Robin Polin’s letter to PURPLE

Reproduced here with permission

Robin Polin
to ronald.obray(at),
date Tue, May 18, 2010 at 2:26 AM
subject My Petitions Request for Purple Communication

Dear Ronald, Mark, Dan and Rebecca,

I may come and share my feeling to express to all of you in my email regarding and DeafReader. I had been in both of DVTV and DR for about 2 years before I departed DVTV and DR. I have numerous of my vlogs and emails to complain against Tayler Mayers, Owner of DVTV, but he NEVER responses to my questions through either email or vlog “Why Tayler Mayers refuses to ban Barry Sewell, and Russell Eurrigo? The reason Mr. Mayers allowed them to audism, cyberbully and desire to destroy every organization and individual’s job and home; therefore, DVTV’s R-List is still there in DVTV. Although he did not practice what he preached. This is not fair to other deaf vloggers who got a banning from Mr. Mayers.

I personally feel that Purple Communication should discontinue a sponsor on DVTV and DR unless DVTV and DR need to clean up this mess up first. Second, I have no secure and faith in DVTV and DR because there is nothing to protect us from getting hurt.




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