Crematorium Revolt – CODA sisters part of revolt in Auschwitz


never far away



short vlog explaining about the Crematorium Revolt in 1944 in Auschwitz-Birkenau where the Sonderkommandos (Jewish men, who worked the crematoriums, were smuggled gun powder from a few Jewish women who worked in the munitions factory in the camp. Two of the women were CODA sisters (Esther and Anna) and had Deaf parents from Poland who had been exterminated. The revolt succeeded in destroying one of the ovens. The surviving Sonderkommnados were captured, interrogated for names, and shot. The four women were captured, raped and tortured for more names involved in the revolt. They only revealed names of people who were already captured or killed. Anna, the younger sister was hid and protected, the other 4 were hung. Roza Robota prclaimed right before being hung “Be strong and be brave.”
Anna survived and lives in Canada – she wrote a memoire with many details about growing up with Deaf parents, her father’s wood workshop, and their household as well as her experiences in the camps and the revolt – see Never Far Away. Also go to and click: Deaf Europeans + Holocaust then US Holocaust Memorial Museum for image of Anna and Esther’s Deaf parents, Jacob and Rebeka, and click survivors (scroll down) for a summary of Anna’s story as well as a powerpoint about her. Other links


To Be or Not To Be – Social Darwinism and Eugenics



Why Im Boycotting DR and DVTV

summary of vlog:

thanks to Cheryl of Ma for bringing up the concern that alot of discussion about Deaf Read in Deaf Read was all taking place in text English with no ASL.

You are right and I apologize.

Here is a summary of the issue with DR

Boycotts are a peaceful form of protest in the spirit of “truth force.” It is unjust for Deaf Read and Deaf Video TV to prohibit attacks based on race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion and EXCLUDE cultural groups and disability groups. The TRUE FACTS – July 1st the owner and operator of DR and DVTV wrote in an email: ” ill add audism in the guidelines — try to do this today!!! yay!!!” He never followed through on this commitment and did not reply to any inquiries as to when or if he had changed his mind. Mid Sept the owner and operator of DR and DVTV said in a vlog he had gotten no concerns or communications about “audism” within DVTV. Oct 2 the owner and operator of DR and DVTV agreed in a VP chat that he would add cultural group and disability to the guidelines in DR. Oct 3 the owner and operator of DR and DVTV replies in an email “need to sit down and revise both guidelines this week. thanks patti”  It is October 22 and it still has not been added.


Vlog re: boycotting DVTV – sept 17

Cheryl of Ma shared her concerns about the Deaf read blogging that had no ASL form – i will try to vlog something tmw but in the mean time folks can see the vlog i made on boycotting DVTV at: (made on Sept 17)

Thank you Cheryl for vlogging about this



Facts and Patience – my last post in the old People of the Eye deafread url

NOTE the old People of the eye at dr will be wiped out next week – everything is now over here



The Facts and Patience – DeafRead and doing the right thing

Posted by pdurr on Oct 20th, 2009

Hi all

patience is not my strong point but i did check back to see when i had first started advocating for audism in the guidelines of DR and i have stuff going back to June 2008 (via my blog entries) and July 2008 (via emails to the owner and operator of DR)- one year and 3 mo ago. i had advocated over the past year that disability, culture, and language be added to the DR Guideline #8, which presently identifies 6 groups but not disabled or Deaf ASL folks.

The current guidelines state:

“We will not post anything that is an attack on a specific race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orienation, age or religion. This offense is serious and the offending blog will be promptly considered for removal from DeafRead’s subscription.”

Thus racism, sexism, heterosexualism, ageism, and religious persecution are not tolerated in DR – free speech is RIGHTFULLY restricted by DR if a b/vlog carries any of the above – they wont run the post.

its not always easy to gauge if a person is being attacked based on race, gender, ethnicity…. but blog and vlog aggregators make a commitment to say “hey that ain’t cool here”

from time to time over the year i resumed more discussions on this topic of adding audism to the guidelines with the owner and operator of DR / DVTV- in person, via email etc

this past summer after some very positive emailing re: getting audism into the guidelines of DR and DVTV – on July 1 i got an email from the owner and operator of DR / DVTV which stated:
“i have a lot of things going on and am juggling them all! :) i’ll add audism in the guidelines — try to do this today!!! yay!!!”

Weeks went by and weeks went by and still no audism or the other terms added to the guideline – sent a few emails asking when it would be added

Months go by – So i email – have you changed your mind? If you have pls let me know so I can remove my blog from DR and start blogging and remain in boycott

DVTV walk out happens in Sept – the owner and operator of DR and DVTV vlogs that NO ONE had ever emailed him about “audism” being an issue re: DR and DVTV and guidelines

What? huh?

FACT: I had been in communication with the owner and operator of DR and DVTV for over 1 year about getting audism into the guidelines and i was even told it would be added.

I follow up with the owner and operator of DR / DVTV to say – im really confused about why you said in your vlog no one had communicated with you an concerns about audism – we email a bit and Videophone on Oct 2 where i confirm my understanding “so you will be adding culture and disability to DR guideline 8 and the owner says YES. On Oct 3 i send an email saying Thank you for adding culture and disability to DR guidelines – look forward to blogging again in DR to which the owner and operator of DVTV/DR replies “need to sit down and revise both guidelines this week. thanks patti”

I wait and i wait and i wait again. i had good faith it would be added as promised.


i have made it clear that I love and support DR/DVTV

All of the comments from the owner and operator of DR/DVTV and an editor on this subject yesterday and today appear to indicate DR / DVTV will not be adding audism or equivalent to the guidelines and i have been misinformed by the past correspondence that said it was going to be added.

I respectfully request that the people of the eye entries no longer be drawn down into the Deafread aggregator

Folks who are interested in this site – feel free to RSS feed / subscribe. – ill make it prettier soon. I think i found the import buttons in word press so everything should migrate over just fine

Biggest thanks to all the folks who emailed me with tips and offers of help and words of support and wisdom. Ya da best! mwah!

a few more facts:
– there is no protest being planned by a group of extremists in the bay area – its a HOAX – like some others that have been spread by the “reliable source”
– its a shame that folks in DR promote falsehoods and put a pall over the celebration of the selection of the 10th president of Gallaudet
– crediting the AG Bell dorm name coming down to two people is an insult to all the faculty, staff, students and community members who invested their time and good courage in sharing their thoughts and concerns via campus dialogue via open emails and open forums, diminishes the importance of the 1,000+ signatures on the petition, overlooks the folks who labored long and hard over this one with much at risk.
– i am not an extremist – I am committed to social justice via peaceful direct confrontation – ya know like those other radicals MLK Jr and Gandhi.

I do not want DR / DVTV to die – i do not say that they are dying. I do want audism to be eradicated as best we possibly can aim for. It will always be here but we much each do our part to reduce it.

I can not stay in DR / DVTV in good conscience if it continually declines to have Deaf ASL and disabled folks be added to the listing of specific groups – race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orienation, age or religion – protected against attacks by DR

Wishing DR and DVTV much much peace – true peace

To all – i want you to know i really do cherish the owner and operator of DVTV and DeafRead as well as the editors. I do not support any attacks against them.

Challenge – firm with love. I wish they were not committed to OMITTING culture and disability or audism in the guideline

No death of the spirit folks – we gonna stand up for that which is right, just, and good

NOTE: my entry here says “I” a great deal because i do not want to speak for others; however, it is VERY important to note that many folks have been in boycott of DR and DVTV for a long time.

Be well

Peace –


tayler – hi

hi tayler

i see you are creating blog posts to me personally over in Y3 but when i comment they are awaiting moderation so its a bit hard to have a dialogue

do u want to comment over here or maybe we can vp?



here is my reply to your first blog entry this evening directed at me:

this is my reply to tayler’s response over at

it is awaiting moderation

hi tayler

i want to reiterate aidan’s sentiments – I love you. I truly do. That ain’t gonna change.

However i have emails from you dated July 1st that you would be adding audism to the guidelines (after you requested from me a one sentence definition of audism and after you said you had discussed it with our editors)

you never did – i had checked in with u a few times afterward and no response

i had said – if you have changed ur mind – fine how do i move people of the eye so its not a Deafreadblog (its in my url address etc) no reply

month passed

DVTV walk out happened in sept – many folks feel that audism is the root of some of the attacks in DVTV

u vlogged that u hadnt ever gotten any email complaints about audism prior

WHAT – what was all our email exchange in june about?

i email you for clarification – what do you mean audism was never brought to your attention as an issue with the guidelines by anyone prior?

Oct 2 we have a videophone conversation after a few days of emails in which u stated u had consulted with team members etc

in the Oct 2 VP chat i asked for confirmation – you will be adding cultural groups and disability to the DR guideline #8 and you said YES

on oct 3 you confirm via email that you will be revising both guidelines this week

IF DR and DVTV did not recognize other groups such as (race, age, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation) i could understand why you would be reluctant to add the concept of audism to your guidelines

it is not easy to enforce your guidelines in terms of determining what constitutes attacks based on race, age, religion….

but Deaf Read and DVTV have decided that those groups are IMPORTANT ENOUGH AND WORTHY ENOUGH OF JUSTICE

Deaf ASL folks and folks who identify with a disability are IMPORTANT ENOUGH AND WORTHY ENOUGH OF JUSTICE as well

you have offered to transfer all my blog entries and comments over to the new site – thank you. this is what i asked for last july when it became apparent that you were no longer going to add audism as promised despite no replies from you to my inquiries and requests to move over my stuff if u no longer wanted to put Deaf ASL culture and deaf as disability on equal footing as other groups

I do love you with all my heart.

I hate seeing the pain you are in

I hate seeing that i am the source of some of your pain

Many folks said the name and plaque of AG Bell at NTID was no big deal and just leave it alone and move on. ignore it etc

u were one of the people that championed that cause because it WAS and IS important

This is too

much love and peace


for your second blog entry – i wrote:


im totally lost about what you are referring to


seriously lost me



Speaking People Only, Trailblazer, Gally Prez


check out the NY Times article about the Heart is a Lonely Hunter being re-written so that there is a spoken monologue at the beginning and end of the play and so that a speaking person can only qualify for the role of the classic Deaf-mute character

petition to get the hearing actor to resign from the production is at:



How do you define trailblazer? by now everyone knows that Tate Tullier has won the purple Dream Bigger award and a free round trip vacation as well as $10,000 going to his favorite charity (the Louisiana School for the Deaf) – congrats Tate and thank you for selecting a Deaf school to have the funds go to – May Louisiana School for the Deaf use the funds to enable their students to blaze new trails.

READERS: Now is your chance to make a nomination for a pioneering Deaf person that deserves our hand waves and “go, go, go” chant.  We have many many many unsung heros – so feel free to nominate someone, you’d like to see be recognized.



By now everyone knows Gallaudet BoT selected Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz as the 10th president of Gallaudet.  They also know what the T stands for so seems there are no secrets in the Deaf-world.   Congrats Dr. Hurwitz.  Many different reactions across the board – jubilation, disappointment, wait and see, uncertainty, indifference, etc.

Jubilation because wow, Gallaudet got a president without a protest.  Jubilation because Dr. Hurwitz is a new face and can mix things up a bit.

Disappointment because some wanted Rosen or Stern or Weiner.  Disappointment cuz many folks want Dr. Hurwitz to stay at NTID @ RIT.  Disappointment cuz when r we ever gonna have a Deaf woman president of a college that gets to stay?

Wait and see because some are unsure if Dr. Hurwitz will take a stand when needed or want to see who becomes the next president of NTID or just cuz they want to be non-committal until they see what other folks think and are saying.

Uncertainty because no one knows what this will mean for Gallaudet and NTID and cuz no one knows how well the congressional folks will be able to remember – oh ur lobbying for Gallaudet now, right not NTID.

Indifference because some folks say – doesn’t matter who is running any college – doesn’t make any difference to me what so ever.

Folks have asked me what i think and this is what i think:

Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz is a good man.  He is a man of the people – he does not put on airs.  I have not agreed with every decision he has ever made in his different posts at NTID nor have i agreed with every decision i have ever made in my life.  He did an admirable and just thing by revising his recommendation to the RIT board re: the AG Bell dorm name and plaque.  I know for many it was a slow and labored process and the name and plaque should have never been up there but many administrators had deep sixed the request to have them removed many times before it landed on Dr. Hurwitz’s desk.  He could have dug in and sought out a false peace but instead he took the risk and did the right thing.  It wasn’t easy and he needed some encouragement but he DID IT!  i don’t know who else would have who was able to raise to that level of administration (in getting that far up the rung most folks have internalized that the “system” is everything and the people secondary).  I have never had that impression with Dr. Hurwitz – he has shown genuine care, concern and commitment to the students, faculty and staff he has served with since becoming NTID VP (and last year title changed to president)

As with all good leaders – pushes for progress from the people are needed.

FD Roosevelt is quoted as having said:

“I agree with you, I want to do it, now make me do it.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Comment to a group of reformers.

I certainly get tired of pushing but knowing that a leader is willing to change their decision on the side of justice leaves me hopeful that Dr. Hurwitz will never ignore student discontent and order for the arrest of 135 peaceful protesters



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