To the Stop 2072 Folks – TU for making the invisible visible

summary – not transcript:
A wish and gratitude for the Stop 2072 folks
Tmw u r meeting before the Senate Health Committee – thank you for speaking our TRUTH and taking a stand. May the blessings of our ancestors – Veditz, Hotchkiss, Robert McGregor, Agath Tiegel Hason, Laurent Clerc, Alice Cogswell, and Gallaudet be with u. Please consider when all is said and done to put all the documents and good work u have generated into a Deaf related archives – Gallaudet, NTID, CSUN, anywhere – it should be bound up and preserved for all to see as a model and testament. REQUIRING parents to see an audiologist is not an OPTION. Promoting numerous so called options that ban natural sign language – programs that actively omit and exclude signing language DENYING the option to natural language – that is not really an OPTION.
Also I want to express my sorrow that you have been getting some ____ from folks – like the person who grabbed a video and showed a person signing “doctor” and sent DVDs of it to Senators in CA. Or a person who has been blogging repeatedly saying folks havent read the bill. We have read it and see it for what it is – how it is attached to a larger already passed law requiring the testing, identifying and TRACKING of Deaf children – TRACKING.
We see in wisconsin the blood testing going to the State Dept of Hygiene. Hygiene – yuck. That is a word the Nazis used in their quest for a perfect Aryan race – it was a euphemism “racial hygiene” We see in Idaho how a judge can order parents to make their Deaf daughter wear her CIs all her waking hours. Where is their OPTIONS and their RIGHTS.
Where is the Deaf child’s rights in all of this? S/he has 0 options – ZERO
Link to blog explaining how AB 2072 is optionLESS
link to blog explaining about the latest myth and lie


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