its just like – “where to start?” there is so much there ugh Not sure which appalls me more – that she penned these piled higher and deeper editorials or that they got published. I mean anyone with a brain woulda known when she was quoting a Dr who wasnt and who went by various names, the whole thing was suspect – given her sources. so much for academic integrity.

    ok guess i gotta put my boots back on and tackle that one. thanks alot! – give me a nudge if i dont do nothing by aug on that item.

    sorry u didnt get to be a page. Glad u haven’t let a “dream deferred” defeat ya. Too many dreams deferred and too many deaths of the spirit. time for folks to get busy and do good instead of just vlogging about how they did something when they didn’t (whistle away black kettle aka Barry Sewell – we got ur number. ring ring…
    ODD no answer).



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