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Cochlear Implants in 6 mo cool? Where is the FDA?

vlog discussing implanting of Deaf infants before 1 year old. sign petition for safety of CI
call for an independent and impartial investigation into the long term psychological, social, cultural, linguistic, and physical impact of CI
link to article on 6 mo old bilaterial implants
link to article on 9 mo old implant
link to People of the eye blogsite


malcolm X quote

discussing the the book Martin & Malcolm & America by Cone and the importance of Malcolm X to the civil rights movement and the Black Pride and Power movement. Shares a quote from Malcom X and some comparing and contrasting of MLK with Malcolm X

MLK – Assert your Somembodyness and Taking a Stand

Sharing a few of my fav. quotes from MLK and why good courage, truth force / soul force are so important. see… for ASL version by Ella and MLK clip with cc. My vlog commentary explains why not giving in to threats and hostilities is so important, why challenging the bad with love and firmness are so important, how we must believe we are somebody and worthy of being treated equally and justly. civil disobedience – boycott, marches, petitions, sit-ins are peaceful ways to be firm with love and challenge injustice and assert our somebodyness. No Death of the Spirit folks