tayler – hi

hi tayler

i see you are creating blog posts to me personally over in Y3 but when i comment they are awaiting moderation so its a bit hard to have a dialogue

do u want to comment over here or maybe we can vp?



here is my reply to your first blog entry this evening directed at me:

this is my reply to tayler’s response over at

it is awaiting moderation

hi tayler

i want to reiterate aidan’s sentiments – I love you. I truly do. That ain’t gonna change.

However i have emails from you dated July 1st that you would be adding audism to the guidelines (after you requested from me a one sentence definition of audism and after you said you had discussed it with our editors)

you never did – i had checked in with u a few times afterward and no response

i had said – if you have changed ur mind – fine how do i move people of the eye so its not a Deafreadblog (its in my url address etc) no reply

month passed

DVTV walk out happened in sept – many folks feel that audism is the root of some of the attacks in DVTV

u vlogged that u hadnt ever gotten any email complaints about audism prior

WHAT – what was all our email exchange in june about?

i email you for clarification – what do you mean audism was never brought to your attention as an issue with the guidelines by anyone prior?

Oct 2 we have a videophone conversation after a few days of emails in which u stated u had consulted with team members etc

in the Oct 2 VP chat i asked for confirmation – you will be adding cultural groups and disability to the DR guideline #8 and you said YES

on oct 3 you confirm via email that you will be revising both guidelines this week

IF DR and DVTV did not recognize other groups such as (race, age, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation) i could understand why you would be reluctant to add the concept of audism to your guidelines

it is not easy to enforce your guidelines in terms of determining what constitutes attacks based on race, age, religion….

but Deaf Read and DVTV have decided that those groups are IMPORTANT ENOUGH AND WORTHY ENOUGH OF JUSTICE

Deaf ASL folks and folks who identify with a disability are IMPORTANT ENOUGH AND WORTHY ENOUGH OF JUSTICE as well

you have offered to transfer all my blog entries and comments over to the new site – thank you. this is what i asked for last july when it became apparent that you were no longer going to add audism as promised despite no replies from you to my inquiries and requests to move over my stuff if u no longer wanted to put Deaf ASL culture and deaf as disability on equal footing as other groups

I do love you with all my heart.

I hate seeing the pain you are in

I hate seeing that i am the source of some of your pain

Many folks said the name and plaque of AG Bell at NTID was no big deal and just leave it alone and move on. ignore it etc

u were one of the people that championed that cause because it WAS and IS important

This is too

much love and peace


for your second blog entry – i wrote:


im totally lost about what you are referring to


seriously lost me



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  1. handeyes
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 02:56:13

    other comment that i posted in Y3 Dear patti Again Hurwitz

    posting it here because it is awaiting moderation over there

    Posted October 19, 2009 at 6:48 pm | Permalink
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    hi tayler

    more puzzles – my comment here is approved and up by my comment in the Dear Patti thread is still awaiting moderation when it came in earlier – hmmmm – wanna check spam folder?

    if u cant see it – i also posted it over at handeyes people of the eye in case folks want to see it our you need to copy and paste:

    re: your Dear Patti … Again Re: Hurwitz posting here above – here is the link to my positing that i guess inspired this blog entry for you

    so if i read your comment to Aidan correctly – you are very angry with me for not list ALL the reasons – i only listed the reasons that i had seen

    hadnt see the reasons you listed – can you give me a link to any blog or vlog that explains these protest plans because Dr. Hurwitz is not Deaf enough?

    very curious that u have created these blog entries and not addressed the main issue – YOU KNOW THE GUIDELINES AND YOUR LACK OF ADDING AUDISM TO THE GUIDELINES

    re: your questioning my truthfulness – pls know that i speak the truth. When i say that i love you and i believe in you – i am being truthful

    much much peace


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