Big Hand Wave to Chuck Baird – artist and advocate

vlog giving big handwaves and hats off to Chuck Baird – a champion De’VIA (Deaf View / Image Art) artist and advocate for the arts. With a few samples of his work and an invitation to share your thoughts and well wishes for Chuck and his health. See Chuck’s home page See interview w/ CB at Look for Tracey Salaway’s upcoming film on Chuck.


if u want to see a write up about Chuck’s artwork “Scrabble” – go to:

Clerc Scar 4.2


Afghanistan war = quagmire?

vlog sharing my concerns about the ongoing 8 year war in Afghanistan and the escalation of U.S. troops
concerns re: cost of U.S. military personnel lives, Afghanistan civilian lives, U.S. economy and reputation.
Robert Kennedy who originally advocated for supporting South Vietnam against the North, later opposed the Vietnam war in 1968 when running for president. He said it was time to sit down at the table for a peace accord – he shared quote from Roman times saying we do not want to “make a desert and call it peace.” I am hopeful that President Obama will remember his promises to us – promises of hope, change, and an end to these wars.