Penny Browning’s letter to PURPLE

reprinted here with permission

From: penny
To: dan.luis(at)
CC: ronald.obray(at);
Subject: Deafread and
Date: Tue, 18 May 2010

Dan Luis
Chief Executive Officer
Purple Communications
595 Menlo Drive
Rocklin CA 95765

May 16, 2010

Dear Mr. Luis:

I would like to formally request Purple to cease sponsorship to Deafread and and request Mr. Tayler Mayer to remove Purple banners from both websites immediately. I have been quite displeased with both websites even though I have never posted a blog or video. I have left many comments in Deafread and e-mailed Mr. Tayler Mayer several times about my concerns. Sadly, he and I did not agree on many things especially with approving and publishing ongoing information that hurt our language, culture and image which were posted on both websites. I wish I had kept a record of all information that were posted. I found out a long time ago that I was not the only person who expressed the same concerns about both websites. Many bright and talented vloggers and bloggers have walked out because Tayler would not listen to their concerns i.e. constant attacks on vloggers, bloggers, ASL, Deaf organizations, Deaf culture and Deaf history. Tayler is an exceptionally gifted and talented person and it is the first time in Deaf History that we have control over making public statements about our precious and rich community. Tayler is capable of using his talents by approving and publishing truthful information about our true language and culture as this would be golden opportunity provide many wealth sources to Deaf community, parents of Deaf child/children, professionals and hearing people who are exposed to the Deaf community for the first time. Unfortunately, Tayler did not agree with this mission as he continues to approve and publish many controversial topics that hurt our image, language and culture.

When Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC) held a conference in Wisconsin two years ago, it was a huge success. However, editors from Deafread and few other bloggers created blogs and videos for many weeks attacking bloggers/vloggers for attending DBC conference and protesting against the Alexander Graham Bell (AGB) organization. Both attacks on websites were extremely ugly and mean-spirid. I forespected the people who did not agree with the protest at the Alexander Graham Bell (AGB) conference since they were entitled tO their opinions. However, many of them have crossed the line and falsely accused protesters for disruptive behaviors at the DBC conference. Some of them had called their work place and threatened their jobs. Tayler approved and published one blogger to allow one of the commentators to accuse a CSDF teacher for his poor work performance as he was anxious to share good news about huge success at the DBC conference and his experience on Deafhood journey.

One vlogger used his young teen to post several videos to mock Deaf organizations, i.e. DBC, Audism Free America, Deafhood and others. This same vlogger has recently made a copy of vlog by ACS (Alternative Solutions Center) on Narcissism so he could send the tape to the Licensure board regardless the vlogger did not name anyone in her vlog. Tayler did not take action against this paranoid Deaf vlogger and allowed him to continue to threaten her work and image. Another vlogger used his child’s name to report Utube when vloggers created videos about him. This same vlogger who used his child’s name in Utube also vandalized the blogger/vlogger’s home. The person shared her concerns with Tayler but he did not take any action. He still allow this same vlogger to use and he continues attacking many vloggers/bloggers today.

I can go on and wrid. many pages filled with incidents in Deafread and for the past three years but I feel that my concerns have said enough. Allow me to quote this from Purple website: “Many customers Purple’s leadership is passionate about the communities it serves because members of these communities are part of our leadership” so I hope your leadership will prove to us that you will act, and cease sponsorship to Deafread and and request banners in both websites be removed immediately.


Penny S. Browning
Bay Area, California

cc: Ronald Obray, Chairman Purple, Foundation
Mark Bella, Vice President, Outreach
Rebecca Adkins, Outreach
Alternative Solutions Center (ASC)
Patti Durr, People of the Eye (blogger)


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