linguicism – send a letter to the editor in support of the article “An Interesting Paradox”

sample letter below

vlog explaining that the editor of Exceptional Family has received criticism from oral/aural only supporters for running an article by Dr. J. Freeman King about the value and importance of allowing Deaf babies and infants to sign. The vlog encourages people to send letters of support to the editor for running this article.

you can send your letters to:
Aviva Engel, Editor, Exceptional Family
editor @

Sample email:

Greetings Editor Engel:

I regret to learn that you have received criticism for running the article “An Interesting Paradox: Sign Language for Children who Hear and Speech for Children who are Deaf” (Spring 2010) in Exceptional Family by Dr. J. Freeman King. Many people have been puzzled by why it is ok and encouraged to teach Hearing children to sign while Deaf children are denied this fully accessible and natural language.

The article is very important and the negative emails you are receiving about it are the result of linguisim (the belief that one language is superior to another) and audism (the believef that to Hear and Speak is superior to being Deaf).

Dr. Jim Cummins of Canada has written on this subject and you might desire to contact him for more information on the bilingual / bicultural rights of Deaf infants and children in Canada. Tove Skutnabb-Kangas has written about this crisis on an international level as well.

Cummins, Jim, and Danesi, Marcel, Heritage languages : the development and denial of Canada’s linguistic resources / Jim Cummins, Marcel Danesi Our Schools/Our Selves Education Foundation : Garamond Press, Toronto : 1990

Thank you for running this important article.