Oppose b.s.

Oppose B.S.

When folks cross the line and send b.s. to governmental bodies i feel compelled to take a stand for the truth hence this blog entry.

The good news is that the starvation diet has been working and someone has gone totally desperate and is now grabbing and clutching at the thinnest of straws.

“True leaders do not lie to their own people and spread myths like that.”

Quote from Barry Sewell (aka theholism)’s video To California State Senators (see point 2:11)

Below the video box he states: “Hard copies of this video is being sent to California State Senators”

(this note added 6/25/2010 after confirmation that Barry’s pointless and nitpiky video letter to CA senators that involved copyright infringement was removed from DR/DVTV/Youtube and his own blogsite – cuz the original creator of the video and husband reported the misuse and abuse of their property. Thanks Michelle & husband for standing firm and strong) em>

All the below is still valid – especially if he did send the DVDs to the CA senators and especially if he never did (i.e. myths and lies and leadership – whistle is a blowing. Tea anyone?)

Now back to the “fact”? where Barry said he sent this video to CA senators:
Which Senators – all of them?
Does it matter? Nah, guess not (cuz maybe he isn’t really sending them – kinda like the letter to the CA Dept of Justice b.s.)

It is an awful lot of DVD burning and mailing from Arizona – costly investment of a worthless and fraudulent endeavor – but sadly not the first one.

Hopefully this will be the last one though. Hope spring eternal in me.

And for what purpose was this video letter to CA senators made by Barry??? – to show that a person signed “DOCTOR” when discussing AB 2072 and thus somehow that makes the whole protest moot and the activist guilty of “spreading lies and myth” – OH MY HEAVENS the kettle is so black here, dear.

I will quote what the man signed (no I ain’t using your transcript Barry cuz that might be copyright infringement and cuz it has bad verb tense usage)
“We are gathered here to protest against AB 2072. That bill is related to newborn Deaf babies. Understand that this bill depends on audiologists and doctors to make decisions about their lives and upbringing.”

AB 2072 states that it is an addition to the existing law, the Newborn Infant Hearing Screening, Tracking and Intervention Act which “requires every general acute care hospital with licensed perinatal services to offer every newborn a hearing screening test for the identification of hearing loss, as specified, and provide written information on the availability of community resources and services for children with hearing loss to the parents of those who are diagnosed with a hearing loss.”

So who exactly is gonna be doing all that screening, identification, and providing of written information in the hospital???

You guessed it (if you ain’t a dummie or dumb and deafless)

DOCTORS. You know folks who are trained to see Deaf as health issue, disease, disorder, affliction, etc.

Its already happening folks…EVERY DAY – EVERY WHICH WAY YOU TURN

Thus the gentlemen’s use of the sign doctor is still applicable. Even if it weren’t – Barry do you have no clue of how petty you look to be making a video that involves copyright infringement and having an intertitle frame that states:

“Watch the video carefully. This is one of many lies and myths being spread by some of the deaf leaders.”

Spooky music absent may be playing in the mind of the creator of this video letter to CA senators.

“…..and doctors…”’

YIKES – LIES – MYTHS (see Candy’s blog about how “they” can’t read if u want more myths about myths [unless ur head is already spinning too much])

Seriously this is the BEST BEST BEST most damaging evidence you can muster to take the time to mis-caption, illegally download, illegally distribute via your holism site, and illegally reproduce, burn and MAIL to senators? Holy crude boy – your logic totally worries me.

Taking illegally obtained materials and mailing them to out of state senators to prove someone else’s WRONG DOINGS??? When –
1. he really did nothing wrong
2. ya stole someone else’s property in your quest to out-do myth makings – at the very LEAST Barry you could have cited the source of your stolen materials – make a little effort to set a good example would ya.
3. That is the lamest lamest lamest example of a lie or a myth “and doctor” that I have ever seen and it screams out “look at me I am bloody desperate here – would you folks give me some real b.s. to work with.” No sorry love. We will not. Firm with love all the way here. We are on a truth campaign. See Gandhi’s soulforce / truthfoce. Yes, I know you hate it and yes I know it hurts.

There are MANY MANY MANY shortcomings in this bill and we totally ain’t dumb. The fact that you can not see them, ur unholiness, does not surprise me but it does make me sad. Stop by http://www.opposeab2072.com/ oodles and oodles of facts on the bill and see the truth. It only REQUIRES that you open your eyes.

So Barry Sewell – you might want to heed your own advice before you go lying to the Senators in CA or the CA Dept of Justice or a licensing board or……

“True leaders do not lie to their own people and spread myths like that.” Barry Sewell

would that you could heed your own advice

Folks – careful where u step b.s. is everywhere and that stuff sure do stink. Wipe your shoes before coming into the house, eh.

Now if folks would like to know a bit about Barry Sewell’s own lies and myth spreading – check out the below.

Facts and Fiction: CAD and Civic Duty


Transcript of Open Letter falsely accusing CAD of Discrimination


Deafhood Lies and the Blogsphere

What tangled webs Deaf Read and DVTV Weave

Looks like your spinner landed on black with this latest myth in Twister, Bar.

DR/DVTV thanks for pulling Barry’s “Evidence of Myths & Lies on AB 2072” blog and vlog entry. Cyberbullying and copyright infringement ain’t cool. This has a strike through now – 6/25/2010 because we just learned that DR/DTV did not do this removing on their own accord. It seems the human editors at DR and owner at DVTV still can’t discern what they should publish and what they should not without a little help. to modify and amend Barry’s quote to the CA Senators ““True leaders do not lie to their own people and spread myths NOR DO AGGREGATORS and WEBSITES PUBLISH THIS LIBEL, SLANDER, and CYBERDEFAMATION like that.” The credit really goes to Michelle and her husband for reporting the abuse and misuse of their property by Barry.

Looking forward to when the other ones get pulled cuz good publishers, aggregators, and website administrators don’t carry lies and myths that attack people and organizations.


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ASLElla
    Jun 21, 2010 @ 15:45:28

    Thank you so much for heeding to the Deafhood soulforce/truthforce. Well written and grounded. Sense of humor adds spice.

  2. Don G.
    Jun 21, 2010 @ 17:00:36

    Once again, I have nothing to add…. let the truth shine forth!

  3. the one and only ridor
    Jun 21, 2010 @ 18:34:39

    Well done, Patti Durr! You go, girl!!

  4. LS
    Jun 21, 2010 @ 21:08:54

    ur message resonates heavenly hand-music.

  5. CAM
    Jun 21, 2010 @ 23:18:00

    Patti, Deaf gave me your link. You put a lot of time and effort in this post! Wonder WHY Barry would do those things?? Given his background?? That truly baffles me. If he is in Arizona, then I must assume he is with Desert Voice organization. Ugh! This group advocates CI, oralism, dissemation, and has recruited some DODs to my great dismay. I believe this is because the schools in AZ is so lacking that it gave Desert Voice a great advantage to indoctrinate those parents. The schools for the deaf needs to be given good shakedowns to get the parents back. People like Barry are poisoning the wells of the deaf community by allying with organizations like Desert Voice (IF he is indeed in Arizona) or anywhere else.

  6. handeyes
    Jun 22, 2010 @ 13:41:02

    Thanks all for ur comments
    CAM – i see that the Desert Voices http://www.oraldeafed.org/schools/desertvoices/ has a history with Moog, Director for Oral Deafness Programs for the Oberkotter Foundation.

    Maybe this is a program that Russell discussed – oral / aural only in Phoenix, Arz
    not sure if Barry has any association with this. He is big on unschooling (or is it deschooling – i always confuse the distinction) and once aspired to set up a camp for Deaf kids to school them in the ways of Native American traditions i think.

    As to why Barry would do those things – i think he has made it clear that he has a different value system than most. He values Hearing ways of doing and being and aspires to be deafless.

    As to why he needs to distort the truth and misrepresent, malign, stalk, harass, and defame in his quest to be deafless – this is indeed unclear. Definitely his tactics, approaches, and strategies have not worked in his favor.



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  8. Tina Jo
    Jun 22, 2010 @ 17:27:03


    Thanks for making our day to bring us to light about how important it is to OPPOSE AB2072!

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