Is the CEO of AG Bell Assoc Really ClueLESS?

Is the CEO of AG Bell Assoc Really ClueLESS or is he just playing deaf & dumb?

Im serious here.

I dont mean to insult as i genuinely liked the bloke when i sat across from him at the table in the Volta Bureau when AFA met with AGBell.

His name is Alexander Graham. I kid you not.

No relations they tell me – just some kinda freaky coincidence.

Anyways – on June 16 I called Alexander Graham at AG Bell headquarters and asked for a statement re: their two Circle Alliance partners (Advanced Bionics and Cochlear Americas) having both faced legal penalties for wrong doings relating to Cochlear Implants.
re: Cochlear Americas
re: Advanced Bionics

He replied that he was not aware of these cases.

ODD i thought but i did believe him. Im a very believing person the first few times out. Takes me several times before i say oh wait a minute maybe he is not being fully honest here. Seriously it takes me several times – my first instinct is to believe folks tell the truth. Im not like the other sharp folks who, when i told them about Alexander Graham saying “i’m not aware of that” , they all immediately said “oh yeah right.”
(Dang do i gotta get me boots out for u too Alex!)

I didnt even get it when the VRS interpreter signed “sounds like he has put you on speaker phone”

yes i found it ODD but still i figured – why would he lie?

So as i promised i would in our VP call – AFA sent him an email with links about both cases and asked for AG Bell’s position on their Circle Alliance partners being in hot water re: cochlear implants. No reply. I called back but no answer or call back.

It’s been more than a week.

So maybe he didn’t hear me? Maybe his is metaphorically “deaf”?

Or shall we assume that his statement was truthful that he is metaphorically “dumb”? That he as CEO of one of the LARGEST agencies / organizations serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing has no idea what his Circle Alliance partners have been up to?

well maybe he will learn more about it at the AG Bell Conference which starts today in Fla because Advanced Bionics and Cochlear Americas (both CI companies that got hit with big fines for wrong doings with CIs) are not just AG Bell’s Circle Alliance partners to help promote their common values and services but they are also SPONSORS at the AG Bell conference. So hopefully there Alexander will get some education and no longer remain in the dark.

Hope springs eternal in my lately.

Looking forward to getting AG Bell’s statement re: their position on partnering with CIs co. that have manufactured, sold and marketed harmful products and/or engaged in unethical practices of kickbacks to drive up the cost and marketing of their particular CI.



PS: anyone who wants answers re: CIs – pls feel free to sign the AFA petition calling for an impartial independent investigation of CIs.
We need answers folks – not b.s.

time to make the invisible visible


Mirrors, Boots, and Bad Tactics & B.S.

hi all

since i blogged about Barry’s video in which he stole someone else’s video and added captions and intertitles condemning Deaf leaders and stated he was sending the video to CA senators – his video and blog entry have now gone missing (this note added 6/25/2010 after confirmation that Barry’s pointless and nitpiky video letter to CA senators that involved copyright infringement was removed from DR/DVTV/Youtube and his own blogsite – cuz the original creator of the video and husband reported the misuse and abuse of their property. Thanks Michelle & husband for standing firm and strong – see comment below)

ODD – no i dont mean Oppositional Defiant Disorder – i ain’t a psychotherapist ya all.

Barry does have a blog entry up about Saving Faces – no not his – not his darling. Just cuz he is claiming credit and thanking folks for heeding his advice in “winning” AB 2072 – AS IF – he is definitely not trying to save face (i.e. read this opposite or backwards or hold up a mirror to see the truth)

boy u r getting so obvious now it ain’t even fun Barry. You accuse the folks who worked their BUTTS off – really the Oppose 2072 folks were STRONG, were BUSY, were AWAKE, were UNIFYING – and u have the gall to prance in via a couple of blog entries to say they are just making up this victory – that THEY ARE SPINNING and SAVING FACE.

oh gosh – kettle so black here darling.

its just so ODD that u would commit so many blogs about AB 2072 as if it was a PERFECT bill and Mendoza was a GREAT guy and all the opposition folks were CRAZY and that journalist was just bonky and eugenics is dead (wishful thinking, love) and somehow when the bill is basically tossed and three new amendments are inserted – YOU claim credit for it

wow – ODD… if the shoe fits or shall we say boots?

yes, i got me boots on Barry. for splashing in puddles each time u and ur pals try to rain on our parades and for each time u and ur pals are spreading so much bull$hit higher and deeper – i need me whimsical boots. they make me happy. and they help me whisper a prayer instead of a curse.

but right now i wanna know oh GREAT tactic man, he who knows strategies, he who is media savvy, he who has v/blogged by buckaroo, ohbuckaroo, gurusays, theholism, and more –
1. what did the CA dept of justice think of ur letter of b.s. re: CAD and their bylaws?
2. what did the CA senators think of your video about “lies and myths of Deaf leaders” which contained illegal obtained material by you and was full of your own myths and lies?
3. why did u call the Deaf Business conference folks “ghetto” people just cuz they wanted verification that you did receive a ‘Death Threat’ – ya know so they could plan for security and all that?
4. why do u blog about peaCOCKS and not chickens?
5. why do you call the folks in DVTV dummies and kiddies?
6. why are you always attacking folks who are doing good stuff and not the folks who are doing bad stuff
7. why do you want to make DR and DVTV in to “a desert and call it peace”

but what i really want to know –
8. ain’t u tired of the bull$hit by now?

I’m ok with u wanting to be deafless. I’m ok with u valuing audism over liberation and equality. that is your personal choice and OPTION.

I ain’t ok with u lying, and spreading bull$hit, and twisting and spinning and ATTACKING. it just ain’t smart. it ain’t good strategy, tactics, or media savvy.

do ya savvy?

am i still not coming through yet?

cyber defamation ain’t cool

Your spin



To the Stop 2072 Folks – TU for making the invisible visible

summary – not transcript:
A wish and gratitude for the Stop 2072 folks
Tmw u r meeting before the Senate Health Committee – thank you for speaking our TRUTH and taking a stand. May the blessings of our ancestors – Veditz, Hotchkiss, Robert McGregor, Agath Tiegel Hason, Laurent Clerc, Alice Cogswell, and Gallaudet be with u. Please consider when all is said and done to put all the documents and good work u have generated into a Deaf related archives – Gallaudet, NTID, CSUN, anywhere – it should be bound up and preserved for all to see as a model and testament. REQUIRING parents to see an audiologist is not an OPTION. Promoting numerous so called options that ban natural sign language – programs that actively omit and exclude signing language DENYING the option to natural language – that is not really an OPTION.
Also I want to express my sorrow that you have been getting some ____ from folks – like the person who grabbed a video and showed a person signing “doctor” and sent DVDs of it to Senators in CA. Or a person who has been blogging repeatedly saying folks havent read the bill. We have read it and see it for what it is – how it is attached to a larger already passed law requiring the testing, identifying and TRACKING of Deaf children – TRACKING.
We see in wisconsin the blood testing going to the State Dept of Hygiene. Hygiene – yuck. That is a word the Nazis used in their quest for a perfect Aryan race – it was a euphemism “racial hygiene” We see in Idaho how a judge can order parents to make their Deaf daughter wear her CIs all her waking hours. Where is their OPTIONS and their RIGHTS.
Where is the Deaf child’s rights in all of this? S/he has 0 options – ZERO
Link to blog explaining how AB 2072 is optionLESS
link to blog explaining about the latest myth and lie

AB 2072 – an optionLESS option

AB 2072 and what it really says:

This bill now requires that after the screening and labeling and tracking of the “babe that failed the hearing test” (i.e. the Deaf baby) that the PARENTS BE REQUIRED TO GO TO AN AUDIOLOGIST for a follow up meeting.

Hmmmm? You can really require this in law?


You can proclaim and apparently legislate the virtues of “options” by MANDATING someone take their baby to an AUDIOlogist?

Kinda like in Wisconsin where you are required to have your baby’s blood tested for various “disorders” so it can be recorded in the State Dept of Hygiene (this is happening in 2010 folks) – they just expanded the law to include homebirths too – gotta get every babies’ blood registered.

In Wisc. you are only exempt if u can prove some type of religious reason for objecting to this blood taking, testing, and collecting. Hmmm how about “the–its-none-of-your-bloody-business-state-government” religion – unless I want the testing and request the testing.
Informed consent anyone?

Or maybe we can look at the HFEB – a bill that became law in the U.K. that has a big ole fat clause in it prohibiting anyone from selecting Deaf genes – only allowed to use the “normal” genes after pre-implanting screening.

Deaf genes are very hot commodities in lots of places folks. Patent on one Deaf gene – done. Deaf couples are constantly being asked if they want the embryo to be tested for deafness with the option for abortion. Genetic engineering is big.

We can ignore the fact that there is a cochlear implant surgeon in New Mexico that makes parents sign papers that they will raise their child oral / aural only and if they don’t, he won’t perform the surgery. Parents who truly want option for their kids and also want CIs have had to cross state lines to have CI surgery done in a different state where the doctors don’t have this non-option requirement.

And never mind about how CIs are now operated by remote control so that oral programs, audiologists, speech pathologists, and parents will not need to ask the Deaf child if they “are on,” they will just click the remote to activate the devices. Cuz apparently the child’s OPTIONS are unimportant here.

But I digress – back to the sunny state of CA and the proposed bill REQUIRING that parents go to AUDIOlogists whether they want to or not – ya know so they can learn about their “OPTIONS. ” (ya all should be saying WTF now – no I don’t mean Wow That’s Fabulous)

What’s the problem?
Suppose the parents don’t want to.
Let’s just suppose the parents think they still live in the U.S. of A. and they might even have a crazy and radical notion that its ok to be Deaf kinda like Feminism Is The Radical Notion That Women Are People. So suppose these enlightened parents (don’t care if they are Deaf or Hearing as folks fall all over the spectrum from audism to Deafhood regardless of their dB) and just suppose these parents are not freaked out by their offspring springing off the chart in terms of dB. Perhaps even a few of these parents are happy about it (gasp).

Can a state mandate and legislate that these parents MUST go to an AUDIOlogist under the pretense of mandating they get “neutral” information?

Neutrality ain’t real folks – look at Switzerland during WW II.

If you are looking for a place to get unbiased information on options – why an audiologist office???

Really, Seriously.

This is a hard concept to grasp? That some folks might say – its BAD ENUF that you mandate this test and charge the parents for the test and there is all this tracking stuff – Now ya gonna require me and MY BABY to go to an audiologist. SHOULDN’T T H A T be my OPTION. Shouldn’t that be MY CHOICE – MY DECISION. I didn’t have a choice over if my kid was gonna be Deaf or not but shouldnt i at least have the CHOICE of who to go see?

What’s next – a judge will order parents to make their Deaf child wear two cochlear implants all her waking hours regardless of if one is working or not? HA. Oh not funny – See the case currently before a court in Idaho. (and all the other stuff i mentioned above and all the other stuff i havent even learned about yet but is still happening)

Now im not saying audiologists = bad. I am not saying that so stop getting ready to leap and spin oh dear black kettle of unholiness.

I am simply saying – audiologists are trained to make folks hear – that is their job, their speciality, their function, their expertise, and their duty.

And I’m saying there is this little thing called KICK BACKS and there was a little Department of Justice announcement last week where Cochlear Americas had to pay $880,000 for kickbacks with physicians (i.e. doctors) and audiologists and other specialists and were jacking up the price of their CIs and making the govt foot the bill.

Oh and Advanced Bionics got hit with a $1.1 million dollar penalty for its faulty CIs that actually shocked infants and children and adults. Another lawsuit in process. These devices had been recommended by AUDiologists as one of the options for parents to consider.

Supposing parents of THE Deaf baby at moment of diagnosis say – great, cool, Deaf baby – me wanna talk to some Deaf folks, you know the people who know what it means to be Deaf in the first place. Call me crazy but just intuitively I’m being called to meet up with some Deaf folks. Why isn’t anyone requiring me to see them????

And me wanna get my hands on materials to do for the eye NATURALLY (and hands tactile if Deaf-Blind baby) what the audiologist wants to do to my babes ears ARTIFICIALLY and AGGRESSIVELY.

What am I to do if there is a LAW saying I MUST see the audiologist???

I must report to an audiologist?

I must? It’s a law???

All together folks – WTF!

Now suppose ALL me wanna make sure my baby knows is:
#1. we love her/him as s/he is
#2. Its good to be Deaf – it s a blessing
#3. Its good to live in a multicultural – multilingual world
#4. I’m glad you are here little one – lets get busy learning a language u can understand naturally and completely and let’s make sure you learn the majority culture’s language too and if a parent wants to throw in some other stuff – that is their choice.

So just as NO LAW should be passed forbidding parents from going to an audiologist etc NO LAW should be passed mandating that they do.

This is not a life threatening condition folks. In fact some people believe to be Deaf is actually a life enriching condition.

Deaf does NOT equal Death

for more TRUTHFUL information on the Stop AB 2072 campaign go to
To all the Oppose 2072 folks – U Rock Big Time.

READ the bill and SEE that by mandating folks to go to an audiologist they are actually REMOVING options.

Folks this is REAL important stuff – “First they came for….” applies here.

Now before the naysayers get all excited and start screaming extremists and closed mindedness or shouting out about the right to be non-deaf – keep spreading myths and lies and twisting – oh how you twist – and folks are gonna keep digging and more and more parents are gonna start to question just how fair and just and good is an oral / aural only experience for my child. How is a program that excludes ASL and visual acuity (i.e. anything that comes natural to my child) really an option at all??

Where is the CHILD’s option and choice in oral / aural / AVT / CIs????


odd how no one is talking about that, eh?


Patti Durr

Oppose b.s.

Oppose B.S.

When folks cross the line and send b.s. to governmental bodies i feel compelled to take a stand for the truth hence this blog entry.

The good news is that the starvation diet has been working and someone has gone totally desperate and is now grabbing and clutching at the thinnest of straws.

“True leaders do not lie to their own people and spread myths like that.”

Quote from Barry Sewell (aka theholism)’s video To California State Senators (see point 2:11)

Below the video box he states: “Hard copies of this video is being sent to California State Senators”

(this note added 6/25/2010 after confirmation that Barry’s pointless and nitpiky video letter to CA senators that involved copyright infringement was removed from DR/DVTV/Youtube and his own blogsite – cuz the original creator of the video and husband reported the misuse and abuse of their property. Thanks Michelle & husband for standing firm and strong) em>

All the below is still valid – especially if he did send the DVDs to the CA senators and especially if he never did (i.e. myths and lies and leadership – whistle is a blowing. Tea anyone?)

Now back to the “fact”? where Barry said he sent this video to CA senators:
Which Senators – all of them?
Does it matter? Nah, guess not (cuz maybe he isn’t really sending them – kinda like the letter to the CA Dept of Justice b.s.)

It is an awful lot of DVD burning and mailing from Arizona – costly investment of a worthless and fraudulent endeavor – but sadly not the first one.

Hopefully this will be the last one though. Hope spring eternal in me.

And for what purpose was this video letter to CA senators made by Barry??? – to show that a person signed “DOCTOR” when discussing AB 2072 and thus somehow that makes the whole protest moot and the activist guilty of “spreading lies and myth” – OH MY HEAVENS the kettle is so black here, dear.

I will quote what the man signed (no I ain’t using your transcript Barry cuz that might be copyright infringement and cuz it has bad verb tense usage)
“We are gathered here to protest against AB 2072. That bill is related to newborn Deaf babies. Understand that this bill depends on audiologists and doctors to make decisions about their lives and upbringing.”

AB 2072 states that it is an addition to the existing law, the Newborn Infant Hearing Screening, Tracking and Intervention Act which “requires every general acute care hospital with licensed perinatal services to offer every newborn a hearing screening test for the identification of hearing loss, as specified, and provide written information on the availability of community resources and services for children with hearing loss to the parents of those who are diagnosed with a hearing loss.”

So who exactly is gonna be doing all that screening, identification, and providing of written information in the hospital???

You guessed it (if you ain’t a dummie or dumb and deafless)

DOCTORS. You know folks who are trained to see Deaf as health issue, disease, disorder, affliction, etc.

Its already happening folks…EVERY DAY – EVERY WHICH WAY YOU TURN

Thus the gentlemen’s use of the sign doctor is still applicable. Even if it weren’t – Barry do you have no clue of how petty you look to be making a video that involves copyright infringement and having an intertitle frame that states:

“Watch the video carefully. This is one of many lies and myths being spread by some of the deaf leaders.”

Spooky music absent may be playing in the mind of the creator of this video letter to CA senators.

“…..and doctors…”’

YIKES – LIES – MYTHS (see Candy’s blog about how “they” can’t read if u want more myths about myths [unless ur head is already spinning too much])

Seriously this is the BEST BEST BEST most damaging evidence you can muster to take the time to mis-caption, illegally download, illegally distribute via your holism site, and illegally reproduce, burn and MAIL to senators? Holy crude boy – your logic totally worries me.

Taking illegally obtained materials and mailing them to out of state senators to prove someone else’s WRONG DOINGS??? When –
1. he really did nothing wrong
2. ya stole someone else’s property in your quest to out-do myth makings – at the very LEAST Barry you could have cited the source of your stolen materials – make a little effort to set a good example would ya.
3. That is the lamest lamest lamest example of a lie or a myth “and doctor” that I have ever seen and it screams out “look at me I am bloody desperate here – would you folks give me some real b.s. to work with.” No sorry love. We will not. Firm with love all the way here. We are on a truth campaign. See Gandhi’s soulforce / truthfoce. Yes, I know you hate it and yes I know it hurts.

There are MANY MANY MANY shortcomings in this bill and we totally ain’t dumb. The fact that you can not see them, ur unholiness, does not surprise me but it does make me sad. Stop by oodles and oodles of facts on the bill and see the truth. It only REQUIRES that you open your eyes.

So Barry Sewell – you might want to heed your own advice before you go lying to the Senators in CA or the CA Dept of Justice or a licensing board or……

“True leaders do not lie to their own people and spread myths like that.” Barry Sewell

would that you could heed your own advice

Folks – careful where u step b.s. is everywhere and that stuff sure do stink. Wipe your shoes before coming into the house, eh.

Now if folks would like to know a bit about Barry Sewell’s own lies and myth spreading – check out the below.

Facts and Fiction: CAD and Civic Duty

Transcript of Open Letter falsely accusing CAD of Discrimination

Deafhood Lies and the Blogsphere

What tangled webs Deaf Read and DVTV Weave

Looks like your spinner landed on black with this latest myth in Twister, Bar.

DR/DVTV thanks for pulling Barry’s “Evidence of Myths & Lies on AB 2072” blog and vlog entry. Cyberbullying and copyright infringement ain’t cool. This has a strike through now – 6/25/2010 because we just learned that DR/DTV did not do this removing on their own accord. It seems the human editors at DR and owner at DVTV still can’t discern what they should publish and what they should not without a little help. to modify and amend Barry’s quote to the CA Senators ““True leaders do not lie to their own people and spread myths NOR DO AGGREGATORS and WEBSITES PUBLISH THIS LIBEL, SLANDER, and CYBERDEFAMATION like that.” The credit really goes to Michelle and her husband for reporting the abuse and misuse of their property by Barry.

Looking forward to when the other ones get pulled cuz good publishers, aggregators, and website administrators don’t carry lies and myths that attack people and organizations.


DAWN’s Letter to PURPLE re: Cyberbullying on DR / DVTV

Deaf Abused Woman’s Network Letter by Executive Director Amy Rousseau to PURPLE re: Cyberbullying on DR / DVTV

ASADV’s Letter to Tayler, DR/DVTV re: Cyberbullying

Advocacy Services for Adult Deaf Victims Letter to Tayler
click the DRDTV00 to open the pdf

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