Patti Durr’s letter to PURPLE

My letter to PURPLE representatives
(note – typo severe should read as sever)

sent to the email addresses below (replace the (at) with @ and the (dot) with .

Sun, May 16, 2010 at 2:13 PM
subject PURPLE’s support of DeafRead and DVTV

I write this letter with a heavy heart. I am writing to ask you to severe your sponsorship of Deaf Read and DVTV. Both of these websites are important tools for the Deaf community that have been sanctioning and promoting attacks against members of our community – including children.

If Deaf Read and DVTV would comply with their own guidelines not to list or publish attack blogs / vlogs and prohibited audism as it does sexism, racism, heterosexualism etc, I would have no issue with them. Unfortunately DR and DVTV have chosen to run numerous v/blog entries attacking organizations and individuals:
Deaf Bilingual Coalition
Audism Free America
Deafhood Foundation
Ella Mae Lentz
Dr. Candace McCullough and daughter
Nikki and daugther
and many more

I truly value free speech but it does not allow slander and libel. DR and DVTV have editorial rights to simply not carry blogs/vlogs or specific entries that are harmful to our community.

B/vlogs expressing opinions are fine – b/vlogs called FACTS when they are in fact NOT should not be carried by a reputable aggregator and website which YOU, PURPLE, sponsor and support.

When Imus made derogatory comments towards African-American women, the community spoke out against it and the radio program and sponsors that carried him put him in his place. The sponsors listened to the community’s concern and helped refine where the line is even for shock jockey’s. The radio station and Imus were held accountable.

We will do no less for our Deaf community. What PURPLE has been financing via DR and DVTV is unacceptable and reflects very badly on a company that is trying to show its loyalty, care, and support of a disenfranchised community while facing very difficult times.

I would be pleased if you put your remaining funds to better use than to sponsor websites that do harm. Many many many great voices and ideas have become paralyzed or silent in the face of what DR and DVTV have been sanctioning and promoting. In addition, some good voices have grown ugly as a result of seeing these injustices.

I beseech upon you to listen to the wisdom of Joey Baer and all the other unheard cries, “to bigotry, no sanction, to persecution no assistance.” PURPLE must listen to its conscience and cut off DR and DVTV if DR and DVTV choose not to cut off b/vloggers who have attacked, libeled and slandered organizations and individuals in our community.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Patti Durr


13 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Diane
    May 17, 2010 @ 19:28:04

    Did you get my email earlier?

  2. Candy
    May 17, 2010 @ 23:06:23

    Patti, I’m curious what the timeline really showed? Reason why I’m asking you this because like many people, including you and myself, we all are getting sick and tired of seeing all that crap online. But, does anyone bother to stop the double standards?

    The reason why I’m bringing this up now is because I’ve been waiting for someone to say something. First off, are you aware that Nikki made a libelous comment in Twitter in reference to Barry and his family? Ridor ran off with that, and when he shared further stories that include information about Barry’s son, he claimed he got it from a reliable source. I mean, prior to Nikki bringing it up, was there any libelous information thrown at her? Prior to her making that comment in Twitter? Because from what I remember, Nikki brought it up. Ridor and ASLitself ran with it and then Barry made that vlog. Whether the story is true or not, doesn’t matter at all. It should not have been brought up in the first place in this medium. (if in fact there was more before Nikki, other than general amnosity that does not include libeling each other, do let me know cuz I might have missed that) Wouldnt you say that if Nikki hadn’t brought that up, Ridor would not have made vlogs about Barry and his family and neither would ASLitself. And, Barry would not have made that vlog.

    It all starts with us, Patti. We don’t need babysitters cuz we ain’t kids.

    Granted there are some people that certain bloggers and vloggers despites, perhaps it’s time to ignore the people they don’t like. I am willing to bet ya that if everyone stops all that personal trash, we would not be seeing any of it escalating.

    I think that when it comes to putting down an organization, that’s ok because it is a “thing” rather than a “person” per se. Ya know, like.. AGBell, DBC, Cochlear Corp, Deafhood. But, when it comes to an individual, that is where the line should be drawn.

    Your thoughts?

  3. aslnikki
    May 18, 2010 @ 00:32:16

    Candy aka GamasWanderings,

    I recall saying something unpleasant. This was my personal opinion of the particular individual and I feel I have every right to express it. This has nothing to do with what information is circulating out in the community regarding the man. He was once a confidante of mine and I am beyond disappointed that our friendship turned sour. I very very rarely cut off communication with anybody as I am a forgiving person since I am far from perfect too. What information you have is far from the truth. It is no body’s business to know the details as it is between me and him.

  4. Sean
    May 18, 2010 @ 01:55:43


    Why blame the tool that brings us information while it’s individual (and/or parents’) responsibilities in presenting the information itself?

    If there’s no DR/DVTV, what next? Where would we would find a such wonderful aggregate place where we all can find any deaf-related issue?

    I cannot fathom this.


  5. the one and only ridor
    May 18, 2010 @ 04:24:26

    Candy, if Barry restrain from bashing others, I would not use the insensitive information to go after Barry. You see, Barry called me “The Void” quite often and that is amusing.

    However, the point is: The very first one to insult, stalk, offend or harass upon the others, the others reserve the right to retaliate to defend ourselves. That’s when you jump in screaming double standards.

    The bottom line: Stop insults and stick with discussions with people to disagree or agree. No need to make phone calls to threat this, that and there. When they won’t stop that activities, I reserve the right to dig up in their affairs to put them back in place!

    And you whine about double standards? You’re full of shit. When Barry, Russell & HonBrit went on assault others offline and what did you do? Nothing.


  6. the one and only ridor
    May 18, 2010 @ 04:25:56 for starters. People said that the only place to check movies is — not true. is there. Something will pop up along …


  7. handeyes
    May 18, 2010 @ 04:30:59

    Hi Sean
    we (those of us who are advocating for peace and justice) are holding the owner/operator and editors of DR and DVTV who sanctioned and approved of those b/vlogs going up accountable. We are also holding PURPLE accountable for sponsoring those two websites that run those harmful v/blogs that attacked children

    But if you are asking why dont we hold Barry Sewell accountable himself – oh I do. I do. But he would not even be able to make a sound in the wilderness that is the internet if Tayler did not list his blog attacking Candace on the front page of DR and his vlog attacking Nikki on DVTV.

    Your calling DR/DVTV such WONDERFUL aggregators shows that you do not have a care or concern for the NUMEROUS people who have been harmed by these wonderful tools because the owner/operator and editors ACTIVELY approved and posted and/or listed this stuff.

    Many folks stay with DR / DVTV cuz they have nothing to jump ship onto – necessity is often the best teacher and making good and righteous choices for the good of the group often teaches us that we did have choices all along.

    I can not fathom how you can not fathom why we would want DR/DVTV not just to be a tool but for it to be a GOOD tool.

    I hope you realize that by staying with DR/DVTV – using it etc you are sanctioning those attacks that included children. You too have a choice friend.



  8. handeyes
    May 18, 2010 @ 04:51:53

    HI candy

    my thoughts are? “im wondering does she really want to know my thoughts when she asks what my thoughts are?”

    My thoughts re: where the line should be drawn is
    (dont care who started it – when they go for the kids and the kids had nothing to do with the situation i get pissed and so should you)

    (this too should piss u all Candy cuz not only did some folks get hoodwinked)


    there are many many many more examples

    MANY but those are the ones above are overt and indisputable and CLEAR LINES that have been crossed and DR / DVTV have left that shit up

    RE: putting down organizations – u know im not too cool with that – if u are putting down that organization under FALSE PRETENSES and spreading lies and bullshit about them. nah i ain’t cool with that. (see all Barry’s vlogs about DBC that he called Fact 1 – 20+ which are falsehoods)

    Now folks do and say a lot of things in the b/vlogsphere that i dont exactly admire but i do now the difference between when someone is asserting an opinion or sharing a thought or two and when someone is calling something a FACT when it is NOT. who are they kidding – many folks. Many folks have been deceived. This is the thing that has upset me the most Candy – i have seen some folks actually cry. This guy has called them children and crybabies and even said if they got emotionally upset it was their own fault. I am so sad to see their faces of betrayal and shame. It is NOT right babe and you know it. MAny good folks are coming forward to share how they were duped by the dope.

    In terms of double standards – i am sure their are triple and quadruple standards out there in the blogsphere.

    it does NOT justify lying or attacking kids that did none of the attacking themselves in a community that is about the size of a peanut.

    Your thoughts?



  9. handeyes
    May 18, 2010 @ 15:46:28


    I unapproved of your recent comments because you are insulting these children by comparing their conduct to Barry’s son. I do NOT support any attacks on Cobi.

    (note – i have taken out my long connecting the dots for candy here cuz i now realize i was responding to dysfunctional discourse and based on Candy’s subsequent attempt to comment I saw how she tried to derail yet again. Thanks for waking me up there.)

    Check out DVTV ohbuckaroo – most of those videos are still up there.

    Which is the POINT OF THIS BLOODY THREAD CANDY – that DVTV publishes this stuff and LEAVES it up there.

    I ain’t cool with THAT.

    DVTV has a choice – they can carry that sh#t or they can be part of the paradigm shift.

    Sh#t or Shift – the choice is theres

    Please oh please oh please tell me u can see the difference between what Barry did to Nikki’s daughter and Candace daughter and what Cobi has been doing

    oh my heavens

    feeling hopeless here girl

    if you need me to send you back your long missive trashing and trying to scapegoat and blame other folks in the blogsphere for the Sh#t tossing festival so you can post it in your own blog site – just holler. Im happy to return to you that which is yours but i am not publishing that sh#t – see i have discretionary decision making skills and see i know you could have posted that in your own blog rather than trying to dirty up me own.

    Yes i have gone testy again babe cuz that was very very very LOW of you.

    we ain’t kids – remember

    lastly – please know that when i see stuff i am not cool with – i call folks out on it. i have done it all over the blogsphere. I have told ridor when i thought something was not cool. I have told john e when i have thought somethign was not cool. i have told carl s when i thought something was not cool.

    have i policed the entire internet – no girl. cuz i have a bloody life ya know. But if something is gonna go up in my space – u can dang well bet im gonna make sure it has not crossed the line into attacks or LIES.



  10. Nancy
    May 18, 2010 @ 20:10:41

    Sean and your twitter friends (Neil McDevitt, Billy Koch)

    If you google internet about aggregators and removal of links, you will see that aggregators can accept or remove links.

    If you read from many letters and comments, they are about Barry Sewell and his behaviors. Deafread and Deafvideo prefer to keep Barry Sewell and lose many good Deaf people. Ugly stuff brings hits. Deafread and Deafvideo only care about money/profits even if it means keeping posts/comments by Barry Sewell that are completely false. Even Deafread and Deafvideo editors know Barry is a very sick man. It does not take a doctor to realize Barry is sick. Google Barry’s name. You will see almost nothing good about him.

    Do you condone threats of employment? Do you condone use/abuse of children to get back to adults? Think about it before you twitter supporting Tayler’s(DR/DVTV behaviors.

  11. ASLElla
    May 19, 2010 @ 06:08:21

    Thank you so much. You’ve been smokin’ your keyboard recently and you have been marvelous. You are admirable because you practice what you preach and you spread courage and principles where you go. You clearly have the good vision and understanding of whatnot means to truly stand up for empowerment and justice. Thank you.

  12. handeyes
    May 20, 2010 @ 21:13:33

    ur welcome ASLElla

    back at ya

    and kudos for all the standing u have been doing under the constant constant battery of attacks

    we be nothing without the whole

    as margaret mead said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”



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