Is the CEO of AG Bell Assoc Really ClueLESS?

Is the CEO of AG Bell Assoc Really ClueLESS or is he just playing deaf & dumb?

Im serious here.

I dont mean to insult as i genuinely liked the bloke when i sat across from him at the table in the Volta Bureau when AFA met with AGBell.

His name is Alexander Graham. I kid you not.

No relations they tell me – just some kinda freaky coincidence.

Anyways – on June 16 I called Alexander Graham at AG Bell headquarters and asked for a statement re: their two Circle Alliance partners (Advanced Bionics and Cochlear Americas) having both faced legal penalties for wrong doings relating to Cochlear Implants.
re: Cochlear Americas
re: Advanced Bionics

He replied that he was not aware of these cases.

ODD i thought but i did believe him. Im a very believing person the first few times out. Takes me several times before i say oh wait a minute maybe he is not being fully honest here. Seriously it takes me several times – my first instinct is to believe folks tell the truth. Im not like the other sharp folks who, when i told them about Alexander Graham saying “i’m not aware of that” , they all immediately said “oh yeah right.”
(Dang do i gotta get me boots out for u too Alex!)

I didnt even get it when the VRS interpreter signed “sounds like he has put you on speaker phone”

yes i found it ODD but still i figured – why would he lie?

So as i promised i would in our VP call – AFA sent him an email with links about both cases and asked for AG Bell’s position on their Circle Alliance partners being in hot water re: cochlear implants. No reply. I called back but no answer or call back.

It’s been more than a week.

So maybe he didn’t hear me? Maybe his is metaphorically “deaf”?

Or shall we assume that his statement was truthful that he is metaphorically “dumb”? That he as CEO of one of the LARGEST agencies / organizations serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing has no idea what his Circle Alliance partners have been up to?

well maybe he will learn more about it at the AG Bell Conference which starts today in Fla because Advanced Bionics and Cochlear Americas (both CI companies that got hit with big fines for wrong doings with CIs) are not just AG Bell’s Circle Alliance partners to help promote their common values and services but they are also SPONSORS at the AG Bell conference. So hopefully there Alexander will get some education and no longer remain in the dark.

Hope springs eternal in my lately.

Looking forward to getting AG Bell’s statement re: their position on partnering with CIs co. that have manufactured, sold and marketed harmful products and/or engaged in unethical practices of kickbacks to drive up the cost and marketing of their particular CI.



PS: anyone who wants answers re: CIs – pls feel free to sign the AFA petition calling for an impartial independent investigation of CIs.
We need answers folks – not b.s.

time to make the invisible visible


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Don G.
    Jun 25, 2010 @ 23:49:43

    I think he was stonewalling you, Patti.

  2. Huggy Angel
    Jun 26, 2010 @ 00:28:39

    Very interesting…I agree he was stonewalling you…He knows numbers of us are against AGB. I think they are coming down to Orlando, FL in the Fall season – I am not sure…DBC including me will attend but I went to Orlando where AGB plans to confer there…ONLY ONE hotel no neighbors!!!

  3. Patti
    Jun 26, 2010 @ 20:49:50

    Hi Don and huggy angel

    u too

    u too think he stonewalling me – dang

    well at least he ain’t clueless – is just playing deaf , dumb and mute

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