Demonstration Students at ICED Milan 1880

Facts and quotes from the ICED Milan Congress of 1880 where oralism was delcared to be superior to sign and thus began the banishment of natural sign languages in classrooms, dorm rooms, and livingrooms, and living rooms across the globe.
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see for quotes and other information
see A Place of Their Own for facts and details

ICED Milan 1880 Language Bigotry



discussion of the Milan, Italy 1880 International Congress on the Education of the Deaf (ICED) conference where the “incontestable superiority of speech over sign” was proclaimed and oralism became the law of the land in Deaf schools. to see the Milan resolutions:… and to learn about a current effor to get ICED to apologize for the Milan Congress go to

Language Bigotry

vlog explaing part of Dr. Lane’s Mask of Benevolence – Part 4 Language Bigotry and the Deaf Community.
mentions Francois Grosjean, whose article on bilingual rights for the Deaf child is in the new Deaf Studies Digital Journal ( click ARTICLES then pick sign language u want it in (ASL, BSL or ISL) for text version in many different languages –