Joey Baer’s “Thank you Purple, now we do-do?”


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  1. David Ennis
    May 24, 2010 @ 04:14:35

    Thanks Joey for explaining a simple and clear detailed of Purple’s goals.

    I believe that Purple needs to make on some kind of pre-conditional agreement with Deafread.

    For example, Boys Scout policy that does not allow any member who is female as well as Girls Scout policy that does not allow any male member. Jewish Temple can’t hire anybody who is non-Jewish person for taking rabbi position as well as Baptist church can’t hire anybody who is non-Baptist person for taking pastor’s job. The gay and lesbian organization can’t accept anybody who is trying to “cure’ on his/her sexual orientation as well as the DeafRead SHOULD NOT ACCEPT anybody who is trying to “cure” or “miracle” on Deaf people.

    I strongly believe that the Purple should establish a condition with DeafRead. The condition will no longer recognize any subject in either blogger or vlogger that promotes “the positive cure” on deafness. If a blogger or vlogger creates “positive cure” subject. then the Deafread can’t post it and then inform them by encouraging blogger or vlogger to join the Deaf Village that promotes “the positive cure” instead.

    Second condition is that the Deafread will fully be responsibile for the blogger or vlogger who fails to control any harmful comments. Deafread must immediately be taking action on violated blogger or vlogger including the removal of the post or the ban of either vlogger or blogger.

    I would like to see the Deafread that must comply with the Purple’s conditions. If Deafread fails to comply with Purple’s conditions, then Purple’s sponorship will be cut off.

  2. Joey Baer
    May 25, 2010 @ 14:57:35

    Thanks David for sharing your thoughts. I am with you and now we only can wait and watch what Purple will do. I really have no problem if DVTV and Deafread continue and run their sites but not to harm Deaf Community like you stated above.

    Upward we go!

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