Deafread – pls re-consider your decision

Hi all

Im formally asking Deafread to re-consider its decision on banning the Cochlear Implant Online website

I dont do this cuz im a fan of this site – im not. I have seen some very audist statements made in blog entries there; however, i believe that when DR decided to shift from a Deaf Culture Centered aggregator to anything that relates to the physical and / or cultural condition of being deaf and Deaf, it expanded its cyber community and audience.

I have been searching for a public statement in one of the DR editors’ websites to help give me the full story and have been emailing with one of them to state my request that they re-consider their decision based on the information I have – the Cochlear Implant Online website was banned when it was discovered that the blogger, Rachel, was a volunteer with Cochlear. I haven’t gotten any information that there is more to the decision.

The rationale for the decision seems like a very difficult thing to have to enforce – meaning the task now before the human editors to weed through every blog / vlog entry and also to research all partisanship or affiliations a blogger / vlogger or guest may or may not have is HUGE and will lead to some slipping past and others not and potential bias. we all have biases folks – and some times those become prejudices but hopefully not. MLK Jr always said there are far more white people of good will than there are of bad. in the d/Deaf sphere it is important for us to know that there are far more people with CI, non-signers, ASL users, big D Deaf folks of good will than there are of bad. If we want to examine injustice, we should be looking at the medical, educational, and social service systems. And sadly today i must say – Deafread – you are a system and a service and without further explanation than what i have been able to gather – i believe you have erred in your ways and it is our loving duty to bring this to your attention as i totally need folks to do so for me when i trip, falter, and sputter through my day.

There is alot of wisdom in the suggestion from All the Young Dudes:

The obvious thing to do is ditch DeafRead Extra, make DeafRead the main aggregator [unmoderated – except for spam and certain other criteria], make it fully searchable via category, search, and tags. Then set up DeafSide as the cultural wing of us more erudite Deafies.

I had written some similar thoughts in What Does Deaf Read Want to Become When It Grows UP

Now if it is stated that a specific website has repeatedly engaged in libel / slander / harassment or has been involved in creating a hostile or unethical cyber environment and DR does not desire to carry them – i think that is all fine and good that DR exercise its editorial good judgment. To my knowledge that is not the stated issue here.

I want to commend DR for all it is undertaking – your work is no easy task. I want to commend you in advance should you be willing to reconsider your decision. It is never easy to backpeddle but it is often very worthwhile and beneficial when we do.

If i am overlooking or unaware of a major point as to how this decision was reached – i totally apologize and i eagerly await learning.




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  1. Jared Evans
    Jun 06, 2008 @ 16:37:45

    A response by the DeafRead team has been agreed upon and will be forthcoming. Thanks for your patience.

  2. pdurr
    Jun 06, 2008 @ 16:41:24

    big thanks



  3. K.L.
    Jun 06, 2008 @ 16:45:45

    I support free speech. Thanks for your blog.

  4. lez
    Jun 06, 2008 @ 17:33:29

    i never will reconsider rachel’s blog re-insert in DR. she is very much support on oral and fed into her mind from AUDISTS, period!

    BEGONE, RACHEL!!! go somewhere. you do not belong to our pride in ASL.

  5. Lane
    Jun 06, 2008 @ 17:39:37

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, and hopefully things will work out soon.

  6. Jean Boutcher
    Jun 06, 2008 @ 18:47:39

    I fully support your proposal that the DeafRead Team re-consider its decision.

    Long Live Poet John Milton’s
    “Areopagitica” (1644)

  7. pdurr
    Jun 06, 2008 @ 19:02:32

    thanks for all ur comments

    KL XXX my bad i originally typed the wrong name – i mean lez

    Lez – to my knowledge DR didnt say they were removing CI online blog due to audism

    I do hope that DR would not tolerate blatant cases of racism, sexism, homophobia, audism etc on their aggregator



  8. Li-Li's Mom
    Jun 06, 2008 @ 19:08:35

    Hi Patti, I think yours is a thoughtful, gracious post on a tough subject, and your request written in a way that invokes no hurtful feelings and remains objective. Thank you for addressing this in a way that leaves doors open all around, rather than slamming them or pushing people up against walls.

  9. Richard Roehm
    Jun 06, 2008 @ 19:14:32

    “Deafread Team”? I see it a one man show. Pay attention to the HFL school house that’ll debut tonight.


  10. White Ghost
    Jun 06, 2008 @ 19:15:42

    First of all, I am very proud of you for straightforwarding your concern.

    Frankly, I am extremely disappointed in several DR editors for doing some unprofessional responses/comments in several blogs.

  11. moi
    Jun 06, 2008 @ 20:38:59

    Beautiful. I don’t feel like the DeafRead team has offered an explanation that makes sense. I want to support them, I do. But I’m confused too. I’m looking forward to a further explanation from the editorial team.

  12. kim
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 03:15:29

    Thank you so much for this thoughtful and balanced message. I admit I lost my temper.

    Many in the CI community (I’m not one) had a hard time even getting on the lists to begin with.

    In Tayler’s reponse to me, he stated “Please remember DeafRead fought to defend CI blogs’ right to exist on DeafRead.”

    I conclude from that statement and from many of the hateful comments the CI bloggers have received over the past few months, that the Deaf are having a hard time accepting our presence. It hurts.

    I am also against Audism as I have been a victim of it myself. After spending a lifetime of trying to blend in with Hearing people, there’s nothing that sets me off more than my own people practicing exclusion.

    Thanks again.

  13. lez
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 04:56:27

    kim, Don’t you realize that CI and audists are slamming deaf community with their pride of sign language. they mock them for their successful whatever they thought they are. They NEVER mention ASL users DO successful like them.

    I read very rarely on CI bloggers depending on title that might be interesting to hear.

    They agreed to BAN(bad word to choose) OR encourage not to use sign language that might lose a child’s motivate in speech and hear TO sign language. ABUSE CHILD and OPPRESSED on child’s desire to communicate through hands!

    Rachel made deaf readers very angry over her ego about CI miracles. My opinion…CI is a machine like computer, will break down and go fix over and over. Keep going to doctor and audiologist offices ofter. Those people are making $$$ off from deaf clients. SAD!

    SO BEGONE RACHEL. SHAMEFUL on YOU for not encouraging ASL in AVT. GO somewhere where you belongs!! you disgusted me and our deaf pride ASL communities.

  14. pdurr
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 05:43:41

    Li-Li’s mom – big thanks. I always enjoy your contributions to the blogsphere and knowing how much you love your kids

    Richard – sorry – I am not following u at all HFL school house???

    White Ghost – thanks for ur note. Its important when we are disappointed or upset to remember to be forthright and caring and let folks know. I can not tell you how many times I find out something I did really upset or hurt someone and don’t learn of it until much later. Im always like geez I wish I knew a lot time ago. Im a big believer in making amends and saying “my bad and im sorry.” I know that others might not abide by the same principle but it is my duty to let folks know when I am concerned or upset and also to apologize when I learn I have caused such for another.

    Moi – me confused too. I am assuming it is all the rocky terrain of what happens when one group says “hey, enough of oral only as it has hurt Deaf folks for way to long” and when the oral only campus say “hey, enough of u and your ASL ASL ASL Deaf power #$%&. I don’t need it or want it but am gonna just sit here and make u miserable”

    Not exactly a spirit of progress and DR is in a hard place cuz we do have some intense extremism on both ends of the spectrum but thankfully it is small.

    Kim – u r totally right – we have more in common than we do have apart.

    I don’t think that DR is having a hard time accepting CI bloggers – if u look at which bloggers, sites, or entries that are causing the ruckus – it is ones that promote / preach exclusivity and intolerance. At least that is what I am seeing from my little sunlit porch this morning

    MLK said Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

    If some folks are gonna preach extremism and ISM of any form – on either end of the spectrum – DR is gonna be challenged and distracted from the really good work it does

    However since DR didn’t state audism as being the reason for the boot to my knowledge we cant really discuss that too much in this case

    I will say I am sorry to u for the audism u have experienced. I am sorry to any CI user who has been treated unjustly by the other extreme and I am sorry to any ASL person who has been treated unjustly by pure oralism, audism, and exclusivity

    Lez – the slamming has been going both ways girl and we know it. The mocking and disrespect on both sides needs to stop

    The belief that ASL = unsuccessful, isolated, radical, angry in some extreme folks minds is WRONG

    The belief that Oral Only = unsuccessful, isolated, radical, angry in some extreme folks minds is WRONG

    Really what we are seeing here is the old communication battle that AG Bell helped bring to full fruitation with his pure oralism

    Lez – u do a GREAT job of pinpointing why Deaf folks in general are upset and angry – that some programs ban ASL from a Deaf child’s life.

    I gotta tell u that I do not like your last sentences to Rachel. They are not respectful. When we close our minds and hearts to others – we loose. I really do mean this – we loose something when we choose to be mean. I understand why you speak this harshly – you have been personally offended by Rachel’s work and you want to protect yourself, your language, your culture and your people. I think we can say we do not tolerate audism without becoming what we do not like ourselves.

    thanks all



  15. pdurr
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 05:44:19


    Many people have been victims of this oral / aural ONLY system. Victims not because they have not been able to be successful but because it often comes at a hefty price – a sense of not being fully loved and accepted for who and what you are – that is no fun.

    This does not mean that if a parent and child choose to go oral only cuz it works for them – they are commtiting child abuse. Just as when a parent choose not to implant a child or go an oral / only route they are not committing child abuse against their child

    The issue is with FORMALIZED SYSTEMS – medical programs, school programs that say you MUST do it this way ONLY – this eliminates choices for the parent and the child

    To say – you should not and can not have signing be part of your family’s life is WRONG

    To say – you should not and can not having speaking be part of your family’s life is WRONG

    I have never ever ever seen any Deaf organization or school formally say it must be ASL only – all the programs I am aware of are either ORAL ONLY, sim-com (sign and speech), or Bilingual (ASL and English)

    There is no known ASL only program that I know of

    So the extreme is on the AVT / ORAL ONLY end of the spectrum

    And because Deaf folks have suffered the fall out of this oral only quest and zeal they are saying NO NO NO – folks have to be made aware of the choice to use ASL is fine and good and does not hurt a childs development – it is the most fully accessible means for getting information for a deaf hard of hearing Deaf person

    What could possibly be the harm in someone being bilingual????

    I do worry that the anti-ASL militants have been conditioned into a binary way of thinking – since we forbid ASL – when others advocate for it they must be forbidding speech? Huh? What? Where and when has any formal program ever said that?

    I do know I have seen some folks say really mean things against oral, hard of hearing and/or CI users – I don’t like it nor do I support it

    I know I have seen the opposite also – I don’t like it nor do I support it



  16. Karen Mayes
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 05:57:59

    Good blog.

    I sense that DeafRead’s human editors are stepping up to a plate in cleaning up the DeafRead… I am hoping it would make it MORE inclusvie, not exclusive, but I won’t be surprised if the “cleaning up” would make it look more exclusive. Deaf should mean to cover all spectrum of deaf people, even non-ASL using ones, as defined in “Through Deaf Eyes”. I am beginning to think that DeafRead should go ahead and set up DeafSide to provide a “safe” haven for ASL users to reduce the bickering. It is weary to see the bickering going on over the “d/Deaf or/and ASL or/and English or/and CI enough” identity. We all have different backgrounds.

    Well, life is full of agreements and disagreements… it is what makes us exciting. I’d rather learn more about new (new usually means controversy) things to become familiar with the new… so that we’d all have a perspective. Changes in perspectives are allowed and it is perfectly OK.

  17. pdurr
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 06:18:23

    hi karen

    if the cleaning up is to eliminate audism or the opposite of audism (some say Deafism) i do support that but since DR did not state that as the reason (that i know of) it does appear to be an exclusionary practice that will be hard to enforce across the board

    I believe the DeafSide aggregator will be a valuable and important space. Folks who are Deaf / ASL friendly are more than welcome. Folks who what to espouse how being ASL is primitive, isolating, handicapping – need not visit. Just as we wouldnt want anti-CI folks trolling their list servers and discussion boards.

    Karen i wonder if u see the bickering as a direct fallout of the age old pure oralism polorization?

    iif either extreme continues to cling to an exclusionary position – then the twain shall never meet

    Gandhi said: “No culture can survive if it attempts to be exclusive”

    right now i dont know of any organization or group that is saying NO CI ever allowed and NO use of speech ever allowed. No group that i know of that supports ASL does so at the expense of the ability to learn to speak or use hearing. HOWEVER the same can not be said for the AVT / AG Bell academy and their anti-ASL promotion and exclusivity

    change growth hope perspectives – all good stuff yes



  18. Sarah
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 07:11:10


    My name is Sarah. I am a new member on this website. I was reading your comment about bilingualism.

    I have cochlear implants. I only got them because I have Ushers, progressive perpiheral vision loss, so I would have a “back up” sense. But anyways, thats not the point.

    I totally support bilingualism. I am a member on CIHear, a Yahoo! support group for CI recipients. One lady has really made me mad about ASL.

    This lady commented that ASL is a beautiful language but pointless because no one uses it. She said that only people who are deaf in America use ASL. I mentioned that there were foreign country languages that nobody else really use also. She was like that’s because the people in that country use that language.

    To me, ASL is a language, no matter what. Like, some countries in Africa have tribes that have their own languages, should we ban it? Are they pointless? No, because it’s their way of communicating and it forms a tight-knit group in that specific culture.

    ASL is what forms a tight-knit culture group.

  19. Karen Mayes
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 07:12:03

    Patti, I see most of the bickering come from the commenters. Colonization is an age-old theory, which does not happen to only deaf people, but to black people, white people, Asians, etc… we can easily see it in the caste system in India. So we are not any different from the rest of people…

    You are correct about the absence of any organizations forbidding the use of CI/speech. AG Bell organization has its own philosophy which appeals to some people… same as DBC having its own philosophy appealing to other people…both have its pros and cons, which I see that we all have to acknowledge.

  20. No
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 07:54:20

    The answer is NO!

  21. A.California
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 08:10:19

    ASL, Deaf, CI, Oralism, Hard of Hearing, Hearing-Impaired, etc…

    We’re dealing alot of issue with hearing world, let alone with each other in Deaf/HH world.

    I’m deaf can speak, use ASL and have C.I. Lucky me, I fit in all culture (both deaf and hearing world) and my friends/family respect me as much as I respect them.

    I’m very very disappointed at Deafread editors how things are being handled. I certainly hope they will reconsider and let it be.

  22. Anne Marie
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 10:16:00

    One big obstacle I see in being able to place non signers and signers in the Deaf community together. We can say, fine with all choices however there is no choice when it comes to this huge chasm, signers without access to spoken language whereas non signers can always have the access if they choose to include themselves this way.

    With impeding economic and power status, it is so easy to overthrow this smaller group then what is the solution?

    I see one, more economic support and opportunities and status, things will become more balanced with less sense of threat.

    I am really trying.

  23. DT
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 11:55:44

    PD, in as much as I know the scope here should be limited to the reason why Rachel’s blog was removed (the commercialization factor), I wanted to say that Melissa has posted, in the form of a comment, elsewhere and her commentary is clear that they are not for diversity makes me wonder why they even want to be here at DR. Now, I’d say the same thing about any other extreme group that wants to be an island onto itself.
    That said, what do you think DR should do about those going against the grain? And being smarmy, etc about it?

  24. dphh
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 12:42:20


    I was at a dphh event last night and saw 4 CI users and they were all signing asl too so do not label all CI users as the same.

  25. kim
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 15:04:24


    You said,”I don’t think that DR is having a hard time accepting CI bloggers – if u look at which bloggers, sites, or entries that are causing the ruckus – it is ones that promote / preach exclusivity and intolerance.”

    I respectfully disagree. I’ve seen some real ugly comments on Jodi’s blog. She doesn’t preach exclusivity, nor does Valerie. For an example, go here–

    Take a good look at the comments from SweetMind and Chris H.

    Perhaps you’re not aware it took two CI’ers six months to have their blogs accepted to DeafRead. Three CI blogs have repeatedly dropped into “inactive” status several times. The excuse? “They weren’t posting,” only that wasn’t true because they HAD posted routinely. None of these three promote exclusivity, but I don’t wish to name names without their permissions. However, all three are actually learning or know ASL and believe in TC.

    Finally, we are all aware the reason the DR editors developed the “custom” option was so Deaf people wouldn’t have to read CI blogs anymore. There were numerous complaints, and it has been repeatedly pointed out that the DeafRead editors have taken a lot of flack over their stand on “neutrality” which really interprets as “diversity” here.

    The deaf and CI bloggers have no problem with the DR editor’s stand on “neutrality” except we’ve never felt they’ve been completely or totally neutral, given how long it took for them to accept CIers into DeafRead and the fact they repeatedly drop into “inactive” status, even though they’ve been active.

    There was also the issue of captioning vlogs. It wasn’t enough to decide NOT to caption, but several Deaf vloggers got down on SeekGeo for captioning his to the point he removed himself from DeafRead for awhile. How do you think that made most of us feel who aren’t fluent in ASL? Welcome?

    I realize YOU personally believe in diversity, Patti– and I love you because you’re such a positive person who looks for the good in everyone. Maybe that’s why you don’t see all the unfairness that’s been happening to the CI bloggers and the deaf/HH from day one.

    This isn’t a welcoming place for us. And when we complain, we’re told to go somewhere else.

    Kim– the way I see it.

  26. Anne Marie
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 15:20:57

    Kim and others who keep on arguing about exclusivity, have you looked at the root of problems I tried to tell in #19 and also in other blogs as well.

    It is not really possible to achieve diversity without balance of economic and status power. This is something many of us see it quite out of hand, a long road ahead where each of us have to partake in the battle for this to happen. Talk is cheap. Where are $$ and jobs and bilingual education in full act? That is the bottom line of our struggle, not just yours or mine..OUR.

  27. Robyn
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 16:47:13

    I note that Jared yesterday wrote on this blog saying a decision had been reached and we would be informed about Rachel’s blog. It’s been over 24 hours and no decision has been forthcoming.

    Anyway – I would just like to say I too hate programs where they force one way only (like AVT) on children.

    Everyone learns differently. This is proven. I believe language is so important,that it doesn’t matter what program is used for it. I’m all for a total mix, AVT combined with Sign Language. Heck – kids brains are so elastic that they’ll pick up everything you give them.

    My views of sign language changed greatly when I saw my best friend signing to her 9 month old hearing baby and he responding in sign. It was so fantastic. Even though I can hear with my cochlear implant, when my grandchildren are born, I’m going to sign to them full time.

    The only thing I get frustrated wth sign language is that ouside the Deaf community, you find very few people that know it.


  28. Candy
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 18:38:28

    Anne Marie, are you saying that diversity will happen once deaf people (specifically those that uses ASL?) have achieved financial stability and power status equivalent to their hearing peers? is that what you’re saying?

    If so, then the issue really lies within the society and has nothing to do with different groups of deaf people within the deaf world (including those that are implantees, oral, ASL, etc) or within DeafRead. Or do you think it does?

    I think diversity within a blog aggregator site can be achieved and should not be dependent on power status or financial success in their personal lives.

    Life is short, we all should strive to make diversity happen without any conditions.

  29. kim
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 18:45:59

    I’m not arguing, I’m telling you all how I feel, sharing my thoughts.

    Would you rather I leave like the rest?

    I’m not sure where your comment number 19 is. If you would tell me, I’ll take a look at what you said. There have been so many, many comments.

    AnneMarie, I believe we can achieve unity within the Deaf/HH community. We all have much more in common than not. Like Robyn, I am in favor of bilingualism. I am committed to learning ASL myself. I do not support AVT.

    Many of the CI and Deaf bloggers who have left DeafRead were in favor of Total Communication.
    DeafRead has lost their support.

    The thing is– Rachel’s blog will continue to get hits from Hearing parents and she will continue to promote AVT. Only now those who find her blogsite will never get to learn your point of view. The parents will never find DeafRead or learn about Total Communication or DBC, because Rachel will no longer be connected to DeafRead.

    Dropping her blog actually undermined your desire to help Hearing parents find alternatives to AVT. I feel that’s a shame.

  30. pdurr
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 20:03:22

    sorry i have long comments below cuz i like to respond to everyone but im sure ive missed things or have misunderstood things or that u might want to just skip it

    i dont want to kill the discussion – i think it is really important and good so just feel free to jump this epic entry here and post ur own comment next


    Sarah – AG Bell recognized ASL as a real language but that seemed to fuel his energy to try to abolish it from Deaf education all the more.

    ASL is definitely not pointless and you are right that most civilized nations now see the value and importance of preserving and fostering endangered languages instead of actively trying to diminish, belittle, or destroy it.
    No Says – The answer is NO! not sure what the questions is that u r answering no to – I guess im missing something
    A. California says – yes respect is the key.
    Anne Marie – oh economics is a really really really important factor to investigate, examine and understand!
    DT – re: smarmy – I think best to be moderated by the blog/vlog hoster and community comments. Audism is a different story and something that DR could come down firm on but it would require really clear guidelines and consistency – pretty hard and would only work if responding to clear / strong cases or repeated pattren
    Dphh – yep nothing is every black and white – no one is always anything
    Kim – when I said DR I meant the aggregator that selects CI blogs / vlogs to list
    I am not talking about commentors

    There are horrible commentors all over the place and no way really for DR to moderate that – it is up to the blog/vlog host to moderate comments

    Re: jodi’s blog – I have had some issues with some of her blog entries

    but this does not mean I would want to see nasty comments directed towards her or others

    I have seen disgusting and completely uncivil comments in many blogs /vlogs all over the D/deaf blogsphere from lots of different groups and individuals – I think the hosting blogger/vlogger sets the tone when and how they moderate. I don’t put that under DR’s jurisdiction

    Re the slowness in DR to accept CI blogs – I assume that is because DR was trying to figure out if that would take them away from their original stated purpose and guidelines to be an aggregator carrying Deaf centered / cultured type blogs vs carrying deafness type blogs but I don’t know all the facts here. RE: the inactive – i think I have seen some ASL/Deaf centered blogs go quiet for a while and not show up on the DR main page as a result so it may go both ways me think

    Re: captioning – that’s a big one to cover – I didn’t follow the controversy when it came up cuz busy at work at that time but generally I know that captioning is really really really labor intensive

    Should someone get grief if they choose to caption – I don’t think so but I think it is fine for folks to say – hey id rather not see the captions on the video frame cuz it still my attention

    It really and truly does – ive done some focus groups re: videos and most who understand ASL say pls make the captions optional so we can remove them and just view the film without CC

    Deaf folks eyes r so trained to watch captions for access that when we finally have ASL on the screen our eyes still drop down to watch the captions and we r like UGH

    It is so rare to have ASL on the screen folks want it solo – if that is the argument and they don’t object to having and English transcript in another space – I can fully understand and support that stated preference but not see it being mandated as folks should be allowed to create as they see creative

    However – I assume another part of the issue is – that the demand for captioning or translating ASL vlogs is not equally respected by those folks who know ASL or sim-com. They blog away in English ONLY and never think about putting it up in ASL

    I have been guilty of this myself – it is not that I haven’t thought about it – it is very labor intensive for me to do ASL vlogs cuz its not my first language and cuz I really hate seeing myself on the screen but it is a good challenge for me

    Vlogging requires a lot of time when done right and to add onto it the expectation / demand that it be captioned or have transcript when others r not offering to do the same – (yes they can say – I don’t know asl but they could try to find someone who does and would be willing to sign out their blog entry for them and be videotaped)

    I don’t really see an equal amount of dedication and effort coming from the other end

    Ie I have not once seen a blogger commit to getting their entries up in an ASL form yet when an ASL vlog goes up – there is plenty of cries to hey translate / caption / what about me????

    Kim thanks for loving me – I love you too. There is not enough love in the blogsphere. I have seen some really ugly comments directed at CI bloggers and I have seen some really ugly comments directed at Deaf /ASL folks. This is why I wrote an entry about it:
    and it is often a primary reason why I don’t visit comment sections

    it is too too too sad and upsetting that anyone anywhere could say such things to a fellow human being

    that stuff is all totally beyond DRs control and im sure it upsets them also

    thankfully that stuff is small in number even though it is huge in power and impact

    and I am sorry to say this kim but for every nasty comment u can show me that has been directed at CI folks or CI supporters (and I don’t accept or like those) I can show u some pretty ugly stuff coming from these very same folks

    which came first – it doesn’t really matter cuz we r all still having to hang out amongst the rotten stinky eggs

    re: welcoming – I think key for all of us to feel welcome is to feel SAFE

    no one is gonna feel safe when people are dropping word bombs all over the place and waging a war of words

    it really is up to EACH of us to ask ourselves – am I contributing to peace (which does not mean the absence of tension but rather the presence of justice)

    if I am not and I can not right now cuz im way to angry – let me just save this nasty comment in a word doc and revisit tmw to see if I still want to post / publish

    the comment sections in all blogs/vlogs are just way to easy for drive by shootings – hit ur target and then squeel away and never know the damage u have reaped on ur target and the innocent bystandards

    because nasty commentors are anonymous and show now accountability – and there are far more readers who choose never to comment, we get a distorted sense of reality in the commentsphere – we assume there are more people of illwill out there than there are of good

    I don’t think that is true but there are days that I can be convinced of it – especially in this time when ethical behavior and integrity seem so devalued and foreign to our society

    Anne marie – ur points re: disenfranchised people is really important

    I imagine in many ways folks with CI are also disempowered and disenfranchised even though on the surface level it may appear that they have more privilege or possessions

    Robyn – the good news is that ASL is one of the fastest growing languages in the US – meaning its being taught all over the US in high schools and colleges

    The bad news or the irony is that its being taught to hearing youth and often by hearing non-native signers while Deaf children who could fully benefit from it are being denied it

    If the native people of a culture do not speak their language and it is only taught in academic settings by and to non-native folks, it is destined to die

    I have NO fear that ASL will die. I believe in Veditz’s prophecy that as long as we have Deaf-mutes on this earth we will have our beautiful sign language and his great foresight that the use of film would be one way to preserve and disseminate ASL in its original purity – VLOGGING – Veditz was so smart smile

    I have no fear that ASL will die and Deaf culture will only be seen and understood by visiting a museum of antiquities . We have Deafhood, we have DBC, we have vlogs, we have DeafRead. We have you – a CI using future grandmother who plans to use ASL with her grandkids

    ASL will never die. It has endured the worst attempt at cultural and linguistic genocide and still it rises.
    Kim – I don’t think AnneMarie was supporting the dropping of Rachel’s blog – i think she was simply asking us to examine deeper powers at play here.

    AnneMarie I do hope u will b/vlog on this further – it is important.

    Kim – I trust and believe u that u r a good soul. I want to ask you – when u challenge DR not to exclude Rachel do u simultaneously challenge Rachel not to exclude ASL and Deaf culture in her blog – meaning can she help introduce parents to Deaf culture and ASL herself?

    I think if she could do that – it would speak volumes but from everytihing I have read in her blog in the past (and I have not read it all) she has a horrible view of ASL and Deaf culture people and by virtue of writing such she has deliberately and intentionally steered any parents away from Deaf culture and ASL and she had this attitude long before she got any nasty comments in her blog. Just as it is a pity when any vlog/blog chooses to paint CI people in a horrible light, so too is it a pity when any CI person (or supporter) choose to paint ASL and Deaf people in a horrible light

    It is a pity

    i do acknowledge that my worldview is formulated based on my center



  31. Anne Marie
    Jun 08, 2008 @ 01:34:29

    Thanks Patti and also Kim for hearing me out. Kim, I realized I put on wrong comment #, it is comment #22.

    I have been unsure about b/vlogging about people being disfranchised appearing waaaawaah gimmmme victimization, it is very confusing for me at this point.

    Believe me, despite ASL being praised and all that glamour and glitters of Deafpride, everything else sucks big time. More and more I look at DeafRead, I know the economic and status factors really have to improve before confidence can be granted. It goes the same way for other groups and cultures.

    I’ll consider to expand on this concept later.

    Peace here too.

  32. pdurr
    Jun 08, 2008 @ 05:08:54

    Anne Marie – big thanks

    yes the examination of oppressed groups struggle for equality is really tricky yet extremely important

    u might be interested in the book im reading right now – Rock My Soul by bell hooks – it is re: African-Americans and self-esteem. Her writing is always very profound and thought provoking

    i think many parallels to what she is exploring relate to the Deaf experience also.

    i think we r just in our infancy of understanding ourselves so having safe places to bump around ideas and thoughts r really important

    the noise of folks trying to shout out that their VIEW / POSITION is THE view and must be heard is not conducive.

    I went over to CI online and read some past entries – it definitely is not a place celebrating respect for ASL and the Deaf community. I cant easily site any specific blog/vlog that is equally anti-CI or non-signing people

    i dont say this to justify DR’s decision cuz they dont site this as their reason either. I dont say this to try to defame or slander the authors at CI online – they have a right to their opinion but it might help them to re-read some of their postings to get a sense of why folks respond so strongly to them.

    I know they can justify the position they take on ASL and the Deaf community but it seems their position is largely formed on a defensive stance. We do have some of that on the other end – folks hostile and angry at CIs and the non-signing deaf community but i can not site any one website blog/vlog that caters to promoting this bias/prejudice (Im not talking about commentors)

    Doesnt really help for us to be able to hear each other or to generate that safe place for all.



  33. floridagirl
    Jun 09, 2008 @ 06:55:59

    Deaf Village claimed responsibility for separating Deaf culture.

  34. SweetMind
    Jun 10, 2008 @ 22:08:05

    Thank you PDurr and floridagirl.

    People need to understand that there is a difference between accepting diversity and accepting a flawed idea. Think about this again , please.

    🙂 SweetMind

  35. Joseph Pietro Riolo
    Jun 12, 2008 @ 16:47:06

    My great apology to the readers for this very bad netiquette. I couldn’t think of a better, way to communicate to Ms. Patti Durr about this matter.

    To Ms. Patti Durr, I just want to let you know that I submitted my comment at last Sunday evening and retried it at last Monday evening. My comment did not show up. I believe it is more likely caused by a technical problem, rather than the rejection of my comment.

    If it is possible, please remove or reject this comment after you read it.

    Again, sorry about this bad netiquette.

    Joseph Pietro Riolo

  36. pdurr
    Jun 12, 2008 @ 18:52:58

    hi joseph

    very weird that u could not post your comments in that entry

    i havent touched any disabling function and other comments such as urs above r still coming in for approval

    ill email u an apology and an offer for u to email me the comment so that i can post it for u – but i do hope we can solve the technical problem cuz im sure other folks would just give up

    thank u for alerting me to this – its totally odd

    i dont see anything behind the scenes that would be contributing to it on this end

    it does seem fire fox is a bit better for me with blog.deafread…. if that is of any help

    look forward to ur comment



  37. deafa
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 02:56:46

    I just use GOOGLE READER RSS FEED and read all my favorite bloggers that way. Just that I wish there were more bloggers to add.

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