AG Bell and CI companies – Careful of the Company You Keep

AFA Petition for an Independent Investigation of CIs

Dept of Justice announcement of the settlement against Cochlear Americas

Notice of the suits against Advanced Bionics

In March I had vlogged about Advanced Bionics being the top banner on the AG Bell Homepage. Advanced Bionics had been sued by a law firm which has a Deaf lawyer who has a CI but was representing cases of Deaf adults and children who had gotten shocks and other adverse reactions to failed CIs manufactured by Advanced Bionics due to moisture leaks and faulty CIs. See Since that time AG Bell has removed Advanced Bionics from its top banner. Great news.

(screensave of AG Bell Homepage captured on 6/10/2010)

However, Advanced Bionics and Cochlear Americas are featured on the AG Bell Association front page as being their Circle Alliance. Cochlear Americas was in the news yesterday as the Dept of Justice announced it has been found guilty of kickbacks and must pay $880,000.

Vlog has past quotes from Advanced Bionics and Cochlear Americas explaining what their role in AG Bell Association’s Circle Alliance has been.

A plea to AG Bell Association to reconsider who it keeps company with.

(screensave from AG Bell’s homepage captured 6/10/2010)

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