Kathryn’s Letter to PURPLE

Reprinted here with permission

Hello Purple staff as stated in email list above,

I write this letter according to my principles, and also I endorse this letter of Patti Durr’s and many others’. I am e-mailing and ask you to consider discontinuing your sponsorship of Deaf Read (DR) and DeafVideo.Television (DVTV). Both of these websites are important tools for the Deaf community that have been sanctioning and promoting attacks against members of our community – including children.

When DR and DVTV would comply with their own guidelines not to list or publish attack blogs / vlogs and prohibited Dysconscious Audism and Audism as it does sexism, racism, heterosexism, etc., I would have no issue with them. Unfortunately, DR and DVTV have chosen to run numerous v/blog entries attacking organizations and individuals. as follows:
Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC), Audism Free America (AFA), Deafhood Foundation, Ella Mae Lentz, Dr. Candace McCullough and daughter, Nikki and daugther, and many more.
Yes, I support free speech but it does not allow slander and libel. DR and DVTV have editorial rights to simply not carry blogs/vlogs or specific entries that are harmful to our community yet they haven’t followed many.

Tayler and I had been communicating via e-mail to address my concerns. He did not consider or do what my concerns were. As long as YouTube keep those vlogs, and so will he. I pointed that YouTube does not understand Deaf people’s signing and Tayler does and countless the valid points. Yet, my concerns continue to be invalid to Tayler.
B/vlogs expressing opinions are fine – b/vlogs called FACTS when they are in fact NOT should not be carried by a reputable aggregated person(s) and website which YOU, PURPLE, sponsor and support. Please correct me if I am mistaken concerning the source of sponsor and support DR and DVTV by you, Purple company.
As Patti Durr noted in her letter, “When Imus made derogatory comments towards African-American women, the community spoke out against it and the radio program and sponsors that carried him put him in his place. The sponsors listened to the community’s concern and helped refine where the line is even for shock jockey’s. The radio station and Imus were held accountable.” I had seen this one as well.
What PURPLE has been financing via DR and DVTV is unacceptable and reflects very badly on a company that is trying to show its loyalty, care, and support of a disenfranchised community while facing very difficult times.

I would like to request that you put your remaining funds to better use than to sponsor websites that do harm. Many, many, and many great voices and ideas have grown silent in the face of what DR and DVTV have been sanctioning and promoting. In addition, some good voices have grown ugly as a result of seeing these injustices.
I beseech upon you to listen to the wisdom of Joey Baer, Patti Durr, and all the other unheard cries, “to bigotry, no sanction, to persecution no assistance.” PURPLE must listen to its conscience and cut off DR and DVTV if DR and DVTV choose not to cut off b/vloggers who have attacked, libeled and slandered organizations and individuals in our community.
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or clarification.

Thank you kindly,


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