Appeal to VIEWERS to share their views on Cyberbullying and Audism

Text under video box
video reproduced here with permission. Special thanks to Nikki for translating the letter. Special thanks to all the folks who have sent or will send a letter (ASL or English)

Dear Friend:

I know you have appreciated having one-stop shopping places such as Deaf Read (DR) and Deaf Video TV (DVTV) and I know you have felt saddened and uncomfortable by all the hurt and harassing that has been sanctioned and posted in those two websites.

While I respect your choice to just be a viewer, it is times like these that we really need your views to be heard. PURPLE communications has been the sponsor of DR and DVTV and recently made the good and just choice to remove their banner and ads from DR and DVTV. They are in the process of re-assessing how well their PURPLE vendors fit their mission and vision.

We very much hope you will take the time to sign the petition and/or send a letter (ASL and/or English) to PURPLE to keep their ads and sponsorship pulled from DR/DVTV until offending b/vlogs are removed from DR and DVTV and DR/DVTV affirms its commitment to being free of audism and cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a very serious issue especially in such a small community.

By being a user of DR/DVTV, you generate traffic and clicks to these websites and in turn you communicate to the owner/operator and editors of DR/DVTV you are comfortable with the content of the b/vlogs they choose to carry when they have the editorial right to refrain from listing v/blogs that involve cyber attacks especially targeting Deaf children.

The petition may be signed at:

To see other letters in ASL and/or English go to:

Your involvement is very critical at this important juncture. There are very few spaces and places that are Deaf-centered and audism free.

So many good hands and hearts have gone quiet.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.



send ASL and/or English letters to:

you can also send to People of the Eye blogsite if you would like us to reproduce it here.

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  1. Barbara Kannapell
    Jun 03, 2010 @ 13:34:11

    Purple Communications,

    Enough is enough! Please reconsider your position supporting DeafRead and They are great for Deaf viewers who enjoy participating on blogs and vlogs by Deaf people. Deaf people have great freedom in choosing to read in English or sign in ASL. It is wonderful that you support them but you need to consider where you need to set limits on DR and DVTV. You should have a policy against cyberbullying and audism. Would you allow racism or sexism practices in the blogs and vlogs? No. I suggest that your staff go through sensitivity training on cyberbullying and audism. Please reconsider your position.
    Barbara Kannapell
    Pioneer in advocating bilingual and bicultural education of Deaf children

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