my replies to tayler are "awaiting moderation"

hi all

i made replies in y3 but they are awaiting moderation – i copied and pasted my replies in the blog entry that inspired the Dear Patti postings – scroll down to the bottom comments after u click the link for my replies. other comments that came in after me are up so im a bit puzzled why the blog entries are Dear Patti…

But Dear Patti can’t reply there???


1. too hard to prove or define or enforce
that can be true at times for attacks on race, gender, sexual orientation etc but still they are listed in the guidelines

2. no real issues with audism in DR lately
that is true for attacks on race, gender, sexual orientation etc (not many attacks based on race, religion etc lately) but still they are listed in the guidelines

3. other blog aggregators etc don’t have audism in their guidelines
not yet. they will soon. wouldnt it be cool if DR / DVTV were the first?

4. im sure there are other reasons im missing but none of them can explain to me why those other groups are listed and Deaf ASL folks and deaf as disability folks or folks with other disabilities are not included too

really im so puzzled about why it is not added and why facts of what transpired are being misrepresented or suppressed (still awaiting approval just as i was awaiting and waiting for audism to be added to the guidelines as i was told it would be) shall i forward that interesting email?

speak now or forever hold your peace or until this ole issue resurfaces again and again until we get it right

why is it right and just and good for those groups to be named and numbered and for Deaf ASL folks and deaf as disabled or other disabled folks not to be equally respected in the DR / DVTV guidelines?



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  1. Aidan Mack
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 05:02:38

    My comment is also in moderation waiting at Tayler’s post– Dear Patti…

    Barry… I will not have this dialogue with you unless you be man and stop blocking me. You also need to stop running to other vloggers site and make comments about me… A cowperson or buckaroo don’t do that… They face thy enemies… 🙂

    Deaf Pundit… Same with you.. Be woman and stop removing my comments from your blog… Please do not preach while you don’t practice on yourself… You have the tendency of twisting people’s intentions that you have personally grudge against them…

    My comment still stands and it is for me to share my observation and my feelings to tayler… A feeling create a thought… Without a feeling, there will be no thought… 🙂

    People do find Deafread and DeafVideo as their second home or Deaf club… It hurts them that they felt that they were not being heard and acknowledged by the owner… The trust had been broken between the owner and other people. Do not try to minimize or to simply discard these people who have a problem with tayler…

    Tayler… I understand what you were saying about demanding… Well… Remember last year at DeafRead… it hadn’t been solved… the VERY same problem from DeafRead had appeared at DeafVideo… and it hadn’t been solved… It is not like out of blue. My whole point of this… I hope both sides will be heard and acknowledged… continue to find a solution… It is for Deafvideo’s and Deafread’s well beings…. We are losing many good vloggers, comment makers, and viewers…

    🙂 about pool… It would be cool if all members of DeafRead and DeafVideo to jump into the pool on the count… Maybe it will make a difference… 🙂

  2. patti
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 05:34:53

    big thanks aidan

    seems free speech is not entirely valued as some keep spinning the broken record of…
    “we must protect free speech over hate speech”
    and some ask:
    – well why are you not allowing attacks on race, age, gender then…
    why are they not allowed under the cloak of free speech when audism is?

    – well if u value free speech why do you block my comments or why do you delete them

    – well if you want healthy discussions – why do you suppress the truth

    re: demanding – i wouldnt be demanding “audism” be in the guidelines if:
    – other groups were not already duly represented
    – it was not the right thing to do
    – i had not been given repeated notifications from the owner and operator of DR and DVTV that it would be added

    re: trust – yes it is breaking my heart

    re: DR and DVTV deserve the best – yes i agree

    me jump in the pool too



  3. Tayler
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 07:40:13

    Patti, your comment was LONG, as is usual. A post in itself. You have to be patient as I write my reply. I asked you to be patient with your demand in my Dear Patti post, and then you aren’t patient again.

    Have you ended your boycott? This was published to your old blog. I’m not sure what your plans are.

  4. brenster-
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 12:42:22

    I see no logic in Tayler’s argument, and ironically he was the one who started an attempt at dividing us by spreading false rumor about a possible protest.

    Tayler has been telling people to turn down their heat, but he needs to turn down HIS!!!

  5. observer
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 14:37:44

    I agree with Brenster.

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