Shawn Elfrink’s Letter to PURPLE & NAD re: DR and DVTV

Permission to reprint here.

Text of the letter is below the video

Sent May 17, 2010
Sent to:
Rosaline Crawford
cc: Patti Durr, Ella Mae Lentz, Joey Baer, Candace McCullough

Dear Purple Sirs/Ma’am and NAD officers
(Rosaline Crawford, from NAD Law, pls do pass my email out to the rest NAD officers and staff),
CC: Deaf vloggers and bloggers ( I need my own witnesses)

First, I am requesting you, the Purple sponsorship to stop the fundings to those 2 websites: from this and now. Only a week ago they VRS companies emerged from the FCC rates cuts and the majority VRS owners are now depended on the U.S. Government FCC money rates. So even if they’re not using government bucks to pay for the DeafRead and DVTV websites and plus they both websites, DVTV and DeafRead are NOT generally 501(c)3’s (charities) organizations. It’s tough to justify spending money to sponsor the ad banner on DeafRead and DVTV when thousands of people are losing their jobs. Just to remove all of your vlogs, blogs, ad banners and the sponsor fundings out of both DeafRead and DVTV websites now until the owner of DeafRead and DVTV must start act RESPECT NOW!!!! It is not appropriate for the DeafRead and DVTV to educate my Deaf son how to use HATE CRIME!!! I am gonna tell my Deaf son not to use Purple (P3) anymore in case if you, the Purple do not stop fundings to DVTV and DeafRead.

Second, I am requesting you, NAD to remove all of your vlogs and blogs out of 2 websites: DeafRead and DVTV now because DeafRead and DVTV are not generally 501(c)3’s (charities) organizations!!!! We do not see the DeafRead and DVTV owner sponsor any of organizations and to any other Deaf website owners. It is time for us to see the NAD start to respect the Deaf community without any kinds of oppressions against among the Deaf individuals by requesting the DVTV and DeafRead owner to close the NAD’s accounts from DeafRead and DVTV but just keep the NAD’s videos ALIVE on youtube account.

Thank you for your own time to read my concern Open Letter to Purple and NAD.

Respectfully yours,
Mrs. Shawn Elfrink aka the PopeMistress


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