Response to the Reader Family’s Just Opposition to AB 2072

text of the video below (responding to video at
Greetings. I am very touched by your vlog. It made me weep. I hope people will watch the whole thing – your vlog is very important. I cried why? Because you both tried to “do right,” to do everything within your abilities to cherish and honor your son. The system that is in place though pushed you to follow ONE WAY. The result is that there was a loss of language exposure for a time. Im sure it was very emotional for you – all that effort and time. The surgery – im sure all of those moments of decision making were so hard. From the moment of his birth to now – when you look back and think WOW we didnt have to go through all that.

I like your closing wish that in the hospital when a Deaf baby is born the Deaf contact person arrives carrying a basket of positive goodies to make you feel good and welcome this Deaf child into the world and so on.

To start off right – to provide you all with language exposure and a path of hope – H O P E. Can see your son being Deaf as a positive gift to the family.

I truly regret that you had that experience. I’m glad that you found a system, services, support people you feel good about and fortified by.

I thank you profusely – both of u for having the courage to stand up and ask Mendoza what is meant by “other specialists” beside audiologists and sharing with us his evasive answer to what “other specialists” refers to.

We know that most likely it means medical people such as doctors, and different kinds of specialists like speech pathologists. No mention of ASL or bilingual specialsts. Wow.

Really your vlog deeply touched me because I myself am a mother. I have hearing children by say i were very unaware of something, i would often feel i must follow what the medical specialists, educators, etc tell to do with my children. Often we think “they know better and more than me. I don’t know anything about this.” Sometimes though my instinct has prompted me to question them and when I investigate things on my own i find out that they presented something as if it were a MUST DO but I learn in fact it is not necessary.

I’m glad that you have arrived at the content and correct path for your son. At the same time, your choosing to stand up, share, and reach out will be a big help to future Deaf babies. That is SOOOOOO important.

So thank you for making me cry. Thank you to the people who filmed, edited, captioned and put the video up here to share with us.

Thank you thank you thank you.

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