Misha’s Letter to PURPLE

Sent May 16, 2010
Permission to reproduce here

Dear Sirs/Ma’am….
I’m writing a letter to you that I urge you to withdraw Purple’s sponsorship from DeafRead and DeafVideo because the owner of DeafRead and DeafVideo, Brian Tayler Mayer refused to remove some questionable videos that most of us are objecting to due to dyconscious audism. Those few individuals really do deserve some serious banishment because they kept doing the same thing over and over. Tayler kept turning his face other way when we complained about those individuals while he banned and/or suspended a few other vloggers within short time while those same individuals got away and still made several potshots at few people. Much worse part is he hasn’t done anything. That is why I got fed up and walked out of DVTV back in late August or early September of 2009. I never got back to DVTV ever since because that still has been going on and on and on while others were either banned or suspended or walked out of DVTV. Recently, the worst part is he wouldn’t take down one blog out of DeafRead when one prolific vlogger made a vlog which was just fine and dandy. However the vlog was attacked from left to right by one sick individual who promptly posted a blog and left scathing video comments at both DR and DVTV, what did Tayler do? He kept turning his face away. What is fair? What is not fair? What is right? What is not right? How do we differentiate which is wrong and right? Where is true justice? One For Justice…..Justice For All. I hope you find your heart to do your right thing about this situation everyone is in.
Thank you for your time to read this letter.
Sincerely yours,
Misha aka InsaneMisha

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